Here’s Your Love Horoscope For January 2020

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I wanted to talk about the power of your thoughts because most people never realize how powerful their thoughts really are!

As a matter of fact, your thoughts create the outcomes in your life. This means that anything that happens to you is a result of a thought you had at one time, either in this life or one of your past lives.

The key to creating the future you want to have is knowing how to consciously change your thoughts, send out the right thoughts, and use visualization correctly to manifest anything you desire in your life! There are very special techniques you need to use to do this, and I have yet to find a book that teaches it!!

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It is impossible to go back and change any karma you may have created in past lives, especially since you cannot remember them!

But there are very special techniques you can use to go back and change this past life karma, too!

It involves working with candles, gemstones, and using special words to undo what has already been done! So your past life karma can also be corrected!

Whenever you say to yourself “Why is this happening to me?” you can then reply to yourself “Because I created it at some point in this life or a past life!” Remembering that there are techniques available that you can use to also change this for the better!

Starting today, begin becoming aware of your thoughts, and try to keep them as positive as you can because what you think today, becomes tomorrow’s reality!

Changing Your Past Life Karma (PLK)

If you have recurring events that keep repeating in your life, such as meeting the same type of men, or women, job problems, money issues, or anything else that you constantly struggle with, then this is a sign of past life karma that needs to be cleared up.

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P.S. Here’s your Love Horoscope For January 2020

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