Your Higher Self – Connecting To The Divine Within – by Tana Hoy

Divine Guidance is a message from your higher self to you. It is knowledge, wisdom, and guidance that comes from the Divine Source. This Divine Source is within everyone, and everyone has the ability to receive Divine Guidance from his or her higher self.

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Meeting Your Higher Self

Divine Guidance is capable of healing you and changing your life, and always knows the wisest course for you to follow.

You can avoid a lot of misfortune and mishaps in life, like what choices to make in love, if you don’t have access to Divine Guidance. If your heart is afraid and blocked, then guidance can’t come through to you, because when this guidance does come through, your mind disbelieves or discredits it, because of fear.

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Divine Guidance comes from the purity of the heart. It comes from the place where the individual and the Divine are at One. If you are able to stay in that space of purity (what space?), the guidance comes freely to enrich your life.
The Purpose Of Divine Guidance

The purpose of Divine Guidance is to bring you closer to your higher self and your life’s purpose. A lot of people in modern society have gotten so far away from their Divine roots, and have gotten lost in their minds and its fears. If you are like most people, when you experience divine guidance, you will find it very fulfilling to come back into direct contact with your Divine Source.
Divine Guidance brings us back into contact with our higher selves, and reminds us that we always have a direct contact to the Divine.

Divine Guidance puts you in direct connection with the Divine voice. That voice is not outside of you, it is within you, it is within your heart and always available to you. This Spiritual Source is ready to give you all of the knowledge, direction, and support that you need.

Most of the time, this direct contact with your Higher Self is ignored, so Divine Guidance seems difficult to achieve, and receive. In this world of the confused, fearful mind, Divine Guidance has become blocked in most people. So it is necessary to unblock this connection with their higher self.

Four Ways Of Receiving Divine Guidance

Although the phrase divine guidance is commonly used in spirituality, it is important to understand its full meaning. After you express your hearts desire to receive help in a specific area of your life, by calling on your higher self, your higher self will start to communicate with you freely.

Your higher self will communicate through feelings, words, visions, or thoughts. You will recognize these messages because they are always loving, peaceful and inspirational.

The four main ways you can receive divine guidance on how to improve a situation are as follows:

• Physically, through sensations, or through feelings and emotions.

• Through visions and dreams.

• Through knowingness, revelations, and ideas.

• Through words spoken by others

Anything that you see, feel, think, or hear, can be a message, or a sign, from your higher self. If it makes you feel peaceful and happy, it is divinely inspired, and is for the benefit of your soul.

How Divine Guidance Often Appears

Divine guidance often appears as a sequence of repetitive occurrences, Such as continuously seeing the same number throughout your day. The messages that you receive will often make sense to only you.

For example, you might see symbols that are particularly meaningful to you, such as particular numbers like your birth date, butterflies, ladybugs, hearts, feathers or anything of sentimental value.

In the process of getting in touch with the divine guidance, you will become more sensitive to the gentle voice of your higher self, and the messages sent to you.

This process of receiving guidance occurs naturally and effortlessly, and will gradually teach you to be happy and to express who you truly are.

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