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If you are looking to find love, have more prosperity in your life, or find your life purpose, make sure to read this email, because it is going to help you in each or all of those areas!

I am going to talk about something very “top secret”! I have never talked about this before to my clients, or in my emails.

I am talking about sharing one of the highest guarded esoteric secrets of the Universe. A secret that most psychics don’t even know about…and the ones that do know this information will quiver inside with worry when they read this.

Because they will fear it will be missed if performed on the wrong people. (A lot of psychics come to me for their readings, so I have a lot of psychics who subscribe to my emails. That’s why I know some of them will freak put when they read this!)

If you are a psychic and reading this, and know anything about this technique, please don’t worry, because I am given permission from the highest order to perform this.

I’m Talking About Aum Rambala

Today I am going to talk about the Aum Rambala Experience, the most powerful experience for literally drawing any desire (except evil ones) that is for your highest good, and aligned with your highest purpose, into your reality, which will cause it to magically manifest in your life!

So, you may be asking yourself, “What is The Aum Rambala Experience?”

That’s the wrong question to ask right now…

The right question you should be asking yourself is, “If I had the ability to bring into my reality anything I desired, that is for my highest good and highest purpose, what would that be?” 

To experience the indescribable power of Aum Rambala, make sure to apply now by filling out the form below!

Important Questions To Ask Yourself

Ask yourself the 4 following questions: 

1. Do I want to meet my true soulmate?

If the answer is “yes”, are you ready to have a love that strong, deep, and loving in your life right now? 

2. Do I want more wealth?

If the answer is “yes” are you able to handle  an increase of wealth flowing into your life right now?

 3. Do I want a better career?

If the answer is “yes”, are you ready for that change right now?

4. Do I want to know my life purpose, and what I was actually born to do?

If the answer is “yes” are you ready to start living your life the way you were meant to live it?

These may seem like silly questions to ask yourself, but believe it or not, do you know what the number one thing is that prevents you or anyone from bringing their desires into reality so that they manifest them in their lives?

It’s because they block it out on a subconscious level! They block it out because on some deeper level inside themselves, unconsciously they are afraid of having it. Often times people do this not even realizing it!

The Power of Aum Rambala Experience

The Aum Rambala Experience is a magical experience where the powerful energies of the universe are harnessed around you, then strategically released into the Energy Core of your Soul Body.

Imagine this energy to be like a powerful Cosmic vacuum cleaner, that will literally suck out all blockages from your subconscious, then infuse it with the correct energies needed to manifest into reality any desire you have! Because in order to manifest anything, the blocks inside you need to be removed.

You may wonder to yourself “Do I have any subconscious blocks?” Well, if you are not able to manifest with your mind the things you desire, and then see them manifest within a reasonable period of time, then “yes”, you are very blocked!

Most people can safely assume they are blocked, because 99% of the world population is VERY blocked! But after having an Aum Ramabala Experience, you will feel as clear as a whistle.

Not only will you be able to start manifesting the things in your life that are for your highest good, such as finding a soulmate, love problems improving, more wealth flowing into your life, etc. You’ll even see career challenges disappearing, and people tell me they feel like their angels are taking them by the hand, and leading them onto the path of their true life purpose.

Aside from all of that, you will also start to feel more clarity inside, less stress, and most people find themselves sleeping better than they have for years!

The reason people sleep better after this experience is because when a person is blocked, it is like sleeping with invisible 10 pound weights all over your body. And you can imagine how uncomfortable that would feel! Well, since you are probably already blocked, you have been sleeping with those invisible weights on you, probably for years, depending on how old you are!

To experience the indescribable power of Aum Rambala, make sure to apply now by filling out the form below!

The Aum Ramabala Experience And How It Works

The Aum Rambala Experience has been called by many of my clients as “the most amazing experience” they have ever had in their lives!” It’s not amazing because of how you feel afterwards, but people say it is amazing because of the miracles they see happening in their lives afterwards!

What happens during The Aum Ramabal Experience?

First, when I give someone The Aum Ramabal Experience, I do not do this alone. For this experience, I am assisted by the Archangel Michael, Saint Germain, and Hanuman. So that means I am assisted by two Ascended Masters and one Archangel.

Second, you need to make sure that you are ready to have positive changes in your life. Believe it or not, some people enjoy living in lack, negativity, and anger. So if this is you, you should just move on right now and stop reading this!

To begin, the first thing I will do when we connect, is to scan your auric and chakric fields. I scan them using a Psychic X-Ray Technique (PXR) which allows me to use my Third Eye, along with connecting to the clairvoyant visions of the Archangel Michael, to scan your energy field on the deepest level.

Then I use a sacred Crystal Wand to direct energy all through your entire being. This removes all blockages. It causes them to melt away like butter in a hot pan! Once your blockages have been dissolved is when the real magic begins.

Next, I infuse your Energy Core and Soul Body with Vibratonic Energy, which I harness from the highest universal dimensions with the channeled assistance of Michael, Saint Germain, and Hanuman.

After all of this has been performed, I check to make sure all the energy waves are moving and flowing correctly before I perform the last step, which is to “seal within” to keep the blockages “without” of your main Energy Body.

After this has been performed, I will then instruct you on how to work with the power of The Aum Ramabala Experience so that you can start manifesting the things in your life that are for your highest good!

What you manifest has only two rules:

– That it is not used for evil purposes, or being used to harm another person, including yourself.

– That it serves your highest good and purpose 

Those are the only two rules!

How To Apply For The Aum Rambala Experience

Not everyone who wants to have this experience is going to accept to have this performed on them. Because if I perform it on the wrong person, or on a person who plans to use this for evil intentions, then the results could be disastrous.

So if you would like to experience The Aum Rambal Experience, and be able to start manifesting all the things you desire in your life, including your soulmate, the disappearing of relationship problems, more prosperity, finding your life purpose, or anything else you desire.

To apply, please click reply, then copy and paste the answers below, answer them, and then send them back to me at this email address:

1. Why do you think having this experience will benefit your life? 

2. Will you make a solemn promise stating “I solemnly promise that if I am chosen for this that I will NEVER use it for evil purposes, or to harm another living being” 

3. Next, please send me the easiest number to reach you at and a time range of when it is easiest to reach you! 

4. After I personally review your email, you’ll receive an email from me letting you know if you’ve been chosen for this, and also letting you know that someone will be contacting you very soon to set this up for you.

** Only 30 people will be chosen for this experience, and you will be chosen in the order your email is received. So if you would like to experience The Aum Ramabala Experience, then I suggest answering the questions above right now and sending them to me. NOT later or after lunch! Because sending them now will give you the best chance of not missing out on being chosen to experience this!

I look forward to performing on you The Aum Rambala Experience.

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

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