Here’s your Love Horoscope for February 2023

Many times people will email me and ask me what it is like being a psychic. And the answer is, “it is all I have ever known, since I was born this way.”

Growing up, my best friends have always been Angels and Spirit Guides! My Indian Guide named Chief Red Feather has been close to me ever since I can remember.

My earliest memories are of him standing beside my bed, watching over me as I was sleeping, making sure I was safe. This is why I have never been afraid of the dark, because he was always standing beside me – and he still is, even today! Some people have surprised me and actually seen him!

Then there is Mabel, the guardian angel I “picked up” in a casino in Las Vegas one June, and she followed me home from the casino. Mabel actually rode in my car beside me, all the way driving back!

You should have seen the looks on the faces of cars as they drove by me and saw me talking to an “empty seat” like someone was sitting there! (But I could see her just fine!).

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If you followed that story, then you know from Facebook that Mabel was a code name for the Archangel Michael. I explained all of that story in earlier emails! He still lives here, and he is doing just fine!  Friends of mine have been able to catch a glance at his wings when they visit sometimes!

So basically, having the ability to know things ahead of time has saved my life 6 times from fatal car accidents, one time from a 1000-foot drop-off from a cliff in Taiwan (it was not marked at all!), and once from an attack by a German shepherd that was a retired police dog (he was a little senile). I don’t blame the dog, I blame the owner for not keeping him leashed! Good thing I can climb trees quickly!

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That’s a little of my psychic story, and I hope you enjoyed reading it.

Looking forward to getting an email from you letting me know that you enjoyed learning a little about my life.

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In light and peace,


P.S. Here’s your Love Horoscope for February 2023

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