Historical Proof of Aliens: Are They For Real? – Part 1

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What if aliens have already been contacting and cooperating with humans for a long time and people just deny it because of fear?

What is it about humans that make them unable to accept that in the hugeness of the universe, it’s not impossible at all to have other forms of life, aside from those already found here on earth? Is it conceit, a tendency to exaggerate the importance of humans?  Or is it because most people are simply too afraid to consider the possibility of alien life?

Belief in aliens cuts across various cultures and times.

Did aliens truly live among us in the distant past, or at least visit us? Are they still with us, up to now? 

Let’s look at some of the historical evidence.

Geolyphs: Huge Artwork as Seen from a Bird’s Perspective


It’s easy to see things today from a bird’s point-of-view. That’s because you can ride on an airplane, or even simply climb to the highest floors of a tall building, peek out a window, and look down on the world below.

People in the past didn’t have those opportunities. There were no planes or tall buildings. They could climb mountains, sure, but it was such a difficult thing to do, and the mountains were often used for rituals. That’s why mountain climbing was not a sport, but usually a part of ceremonial rites.

Yet, in between the years 300 BC to 800 AD, numerous designs were drawn on the Nazca Desert in southern Peru.

Supposedly, the creators of these drawings were people of the Nazca culture in Peru.

tanahoy.com geolyph - monkey

A geolyph of a monkey, one of the many designs in Nazca Desert in southern Peru, visible only when seen from a high distance.

Known as geolyphs, the drawings showed lizards,  spiders, fish,monkeys, llamas, jaguars, hummingbirds, and sharks. There were also some human figures drawn, as well as several kinds of plants, including trees and flowers.

Some of these were plain line drawings, or outlines. Others were more artistically done and stylized.

These drawings weren’t erased over time, because they were created by removing the colored pebbles on the topsoil, to reveal the gray-white ground underneath them, and it was on this gray-white ground that the drawings were made.

The question is, who or what made such drawings?

It would not really mean much if they were all small drawings, but they weren’t.

Without the ability to fly or to look down from a high vantage point, how had the ancient people of Peru been able to create huge designs that were not only plentiful, but also made use of realistic details?

The people of Peru at that time were not technologically advanced. So how could they have seen the geolyphs to make sure that they were drawing the figures accurately, when they had no means to see the etchings on the ground from above?

Did they get alien help or instruction to do such artwork?

Were the sketches a form of visual cues for the aliens to help them distinguish the earth from other planets?

Or did aliens draw those Nazca lines on their own, for reasons still known only to them?

Recently, reports came out that NASA, America’s space agency, has developed a strong interest in the numerous geolyphs found in other places, as well.

NASA admitted that it couldn’t say for certain what the geolyphs were for, or what they meant.

However, it’s fascinating to note that the Steppe Geoglyphs in northern Kazakhstan, which are included in the NASA studies, are from 300 to 1,300 feet across.

They’re simply that huge, and as reported in the Huffington Post, “can only be fully appreciated from a distant satellite’s perspective.”

So with this being the case, why were such geolyphs even created, if they couldn’t be seen in their entirety on the ground, unless the ones looking were way up high in space?

Mysterious Structures: Egyptian Pyramids, Gigantic Moai of Easter Island, and Stonehenge


Hollywood has done a lot to promote the idea that the large pyramids found in Egypt were created  by the Egyptians through slave labor. The Egyptians were said to have forced the ancient Israelites, and other races or tribes to work for them.

However, there are also other pyramids found in places distant from each other, such as Indonesia, Bosnia, and Mexico.

What is most interesting though about the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt is that it’s located at the intersection of the longest line of latitude and the longest line of longitude in the world.

Did ancient people truly create the Great Pyramid with such precise measurements? How could they have known to place the Great Pyramid exactly at the center of all of earth’s landmass? How were ancient people able to move the colossal rocks, and make them align properly with each other while the pyramid was being built?

tanahoy.com Moai of Easter Island

At 28,000 pounds and 13 feet high, it is a mystery how the Moai were constructed and erected.

What about the gigantic Moai of Easter Island?

The Moai are enormous stone figures with heads at the coast of Easter Island, assembled in a line, and looking as if they were guarding something.  At 28,000 pounds and 13 feet high, it is a mystery how the Moai were constructed and erected.

And of course, there’s the famous Stonehenge; a group of tremendously sized rocks that are ideally aligned with the moon and the sun.

Again, if only ancient humans built Stonehenge, how could they have accurately calculated its alignment? Just as important, how could they have moved the gigantic rocks into place?

tanahoy.com stonehenge

Did ancient humans receive help from aliens with highly advanced technology to construct Stonehenge?

It would be easier to understand if they received help from beings with highly advanced technology, like aliens.

But for what purpose? Nobody knows up to now.

Yet, even if the purpose behind such structures is not clear, it doesn’t automatically mean that aliens couldn’t have created them, or at least had a hand in their construction.


Why Many People Still Don’t Believe in Alien Life


There’s a contradiction known as the Fermi Paradox that is about the strange absence of alien life in human experience. The contradiction exists because aliens still do not intermingle with humans.despite the fact that the universe, being as old and as huge as it is, should have logically been able to support life outside of earth.

If the universe is as infinite as science claims, then shouldn’t aliens be a common part of human existence?

This absence of alien life – apart from the occasional reported sightings and abductions – is the main reason why many still don’t believe that aliens live in other parts of the universe.

However, what if aliens have already been contacting and cooperating with humans for a long time and people just deny it because of fear?

In part 2 of this post, I’ll look into the theory that ancient aliens were the ones really responsible for the development of human technology.

What are your ideas and feelings about the existence or aliens? Share them in the comments below!


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  1. Jacquie maide says:

    I truly believe aliens live amongst us and are so far advanced no one realises.

  2. Cheryl says:

    There is enough evidence to say they do exist, the real question is what is their interest in us and why they have not stepped in to prevent us doing some really stupid things, like destroy the Rainforests. I suppose we have as a race to learn quite a lot of lessons and we are not very bright, perhaps being too hands on makes us worse as in the past?

  3. Linda McNamara says:

    I think aliens are our genius of past history and now. Like Edison, Einstein and Newton and they are here to help us.

  4. Katie says:

    I think I had an encounter as a child but, seems unreal and family thinks I am crazy.

    • Tana Hoy says:

      This is common for people not to believe people who have been abducted. You should seek out others who’ve had the same experience so you have a support system.

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