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Hi there,

Love is one of the most powerful emotions a person can feel.

Anyone who has ever been in love knows that love can make you feel like you are living on top of the world, or sinking into a deep hole of pain.

It seems like finding a fulfilling, loving, and satisfying relationship is difficult to find these days. Because with the divorce rate being at 60%, even most married couples feel unhappy or like something is missing.

Can you believe that? 6 out of 10 marriages will end in divorce!

This is a really a sad statistic! But, there is hope!

If you are single and looking for love, or if you are married and not feeling as connected spouse as you’d like to be, or maybe you are married and happy, but would like to take your relationship to the next level, then you are going to love (no pun intended) what I am about to share with you…

Do You Suffer From One Of These 4 Common Love Problems? 

In truth, with the divorce rate being over 60%, you will experience one of the following four things:

1. Failed Relationship Syndrome

2. Lonely Heart Sadness

3. Commitment Separation

4. Bond Inseparable

Now tell me, which one of the following would best describe your love situation:

1. Failed Relationship Syndrome makes a person afraid to open their heart again after a failed relationship (or several failed ones) out of fear of getting hurt.

2. Lonely Heart Sadness comes from people never being able to meet the right person, or sometimes anyone at all, for that matter. Making them feel lonely and sad deep within their heart.

3. Commitment Separation is common with people involved in a committed relationship or marriage, where one or both people are “together” but they feel separate and distant from each other.

4. Bond Inseparable is when two people are in a married or committed relationship where everything is going perfectly well, but would love to continue connecting as deeply as they can to form even deeper and more amazing love experiences together. 

An Important Question I’d Like To Ask

Let me pause right here to ask you three questions.

First, are you already involved in a deeply fulfilling, soul-to-soul connection type of relationship?

Second, if not, what if you could have the type of relationship you’re always dreamed of?

And third, if you are already involved in a relationship. would you like to become closer to that person than you are right now? Maybe even take it to an ever deeper, more intimate, and more loving level?

If you answered “yes” to any one of these questions, then you’re going to be amazed by what I am about to tell you about next…

Love Soothes A Hurting Soul

Love is the cure for most things related to the heart and soul.

It cures loneliness, sadness, boredom, and feeling all alone in the world, and it gives you so many things, too!

Being held in the arms of someone you love is a feeling beyond words. Knowing you never have to go it alone because you have someone to help you in life and support you on your journey, is something hard to explain, too.

Being loved and adored by someone that you also love and adore, is a priceless feeling and gift to have.

Yet sadly, according to statistics…

…only 4 out of 10 people will ever experience a true soulmate connection with another person!

So, why is this?

This statistic is sad and heart-breaking, yet it’s 100% true!

But the good news is, you can be one of the 1 out of the 4 who get to experience this!

Never feel lonely again! Click here now to experience the love magic of Amorus Deptho Connecto!

Would you Like To Be one of the 1 out of 4?

Sounds crazy to me that the divorce rate is so high. And with a divorce rate like this, it only means two things:

1. People fall in love with the wrong choice of partner


2. The person people fall in love with changes over time into a totally different person

One or both of these situations is what usually happens to the 6 out of 10 people who end up alone, lonely, sad, depressed, or divorced!


…now there is a way to make sure neither of these 2 things ever happen to you again!

It’s called Amorus Deptho Connecto!

What is Amorus Deptho Connecto?

Amorus Deptho Connecto is something I learned from my mentor when I was around 18 years old. And it’s the same technique I used to meet my husband! AND we just celebrated 17 wonderful years together…and it still feels as new and exciting as the first day we met!

And YOU can have a love like this in your life, too!

Amorus Deptho Connecto was taught to the initiates of the Ancient Mystery Schools of Egypt, and it is so powerful, it has been kept hidden from society for thousands of years because in the wrong hands, it could be used to manipulate someone into loving you, who may have no interest in you at all!

But, recently I was given permission by the “Higher Ups” to perform Amorus Deptho Connecto on others, as long as I agreed to sign a very serious Soul Contract stating I would only perform it on others, but would never teach anyone how to perform it!

And that was an easy Soul Contract to sign because no one I know wants to learn it. They only want to experience the love-fulfillment that floods their life after having it performed on them.

The Amazing Power Of Amorus Deptho Connecto And What It Can Do For You

Amorus Deptho Connecto can literally change your love life!

For example, if you suffer from Failed Relationship Syndrome where you are afraid to open your heart again, after a failed relationship (or several failed ones), Amorus Deptho Connecto will attract the perfect special someone into your life by radiating a strong love force from your Solar Plexus Chakra! Then once you meet your soulmate, your heart will never be hurt again!

If you have Lonely Heart Sadness from not being able to meet the right person, or you can’t meet anyone at all, Amorus Deptho Connecto will radiate a powerful love signal out from your aura, where you will meet more people to date than you ever imagined! And, when you meet the right one – you will intuitively know you’ve met the right one!

If you are experiencing Commitment Separation, where you are involved in a committed relationship or marriage, and although both of you are “together”, you feel separate and distant from each other, Amorus Deptho Connecto will dissolve the feelings of separation, and the two of you will begin to feel the love between you again, like never before!

And if you are fortunate enough to be involved in a special Bond Inseparable relationship, where everything is going perfectly well, and you want to form even deeper and more amazing love experiences together, then Amorus Deptho Connecto will create that in your relationship!

How Amorus Deptho Connecto Brought True Love To My Good Friend Susan

I have a good friend Susan, who has been suffering from Failed Relationship Syndrome for many years and she has been single and lonely for over 5 years!

So, about 8 months ago, I asked her if I could perform a special technique on her called Amorus Deptho Connecto. Then I explained to her what it could do, and she immediately said “yes”! (and personally, I think she would have been crazy to have said “no”!)

So, I performed it on her, and when I was performing it, I could see this loving, peaceful look come over her face. As I was performing it on her, she told me she was feeling something wonderful inside that was hard to explain, but that it felt really good!

After I finished performing it, I told her to keep me posted…

…she called me one week later, and told me she had met 2 guys the previous week – one at the gas station and one at the coffee shop – and they BOTH asked her out on a date!

The following week turns out one more guy, who she met in the grocery store, in the checkout line, asked her out, too…

…then, two weeks later, another 2 guys she met, one when she was eating lunch, and the other one when she was picking upon her dry cleaning, asked her out, too!

The amazing thing is that before I performed Amorus Deptho Connecto on her, she hadn’t been asked on a date by anyone who she was attracted to in over 3 years! And she told me all of these guys were drop-dead gorgeous!

Well, fast forward 8 months, and she just got proposed to by one of the four guys she met. Turns out, it was to the very first guy she met at the gas station while pumping gas!

And guess who was asking to be the guest of honor at their wedding? If you guessed me, you guessed right!

I was delighted to hear her sound so happy and in love because true love cures and heals most things!

How Would You Like To Have True Love-fulfillment In Your Life?

Amorus Deptho Connecto will bring true love-fulfillment into the life of anyone who has it performed on them!

Whether you are single and wanting to meet your one true love, or already in a committed relationship with someone who you want to experience even deeper closeness and fulfillment with, then Amorus Deptho Connecto is the Magic Wand Miracle you’ve been looking for!

Amorus Deptho Connecto will deliver love results into the life of anyone who has it performed on them. And when you see its love magic work, you’ll be in absolute love amazement!


…after checking my schedule, I’m am only able to make 88 spaces available (88 is a magical Love Number, by the way) so ONLY 88 people are going to be able to experience the powerful, miraculous love magic of Amorus Deptho Connecto.

So, if you want to find true love, and I mean true love, not just any love, then DO NOT procrastinate on reserving a space for this, or you will get left out!

It’s Now Your Choice To Keep Feeling Lonely Or Not

Being lonely, afraid, and feeling like no one will ever love you again, is a choice at this point…

…because now you know about the power of Amorus Deptho Connecto!

So, the only way you will continue to keep feeling lonely at night, sadness, empty arms with no one to hold you, and feeling like you are out there all alone, is if you ignore this one-time opportunity and don’t take advantage of having the love magic of Amorus Deptho Connecto performed on you.

So you need to click here now and fill out the form on my Psychic Reading Page to reserve one of the 88 spaces.

88 spaces will go fast! Believe me! And believe me, if you are looking for love, and are tired of feeling alone, sad, empty, and unfulfilled in your love life, make sure not to miss out on this!

Click here to reserve your space now!

I look forward to performing this on you and hearing about the new love that enters your life after experiencing the love magic of Amorus Deptho Connecto, once it has been performed on you.

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

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