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Bad luck is something that some people seem to have more of than others. For some people, it seems like no matter what they try or do, bad luck seems to follow them everywhere they go! It’s like the old saying “If it weren’t for bad luck, I’d have no luck at all!”

Usually, if you are a person who is followed around by bad luck, your bad luck is only going to be obvious in one or two areas of your life. For example, you may have good luck with love and money. Or you may have bad luck with relationships and careers. Even people have bad luck with friends and coworkers, or even bosses!

Signs Of Having Bad Luck

You are definitely someone who is followed around by bad luck if: 

– No matter how hard you try, you keep failing at relationships, or finding love!

– You never meet anyone who could even be a dating potential!

– You don’t meet anyone at all!

– You keep repeating the same problems in your current relationship!

– You keep meeting the same (wrong) types of people to date!

– Money seems to slip through your fingers – even when you try to save money!

– You always seem to have the same problems with coworkers or bosses – no matter where you work!

– Your health keeps giving you problems!

– You can never seem to lose weight – no matter what you try!

– You feel like a dark cloud follows you around in certain areas of your life!

– You never seem to get ahead in life.

– Plus many more signs

These are just a few of the signs of a person who has bad luck…!

After reading for literally hundreds of people, I’ve discovered that people who have good luck, don’t have any of the problems mentioned above! The only people who have them are people who are followed around by bad luck!

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So what does all of this mean…?

People who have bad luck, have some type of unresolved karma from one, or many, of their past lives.

The way karma works is that you repeat, what has happened to you, what you did to others in one of your past lives! So if you have men always cheating, or lying to you, then you cheated or lied on them in a past life!

That’s right! You will meet them again in this life, date the same men again so that they can do the exact same thing to you that you did to them in a past life the two of you shared together! This is how karma works.

The Law of Karma states that you will also experience in your life, any actions or deeds you did to others – in this life or a past life!

The same is true with people who have good luck! They have good luck because, in their past lives, they were spiritually aware people who didn’t harm others. 

The Law of Karma is inescapable! So you have to pay it back some time or other! Either in this life or in your future lifetimes! 

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Can Your Bad Karma Be Lessened?

Your bad, past life karma cannot be escaped, but it can be lessened, or totally eliminated. Lessening or eliminating your karma is not an easy task, and to take a trained professional to guide you through that process!

If you have bad luck, the first step is to have your karma evaluated, to see what needs to be done to minimize or lessen it!

Whenever I have a client who has bad karma, the first thing I do is to evaluate it, to see where their bad luck is coming from. In other words, what you did in a past life that is causing you problems in this life! For example, if love is your problem, I first need to know what you did that caused your love problems.

After I have been able to see what happened, in which of your past lives your bad karma was created, and how bad the karma is, I can then suggest a way to fix it!


Dear Tana, 

I wanted to tell you that after you evaluated my bad karma, told me what caused my relationship problems in this life, and then told me what I needed to do to fix it – my life has never been the same! 

Right after the work we did together, my life totally changed! I’ve now met my true soulmate, and we are getting married! It was all because of you and what you did Tana! 

Thank you so much! I am happier than I have ever been before! 

Carla C – Detroit, MI



After our karmic evaluation and reparation session, my work life has never been better. After years of struggling at my job, then right after we finished our karma work, I finally got the promotion I deserved! And it came with a $25,000 a year raise! 

Thank you so much! 

Wanda R – San Jose, CA


Dear Tana, 

Once you told me what was at the root of my problems, which was my bad karma and then helped me to change my bad karma into good karma, my life has completely changed! I feel happy now, my anxiety has gone away, and my marriage improved – almost overnight! I never believed in this stuff until after you helped me! 

You are an angel on earth, sent from God above, to help all of us! 

Amanda – Houston, TX


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Bad Karma Doesn’t Make One A Bad Person

Having bad karma does not make you a bad person! We are all humans, and most of us have done things we wish we hadn’t have done. This is just part of learning and growing as people.  But the thing about karma from your past lives is that you can’t remember it! You can’t remember what you might have done! But regardless if you can remember it or not – you are still responsible for any and all of your karma – good or bad!

Sadly, most people don’t even know they can be having what is called “bad luck” in this life, due to some bad karma from a past life! But bad karma is VERY real! As you can see from the testimonials above!

What You Can Do To Change Your Bad Karma

The first thing you need to do is to get your karma evaluated, A Karmic Evaluation (KE) allows you to know EXACTLY where your bad luck started. It could have started 100 years ago, or it could have started in this lifetime! Regardless, once it is fixed, it will not affect you in in this lifetime, to in your future lifetimes anymore either!

Once I know from what lifetime your bad karma started, and EXACTLY what you did that created it, I can then advise you on the proper steps you will need to take to clean up your bad past life karma!

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Dear Tana, 

You changed my life! I felt hopeless and thought something was wrong with me! Once I realized it was my bad karma, and with your help, was able to turn it around, I feel like I have been given a new life! Everything in my life has gotten better! 

Thank you so much Tana! 

Rosie P. – Baton Rouge, LA


In light, love, and peace,

Tana Hoy

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P.S. Here’s your Money Horoscope For November 2020

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