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Today I want to talk about good luck versus bad luck!

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to have all the luck, while others seem to have nothing but bad luck?

Have you ever had times in your life when you felt if it wasn’t for bad luck, you’d have no luck at all?

Well, I have a Cosmic Truth I’d like to share with you: You have the power to create all the good luck you desire in your life. As far as your bad luck…well, you create it too – you just didn’t know you create it! But you can stop creating bad luck, and create all the good luck you desire to have in life!

The other thing about bad luck is, most people don’t have bad luck in all areas of their life, but only in one or two areas! So you could be lucky in having good friends, but have bad luck when it comes to romantic relationships or you could be lucky in finding jobs, but unlucky in finding one that pays what you want to make!

You may be wondering what all of this means, so read on, and I am going to explain more about this to you…

The Cosmic Truth About Luck

First, it is important to know that “luck” is a result of only 3 things:

1. The thoughts you think

What you think, feel, and believe, are your cosmic instructions which are sent out into the universe, and then fulfilled in your life, at some point in time.

2. Karma

Your actions, in this life and all your past lives, will wait for the right opportunities to manifest in your life. Bad deeds cause bad things to manifest in your life. The same is true about good deeds.

3. Not listening to your Guardian Angels

Every single person is given messages by their Guardian Angels, every single day!. The problem is, most people don’t even know this, let alone know how to hear these messages.

A Cosmic Secret I’d Like to Share with You!

You can change any bad luck into good luck, by:

1. Changing your thoughts

2. Changing your karma

3. Listening to the messages from your Guardian Angels

But “How do I do these things?”, you might be asking yourself? Don’t worry, because I am going to tell you exactly how to do these things.

1. Changing your thoughts

Changing your thoughts involves mind cleansing. This is accomplished by learning to program your mind with the right thoughts. But in order to do this, you need to know where your negative thoughts come from. There is a negative energy source somewhere in your soul, which causes you to have negative thoughts, and this source needs to be removed and eliminated.

Once the source is discovered and removed, you need to learn the right thoughts to fill your mind with, and then, like magic, you will see your bad luck turn into good luck!

2. Changing your karma

Karma is a complex situation, and bad karma is not an easy thing to change. But the good news is, your bad karma CAN be changed IF you use the proper techniques to change it. With the right approach, you can literally transform any bad karma into good karma.

Once this happens, relationships, love life, money, career, health, and many other things will improve – almost instantly.

3. Listening to the messages from your Guardian Angels

Sadly, most people have no idea they even have Guardian Angels around them, let alone knowing how to hear their messages. But rest assured, you do have angels around you (more than 20) and they are talking to you – every day!

Hearing their messages does not always mean hearing their voices speak, but rather knowing how to recognize the messages and signals they send you on a daily basis!

Once you learn the “Language of the Angels” (and it’s very easy to learn) you will be in constant communication with them every single day, and your bad luck will definitely change into good luck!

If you have bad luck you’d like to change, the first thing that needs to happen is you need to know exactly what is causing your bad luck. Most people’s bad luck comes from bad karma and negative thinking, but not always.

But there is really no way to really know where your bad luck is coming from without having what is called a Bio-Dimensional Soul Diagnosis and Evaluation.

The purpose of having this diagnosis and evaluation is to learn exactly what is causing your bad luck, in order to know the right approach to prevent it from continuing to happen in the future. In other words, to stop it dead in its tracks!

You can click here and fill out the form on my Psychic Reading page to change your bad luck, by scheduling your Bio-Dimensional Soul Diagnosis and Evaluation.

Bio-Dimensional Soul Diagnosis and Evaluation

During a Bio-Dimensional Soul Diagnosis and Evaluation, you are going to receive a comprehensive total body, mind, and spirit evaluation, because changing bad luck into good luck involves a Total Mind, Body, and Spirit Transformation.

So during your evaluation, I will need to perform a Root Thought Trace, which evaluates your thoughts during this entire lifetime, starting the day you were born. We need to see exactly where any negative thoughts sprouted from. So this is where I need to look at the many different layers of your soul. (You have over 40 layers I will evaluate)

Then I review several of your past lifetimes, in order to see what your past lives were like and to know if any of your bad luck is resulting from something you did in one of them.

Last, I perform an evaluation of the guides and angels around you. This is to make sure there are no negative entities around you pretending to be angels. And if so, what needs to be done to exorcise them.

A Bio-Dimensional Soul Diagnosis and Evaluation is a complete psychic diagnostic analysis of your soul. And it is very revealing on many levels.

Once a Bio-Dimensional Soul Diagnosis and Evaluation has been performed, I will then tell you what you need to do to change your negative thoughts (often created by what is called a Monkey Mind), how to eliminate or repair your karma, or how to instruct you in understanding the “Language of the Angels”. Depending on what you need to do to change your bad luck.

If you are wanting to change your bad luck for the better, and become someone who is referred to by others as a “very lucky person”, then the first step is to schedule a Bio-Dimensional Soul Diagnosis and Evaluation.

If you’ve ever felt like invisible chains or walls are holding you back in life, or like bad luck seems to follow you in certain areas of your life, then a Bio-Dimensional Soul Diagnosis will help you remove the chains, demolish the walls, and put an end to any bad luck in your life!

If you are ready to change bad luck in any or all areas of your life, then click here and fill out this form on my psychic reading page, so you can schedule your private, comprehensive Bio-Dimensional Soul Diagnosis and Evaluation.

I hope this shines a white light on answers you may have been seeking.

In light and peace,

Tans Hoy

To schedule a Bio-Dimensional Soul Diagnosis and Evaluation or a psychic reading, please click here or call my office at 614-444-6334.

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