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I have been flooded with emails from people telling me they wanted and needed spiritual healing! I know there are a lot of people that will benefit from this type of healing, but I didn’t expect to receive such a wave of emails before the New Year begins!

Many people wrote me asking me to tell them more about Spiritual Healing, what it could help to eliminate, and what kinds of healing there were.

The first question you need to ask yourself…

First, I think I need to clarify a few things about Spiritual Healing. There are many types of healing sessions depending on what it is a person needs Spiritual Healing for.

So, first, you need to ask yourself “What kinds of problems do I struggle with that I would like to eliminate from my vibrations so I don’t keep having troubles with them any longer!” Then you would need to look at the list below to see the appropriate Spiritual Healing for your specific situation.

It’s like taking your car to the mechanic. You tell the mechanic what the problem is with your car, or the “symptoms” your car has been having. Then the mechanic, being knowledgeable about cars, can figure out what the problem is, and then he will fix it so that your car runs like new again!

So it is the same with Spiritual Healing, you need to identify the area(s) you need to be fixed and then the healer can go about fixing them.

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7 Different Types of Spiritual Healing – Which One Do You Need?

For example:

For Emotional Issues such as anxiety, worry, fear, insecurity, and depression, you would benefit from either Chakra Balancing or Meridian Realignment

For Love Problems such as attracting the wrong kind of people, or having the same problems relationship after relationship, a person would benefit from an Akashic Records reading with an emphasis on their Karmic Love Files. You would also benefit from an Auric Cleanse.

For Love Problems such as not being able to find or meet your soulmate, or find any love at all, you would benefit from a Heart Chakra Rebalancing, also called a Chakra Revigoration. Because your chakras are probably lacking energy

For Love Problems where you want to improve a current relationship and make the problems between you go away, you would benefit from a Dual Chakra Binding or a Heart to Heart Chakra Connection.

For Money problems such as not being able to hold onto money, or not being able to attract the money you desire, you would benefit from a Subconscious Money Repellent Readjustment, or from a Money Path Realignment.

For career problems such as not being able to get ahead, or having problems with coworkers or bosses, you would need an Auric White Light Dip or an Auric Sterilization Shielding.

And for discovering your life purpose, you would need a Karmic Past Life Healing, or a Pre-birth Cosmic Records Restoration session.

Plus there are several other techniques that there isn’t room to mention here, that help with a variety of other different things too! 

The First Thing To Do

Now that you’ve read about the 7 types of healing you can receive, you will need to identify which type, or which two, or maybe even three, types of healing you need?

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More About Spiritual Healing

The thing about Spiritual Healing is that it takes a few session to sometimes turn things around. Depending on the situation of each person, will determine how many session a person would need.

When I had my Healing Center in Mexico, when I would meet with a client, our first session was an Assessment and Evaluation so that I could determine the appropriate Spiritual Healing I was going to use on that person, and to determine how many sessions it would take to totally resolve or eliminate whatever it was that was causing them problems in their life.

There are also sometime what are called Emotional Readjustment Sessions that are needed to change the subconscious negative thoughts that most of my clients never even knew they had. Because let’s face it, our subconscious thoughts also play a big role it the problems we have in our lives! Karma is the second biggest factor, next to our subconscious thoughts.

A Spiritual Healing Technique To Energize Yourself Or A Friend

Something important to understand about Spiritual Healing. I am not God, and it is not me doing the healing. I am a vessel which the energies of the Universe flow, and i simply direct them. In other words, I open my self up and channel these energies thru my body, but the Universe does the healing.

To see what I mean, try this technique whenever you feel tired or worn out, and notice how it energizes you almost instantly.

  1. Sit upright on the edge of a chair. Make sure your back and spine are straight.
  2. Close your eyes, and the repeat silently to yourself the following words: “I open myself to the loving healing energy of the Cosmic forces, as I allow it to flow thru me, and energize every fiber of my being!”
  3. When you silently say this REALLY say it like you mean it! Half measures get half results!
  4. Sit there for about 3 minutes with your eyes closed. Feel the relaxation that comes over you, and notice how it starts to slowly energize you at the same time.
  5. After 3 minutes, open your eyes, and then go on with what you were doing!
  6. You should soon feel more energized and less tired.


Congratulations, you just opened yourself up to the healing energy of the Universe, and allowed yourself to become a pen channel thru which this energy could flow!

You can also try this on a friend. By having your friend sit on the edge of the chair, as you stand in from of your friend, and place a hand on each of his or her shoulders. With a friend, you would slightly say to yourself “I open myself to the loving healing energy of the Cosmic forces, as I allow it to flow thru me, and into (name) energizing every fiber of his/her being!”

Then follow the steps 4 and 5 as you would for yourself.

So by now, you’ve already experienced in a very basic way the power of Spiritual Healing. And if you would like to experience it for yourself on an even deeper level, I have decided to take on only a few individuals to work with on a short-term basis.

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Experience it for yourself 

Now that you’ve hopefully reviewed the 7 types of Spiritual Healing and decided which one, for which ones, you need, you will then need to read the following to know how to proceed:

I am going to be very selective about who I work with, because the person has to want it for themselves, otherwise, it would only be wasting your time and money, when I could be helping the people who really want it!

So first, you need to think about the above question: “What kinds of problems do I struggle with that I would like to eliminate from my vibrations so I don’t keep having troubles with them any longer!”

And then really THINK about this question: “How would my life be different if I could entirely eliminate from my life the emotional worries, fears, anxieties, insecurities, or other ailments that hold me back?”

Then look at the different types of healing I mentioned above, and see which ones seem to resonate with you.

What to do next…

Next, send me an email, with your answers to the two questions, and the area(s) of your life you would like to experience a release in.

Include your number, along with why you think you should be considered as one of the few people I am going to take on as clients for this.

Then I will review the emails I receive, and the people I think would be a good candidate for this, I will call you personally. If you are not a good candidate, then I will also email you personally and let you know also.

I hope you use the above technique and also try it on a friend, so that you can experience the power of Spiritual Healing for yourself, and also be able to use it to help out someone else.

I look forward to helping you let the healing begin in your own life…

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

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P.S.S. Here’s Your Monthly Horoscope For January 2018

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