Here’s Your Money Horoscope For June 2020

Hi there,

The upcoming month is going to bring us some interesting energies. You can expect more energy waves to hit (don’t worry, I’ll give you plenty of advance notice on what you need to do to be protected from them), more unusual and bizarre occurrences, and some other very interesting things.

But today, I am going to tell you about an encounter I had with one of my favorite little beings – fairies!

Yes! The fairies are back visiting me again! Do you remember Robey? The little guy who eats all my expensive honey? Well, a friend of his came to visit me and what a cute personality he had!

So let me tell you all about our little visit… 

How I Met Olson The Fairy

I’m not sure why fairies always like to visit me when I’m sleeping, but that’s when they always seem to visit me! And for some reason, they also always visit me when Johnny is out of town…

…scaring me half to death sometimes when they wake me out of a deep sleep!

So, it was around 3:30 AM on a Friday morning. I’m laying there asleep, all cozy in my bed when I felt something bouncing up and down on my chest!

At first, I thought it was one of my cats, either Winstin or Lily, but as I woke up, I realized Winstin and Lily were asleep where they always sleep – right between my legs.

And when I lifted my head to see what was bouncing up and down on my chest, there was this little greenish-looking being, just smiling at me and waving at me, as he was jumping up and down on my chest like it was a trampoline! (Thank goodness fairies aren’t that heavy!)

I could tell by his cute little smile, he was a friendly little guy, so as I raised my head to say something. But before I could get a word out, as he was still jumping up and down on my chest, and with a squeaky little voice, he said “Hello! I’m Olson, a friend of Robey’s, and I wanted to visit you!”

I knew right then, I wasn’t going to get much sleep that night! 

Olson Talked, And Talked, And Talked…

I quickly discovered Olson likes to talk – nonstop! I think he must have eaten too much honey because he had a lot of energy like a kid who had too much sugar. He talked, and talked, and talked. He was cute, but boy, did he like to talk!

He told me Robey says hello, and that Robey would be visiting me again soon to say hello!

I didn’t offer him any honey because as much energy as he had, I didn’t think he needed any more sugar!

He said, “Tana, I need to talk to you about Energy Entanglement!”

I wasn’t sure what he was referring to, so he went on, and on, and on…and explained to me that due to the energy misalignments that occurred on the earth over the past year, it has caused entanglements in the auras of humans.

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How Olson Explained Energy Entanglement

He said the many energy misalignments that affected the earth has weakened the auras of all humans, leaving them vulnerable to many things.

When I asked him what this meant, he gave me a very detailed, and lengthy, explanation of how a person’s aura, which is an energy field that surrounds all people, and is made up of several layers, can become energetically entangled.

He said the different layers of a person’s aura can begin to sag and overlap each other, causing them to rub together. And once this happens, after a short period of the different layers rubbing together, they become entangled.

And Olson said when this happens it “rips and tears” a person’s energy field, which causes the person’s energy to “leak out” in major amounts. And this “leaking out” causes serious imbalances in the energetic makeup of a person’s energy body.

The Effects Of Energy Leaking Out From Your Aura

I was well aware of what happens when a person has holes in their aura, but I had never heard of Energy Entanglement before.

When Olson explained how all the different energy misalignments, such as negative Energy Waves hitting the earth, along with all the planetary misalignments, which also bombarded the earth with even more negative energy, it all began to make sense.

If they just look, a person can easily see all the problems these misalignments have already caused on the earth. So it makes perfect sense that people’s energy would also be affected by it, too!

Olson explained that every living being, including animals, have been affected by all this bad energy, and even though the effects of this negative energy can be problematic for a person’s aura, it is also very simple to repair and fix.

And this is where Energio Unfoldo Verlapus comes in…

Energio Unfoldo Verlapus

Olson explained people need to have their energy untangled because with all the energy leaking out of their auras, they will become affected in so many different ways.

Then, Olson called in three other fairy friends of his, and together, over the next 4 hours, the four of them schooled me in how to fix auric overlap and untangle energy caused by Energy Entanglement.

(And all three of his friends also liked to talk al lot, too!)

Olson told me the technique he is teaching me is called Energio Unfoldo Verlapus.

It was very interesting being taught this technique by fairies because it seemed like every half hour, they wanted to stop and eat more of my honey, which, by the way, I can only get once a year, and then tell jokes, pull pranks on each other, and when they had had their fun, start teaching me again!

When we were finished, a 12-ounce jar of my special honey, was completely gone! If they weren’t so darn cute, I would have kindly asked them to make sure and leave some for me!  But, they’re fairies, they like honey, and I feel fortunate to have such beautiful beings come and visit me…

…even if it means they eat all of my favorite honey!

How Energy Leaking Can Affect You

Olson said the energy loss caused by the rips in your aura will cause many undesirable effects on a person. He said it will:

– Create drainage of the energy in a person’s Heart Chakra, and when this happens, it causes relationship difficulties, such as love problems in relationships, the inability to attract the right soulmate into your life, and it acts as a barrier to finding love that can even cause unexplainable love problems.

– It can cause a loss of financial abundance and prosperity because when you lose energy, it can symbolically transfer to a loss of monetary gain and prosperity. It can affect your job and other financial opportunities in a negative way, and even cause businesses to experience a block in the flow of money coming to them.

– It prevents people from achieving their life goals and life purpose. Energy Entanglement can actually cause pertinent information to be erased from a person’s Akashic Records. This can result in a person feeling lost in life, not knowing what to do with their life, and make a person feel like they are constantly spinning in circles.

– It can act like a barrier between you and obtaining your desires, because a loss of energy like this deflates a person’s energy field, attracting unwanted barriers into their vibration. This causes a feeling of getting so close to a goal, wish, or desire, and then always falling short just before reaching it.

– It can make people who are unlucky, become even unluckier. And even people who are lucky will lose their luck. This is because Energy Entanglement causes Meridian Overlap, which will short circuit a person’s manifestation energy.

– It causes a person to feel tired and fatigued. After the Energio Unfoldo Verlapus, many people will feel like they are regaining some of the same energy levels they did when they were in their early twenties.

– Along with too many other things to mention here.

Olson also said when a person has auric overlap, causing large rips and tears in their auric field, these tears should be taken care of as soon as possible via the Energio Unfoldo Verlapus. He said this should never be ignored because, over time, things and situations will just keep deteriorating.

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My Friend Chuck 

If you’ve been reading my emails for a while, I’m sure you know about my friend Chuck by now. Chuck is the one I always call first to share all the new things I learn with him.

Well, when I told him about Energy Entanglement and the Energio Unfoldo Verlapus technique, he wanted to have his auric overlap repaired and his energy untangled ASAP.

So I performed the Energio Unfoldo Verlapus on Chuck, and afterward, I asked him to keep me informed about what he experiences over the next few days…

…a week later he came over to my house and told me the following story:

“Tana, after you performed the Energio Unfoldo Verlapuson technique on me, it was amazing! I and my girlfriend of 6 years had been having problems for a while, and it seemed like right after that, our problems just vanished, and we are acting like we are teenagers in love again.

At work, I had tried to get another promotion, but every job I interviewed for over the past year kept getting awarded to someone else. I felt like there was a wall holding me back.

Well, last week, right after you did the Energio Unfoldo Verlapus technique on me, I was interviewed for a job, and less than two hours later, they called and offered it to me! Not only has this never happened to me before, but the job I was offered is the job that will set me on a high paying career path. This was a position I not only needed to accomplish my career dreams, but I was actually offered my dream position!

I also considered myself to be someone who is not very lucky, but afterward, it seemed like all of that changed. I went to the casino a few days after you performed this on me, and I won $5,000 on my first spin at the slot machine.

I felt as if something had been lifted from me after you performed that session! I started feeling like I was 21 again, I started having more energy to do things, and I also started having a better night’s sleep than I’d had in years!”

So as you can see from my friend Chuck, what those little fairies taught me, really works!

It’s Your Turn to Feel Better and Be Fully Protected 

The Energio Unfoldo Verlapus Technique (EUVT) is quite an amazing thing.

I also performed it on my 77-year-old mother, and she began experiencing the same things as Chuck did. As a matter of fact, she bought a scratch-off the day after I performed it on her, and she won $20,000. It’s not the Mega Millions but she was as happy as pie!

And a few other amazing things happened for her, I’ll give you a hint about what happened next. She met someone new – AND, he is 17 years younger! Not too bad for a 77-year-old lady! Go, mom!

So now you can have the opportunity to experience the same benefits as my mom and my best friend Chuck!

The spaces for this will be limited, and I am only able to clear 78 slots for this. So this means only 78 people, out of the 10,000 people receiving this, will be lucky enough to experience the amazing benefits of Energio Unfoldo Verlapus Technique.

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Chuck and my mom are still seeing more benefits come their way!

Oh, and I forgot to mention, Chuck later found out his new job also came with a $15,000 raise! Not too shabby!

The great news is, everyone will experience benefits based on their unique energy field, so you could even have more amazing results than my mom and my best friend Chuck!

So don’t procrastinate or the spaces will be gone before you know it!

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I hope this has served you well.

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

P.S. Please email me and say hello! I’d love to hear how you enjoy reading my emails. I promise I will personally email you back! So don’t be shy and say “hello”! It means a lot to me when I receive emails saying hello!

P.S.S. Here’s Your Money Horoscope For June 2020

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