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I have talked before about why it is hard to get over a breakup with someone you love, even when it has been months, or even years since it ended.

As you may already know, that answer has to do with the past lives you may have had with that person.

Another common theme that is often related to past life karma is one of the most difficult, and painful things a person can experience in a relationship, and that is – infidelity! Physical, as well as emotional!

Infidelity – An Emotional Death

Being in a relationship with someone, and then finding out they cheated, or are cheating on you, is one of the most emotionally painful things a person can experience in love – next to losing their loved one through death!

And infidelity doesn’t always require a physical act to take place. Emotional infidelity, falling in love with someone and having an emotional affair with them, can be just as painful.

Because when a person cheats on you, you will experience a kind of “emotional death” inside. This is where you go numb inside, almost into a state of emotional shock, where you can’t feel anything for awhile.

After the shock subsides, then comes the pain. This is the same emotional process a person experiences when someone they love dies.

So what causes someone to cheat?

Why People Cheat

Cheating can be a result of several things. The reason a person often cheats is because the cheating partner feels emotionally disconnected from their partner.

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Often times, when kids are involved, the unhappy person thinks it better to get their emotional needs met outside the relationship, in secret, so as not to hurt the kids.

In the mind of the unfaithful partner, this type of infidelity isn’t meant to hurt anyone but is a way of getting their needs met, without hurting the kids.

Other Reasons A Partner Cheats

There are also partners who are unfaithful due to drug use, or alcohol use, which impairs their ability to make good decisions. So they end up cheating when high or drunk!

Then there are people who cheat because they would rather cheat than hurt their partner’s feelings by ending the relationship.

There are several reasons for infidelity, and though they seem logical in the mind of the person who is cheating, they don’t seem logical to the person being cheated on.

Cheating, Your Past Lives, And Akashic Records

Regardless of the many reasons a person experiences infidelity, it all comes down to karma and past lives.

Because the people you meet and love are people you have loved in a past life, the two of you come together again in this life, to continue the love you had in your past lives.

Depending on what you did or didn’t do in your past lives together, will determine the love experiences you have in this life together.

Why Infidelity Is Due To Karma

Infidelity is related to past lives, and karma. Usually, when you experience infidelity, it is because, in one of your past lives, you were unfaithful to that person.

So karma rears its head, causing you to experience what you did to that person in a time long ago.

There could be other karmic explanations besides you have been unfaithful to that person in a past life.

But the only way to break the cycle of infidelity, so that you don’t keep experiencing it in your relationships, is to find the root cause of it.

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Finding The Root Cause Of Unfaithfulness

The root cause is found in your Akashic Records, which are ethereal records that have recorded in them, everything about all of your past lives.

When I read a client’s Akashic Records, I am able to tell them exactly where (in what lifetime) the infidelity started, why it started, and more importantly – how to stop it or prevent it from happening to you again in the future!!

Knowing the root cause of any problem in your life gives you the power to eliminate it, or change it so that it doesn’t keep repeating itself over and over again!

Why Infidelity Is Like A Weed

I have found that infidelity is like a weed, until the root is removed, it keeps popping up either in the same relationship, or in future ones.

When I read a person’s Akashic Records, I am often amazed, because the answers to why the person’s partner cheated on them are clearly revealed in their records!

And once I read the person’s Akashic Records, or the Akashic Records of the cheating person, (I can actually read the Akashic Records of a person who is not present for the reading by knowing their name) the cycle of infidelity can be stopped by using different cosmic techniques that are unique to each person whose records I read.

Helping a person stop the karmic cycle of infidelity in their lives is one of the greatest joys I experience as a psychic!

I hope you found this insightful and that it helped make the spiritual causes of infidelity a little bit clearer to you.

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

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