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In this email, I wanted to teach you about soulmates, and why sometimes a person can feel so right. yet it still doesn’t work out.

When you meet someone you feel strong feelings for, thinking you’ve finally met the right one. and then suddenly, it all goes down the drain, it can be very confusing. Because if you are the person who has been left, you usually end up wondering “What went wrong?”

4 Critical Truths About Soulmates

Here are some critical facts about soulmates you need to know. These facts will answer the questions about why a soulmate sometimes leaves.

  1. The truth is you have more than one soulmate.

Actually, you probably have between 20 and 30 soulmate potentials out there. These 20 to 30 people are people you’ve loved in one of your many past lives. So the opportunity is there to fall in love again in this lifetime.

So if you meet someone and it doesn’t work out – don’t despair! Because you have several more waiting to meet you! 

  1. Just because a person is your soulmate, doesn’t mean you are automatically going to spend the rest of your lives together.

Like any relationship, when you meet your soulmate, you need to give each other the love and respect needed to make any relationship grow and continue on. You CAN mess up a soulmate relationship!

  1. When you meet a soulmate, it doesn’t mean it will automatically work out.

You’ve both had many different life experiences in this lifetime, before you met. And depending on where these life experiences have taken each of you, and molded each of you, will determine if you are compatible together in this life.

  1. The biggest mistake people make when they meet their soulmate is they take the person for granted.

They assume they can treat that person however they want, thinking since he or she is their soulmate, they will never leave. Wrong! Soulmates have feelings too. Treat anyone badly, soulmate or not, and they will leave your life!

So when you meet someone you feel a strong connection with and you suspect maybe your soulmate, make sure you approach it like any relationship! With respect, love, and not taking anything for granted.

Because love is like a flower. The more water, sunshine, fertilizer, and TLC you give it, the more beautiful a flower into which it will grow!

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