Here’s Your Monthly Horoscope For March 2018

Hello again,

A few days ago, I was eating with a friend in a restaurant when I looked over and saw the most amazing thing! I saw three angels sitting at the “empty” table beside us!

I looked at them and waved, and when my friend looked to see who I was waving to, he turned back to me and asked “Who are you waving to?” I forgot he couldn’t see angels!!

So I told him there were three angels sitting at that table, and he told me he thought I was a bit out of my mind.

He didn’t believe me at all!

He told me that angels are a bunch of hogwash and that they don’t exist! I was quite surprised by his strong reaction, but I just smiled and told him that he is free to believe as he likes!

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Then I telepathically asked the angels sitting beside us to give him some “proof” that they were sitting there! So the angels telepathically told me (they spoke to me using mind reading) to have him look over again.

So, I told him to look over there again!

When he looked where I told him to, he was holding his glass to his mouth taking a drink. All of a sudden, he spits his drink all over the white tablecloth, all over his white shirt, and all over the plates and food on the table! And to make it even worse, he was drinking cranberry juice!

He looked like he had seen a ghost!

It turns out, that they momentarily made themselves visible so that he could see them! He literally freaked out when it happened and was silent the rest of the meal.

Now, whenever he hears me talk about angels, he only says “They sure are real!”

I guess angels have a sense of humor, too! And I also now know, they don’t like to be called “a bunch of hogwash!”

I hope you enjoyed reading this!

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P.S. Here’s your Monthly Horoscope For March 2018

4 Responses

  1. Kevin K. says:

    I Love it Tana!!! You are soo very Awesome!
    One of my personnel favorites is the healing
    Archangel Raphael, and he loves to be funny too!
    Please tell us of him sometime.
    Love & Sunshine Always My Friend 🙂

  2. Jo-Ann says:

    Hi Tana,
    Thanks for sharing your stories of the angels and one day I would love to see my guardian angel. Keep up the great articles,especially the horoscopes.

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