Here’s Your Monthly Horoscope for October 2018

Life is full of unexpected events, changes, surprises, and occurrences, almost every day. We know how to deal with the small unexpected occurrences such as a flat tire, a coworker who is in a bad mood, a child getting sick, or a spouse who is feeling down about something.

But the big unexpected surprises make us feel fearful, afraid, and overwhelmed. These can include downsizing at work, a sudden change in the behavior of a spouse, partner or loved one, an unexpected breakup, suspicion of someone’s behavior, or someone we care about becoming unexpectedly seriously ill.

I wrote this email in response to an email someone had written me.

Why Bad Things Happen

We are able to deal with the “little” things in life, because we know they can easily be corrected, or are only temporary.

But when “big” things happen, we realize that the outcomes can have major effects on our life and the way we live life. For example, if someone you one is cheating on you, this can affect a range of things from where you are going to live, your finances if you were helping each other out, and let alone the immense emotional confusion that will come up.

Not knowing whether or not to change jobs before you get the ax can have serious consequences on your life in obvious ways!

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Suddenly you or someone you love discovers a serious health problem they did not know they had! When this happens, life becomes a very fearful place, because to quote a famous quote “Without good health, life becomes a difficult challenge”.

The truth is, most, if not all of these things can be avoided if you know how to avoid them!

The Biggest Problem

The problem is that most people walk through life with both eyes closed, believing these things will never happen to them! They think they only happen to other people!

These things happen to everyone without exception because they are part of life. We were born into a human body, so we are going to be faced with many, if not all of these human experiences.

The wise person opens their eyes, because they are fearless. They are fearless because they know the secret to being prepared for anything that happens.

The secret is to be prepared.

How To Avoid The Bad Things In Life

Remember a few emails back when I said how lucky you are to be open to the psychic world?

The people who walk through life blindly do so because they leave everything to chance, because otherwise, they would be too afraid of life. They secretly fear not knowing what to do when a life emergency happens!

But you and I both know we do not have to live life like this, don’t we?

You already know that a psychic reading will show you what to be prepared for, and how to avoid those unexpected, unwanted events!

When you know about something BEFORE it happens, you can take the steps to correct it, and avoid it altogether!

The Deep Hole Theory

If a person blindly walks through a forest and does not know there is a really deep hole ahead, he is walk right into the hole, and to fall in it! But if someone tells him about the hole ahead of time, he already knows where the holes is, so he can look for it, and when he get to the hole, he simply walks around it!

Dear Tana, 

You saved my life. During our reading you told me to get a physical and I did. The doctors found a small lump that was a fast growing cancer! They told me if I had waited just two more weeks, I would have been dead in 6 months! They caught it right away, and now I have a clean bill of health thanks to you! Me, my husband, and my children will be forever grateful to you Tana” 

Mary G – Omaha NB 

And here’s another one… 

Dear Tana, 

You told me my husband was holding in a lot of resentment towards me. I found this hard to believe since he never seemed upset at me. After our reading, I asked him the exact questions you told me, and he confessed his deep resentment. After we talked like you suggested, we become closer than ever! He then told me he had already met with a divorce attorney and was planning to leave me in 3 months, but now that we talked, he felt in love with me all over again, and was sorry for even thinking that way! You saved our love Tana! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. 

Sandy L – Houston, TX

This is why you are so lucky to be open to psychic readings because you never have to wonder about an outcome again, or worry about how something is going to turn out. Because you know you can easily get the answers just like Mary and Sandy did!

How You Can Make Any Outcome Whatever You Desire It To Be

During a psychic reading, not only can I give you any answer to any problem, I can also show you exactly what you need to do, to make a potentially negative outcome turn out exactly as you want it to be!

So if you have a question you need an answer to, are wondering how something is going to turn out, suspect something and need it confirmed, or just want to make sure that no unexpected events lie ahead in your life, let me help give you control of your future, and the peace of mind that comes with it!

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In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

P.S. Make sure to avoid the people I mentioned above who are blind to life, they only drag you down!

P.S.S. I love Mary G’s email because she used what I told her and it saved her life! That email made me cry with joy!

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P.S.S.S. Here’s your Monthly Horoscope for October 2018

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