Here’s Your Money Horoscope For November 2017

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December 4th through March 15th is going to be two of the strongest dates for manifestation. What this means is that during these months, by looking ahead into your future, and knowing what is going to happen in your life, you will be able to use this knowledge to create anything you desire!

This is the time to have your Akashic Records read because this opportunity will not happen again until another 150 years from now! These four months are the months where it will be the easiest to manifest wealth beyond your wildest dreams, unlimited abundance in any area of your life, find your one true love to spend the rest of your life with, discover your true life purpose, and assure yourself a long life of good health, or anything else you desire!

But you MUST have your Akashic Records read to do this, otherwise, you will not be able to make any of these things manifest in your life. The information for making this happen is ONLY FOUND in your Akashic Records!

When you are ready to make all of your dreams come true, contact me and set up a time for me to read your records. I have very limited spaces left during these time periods, so please don’t wait to do this!

You are going to be amazed by what you will be able to manifest!

Click here to set up your Akashic Records reading.

Looking forward to talking soon,

Tana Hoy


P.S. Here’s Your Money Horoscope For November 2017

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  1. Vincent Moore says:

    Hello Tana , I’ve already had my Akashic records read I am very interested in manifesting during this time period. I have had so many good things transpire from the past work and energy cleansings you have performed on me. Tt’s incredible!

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