Here’s Your Money Horoscope For April 2024

Hi there,

I hope your week is starting off good so far! You know, people email me all the time asking me about psychic readings, and if I think a psychic reading would benefit them!

People want to know if a psychic reading could help them with all kinds of things.

You might be surprised by some of the things people want to know if a reading could help them with, for example: 

Dear Tana, 

….to know if a reading be able to help me know if my little baby Tinkers, who is my adorable little french poodle, wants to be dyed cotton candy pink, or if she prefers hot pink…. 

Dear Tana, 

….and I need to know if a psychic reading can tell me if my husband really is impotent or if he is just trying to avoid making love with me…… 

Dear Tana, 

….can a reading tell me if I will spend a lot of time in prison for embezzling the money I  got caught borrowing from my company…… 

Dear Tana, 

…and I have $3 saved in my piggy bank. Can I get a physic reading for $3? I just want to know if my daddy will come home safestly from overseas.

As you can see, I get all kinds of emails asking how a psychic reading can help them!

The last one was from a 7-year-old girl, and it was such a touching email to receive!

In case you are wondering, I emailed her free of charge, and let her know her daddy would get home “safestly”! I found out he returned home unexpectedly three days later and was just fine!

The answers to your problems are only a click away! Let me be your guide and help you find the answers!

Some of the above questions may seem silly to some people, but the truth is, they are very serious to the person who asked them. I treat every question as serious, because all people have different concerns that are important to them. No matter how silly them may seem to others!

So, a psychic reading can answer any question you have. No matter how big or small it may seem. The most important thing I try to stress is that if it stresses you out, then it is an important question to know!

Stress is optional when the answer is only a phone call away! Stress is not good for us, and recent studies have even proven that stress can cause cancer! So, get rid of the stress!

I hope this email was helpful for you!

In Light and peace,

Tana Hoy

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P.S. Here is your Money Horoscope for April 2024

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