How A Client Lost Twenty Two Thousand Dollars!

Hi there,

After sending out my last email, I had received an email that really struck a chord in me. It made me realize why some people’s lives work, while other people’s lives don’t seem to work at all. It reminded me of a woman who emailed me a long time ago.

A few years ago, a woman sent me an email asking me what she could do to improve the relationship she was in. In her email, she told me that she had always been someone who longed to find her soulmate.

She went on to say that she used to dream about finding him since she was a little girl, and she wanted to know if I could help her find him.

I emailed her back and told her that helping people find their soulmate was something I was known for, and that I could definitely help her! I told her to send me her number, and my assistant would call her to schedule a reading…

Her Response

Then another emailed followed. She said that if I could tell her the name of her soulmate, along with when and how she would meet him, that once it happened, she would know I was real, and would then call me and schedule a reading.

Needless to say, I was a bit taken back by her email!

I emailed her back telling her that I’m not comfortable giving a psychic reading by email. I explained that I needed to be tuned into her voice energy on the phone to read her, because I connect to people psychically by their voices because this is how my gift works.

She wrote me again telling me that if I could tell her what she was wearing, she would believe I was a psychic, and then call and schedule a session.

At that point, I wasn’t sure if she was trying to seduce me, or just plain off her rocker. But it was clear to me from her email that she didn’t understand how a psychic reading works.

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Her Big Mistake

She then wrote me back again saying she found a local psychic who was much cheaper than me! Only $40 for an hour!!

She said this psychic told her the reason she’s never met her soulmate was due to a family curse, and that this psychic was only going to charge her $1500 to burn candles for a whole month to remove this curse!

I Tired To Warn Her – But Did She Listen?

I tried to warn her this was not a real psychic, and that if there was a curse on her, that to remove it should be part of the reading – at no extra charge! (She obviously never read my emails or watched my videos on YouTube about psychics that con people out of money by telling them they have a curse on them.)

She emailed me back saying thank you but that the other psychic told her I was only trying to get her to have a reading with me, and to ignore what I tell her.

She never wrote me again….

…until 4 months later, when I received this email from her: 

The Sad Email I Received

Dear Tana,

I should have listened to you! I ended up spending over $22,000 with that psychic, and I still haven’t found my soulmate. She told me so many lies, and I believed her!

I believed that since you only charged one fee, that you couldn’t be very good, and I assumed that since she charged more, she knew what she was doing!

For the first time today, I read all about you online, and I know you are the real deal.

Please forgive my stupidity and ignorance. Here is my number, PLEASE have someone call me to set up a session with you!

So What Happened Next?

She set up a reading, we talked, and I discovered there was no curse on her!

I told her what to do to meet her soulmate, and she met him 6 months later. They are now engaged to be married.

Sadly, the $22,000 she spent on that con artist psychic would have paid for a beautiful wedding.

But since she spent all her money on that psychic, they got married in a little Vegas Style chapel, but regardless, they are very happy!

What is my point?

Some people try to do everything in their powers to sabotage their own life! During my reading with her, I was able to see the reason she didn’t originally call me was because there were evil forces that tried to prevent her from talking to me because they didn’t want her to succeed in finding what she desired – true love!

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Something You Need To Know!

There are evil forces in the Universe that will try to prevent you from finding the love and happiness you desire.

So whenever you seek out help from someone who works on the side of positivity and white light, those dark forces will try to deceive you, and trick you, and lead you away from that person!

They will try to get you to follow someone who is from the dark side! And that’s exactly what happened to her!

These forces will help you come up with all kinds of obstacles, excuses, and reasons not to connect with that person – but don’t you listen to them!  You have to say to yourself “No! I am from the light, and I will only seek help from those people who are from the light too!”

These forces didn’t want her to have a reading with me because they didn’t want her to succeed!

They wanted her to fail and be miserable, but luckily, she was somehow able to break free of their grasp on her, and call me.

That other psychic obviously works for the dark side, and thank god she stopped believing that woman! $22,000 is a lot to lose, but when dealing with dark forces, she is lucky it was only money she lost!

Unfortunately I see this all the time, people whose lives were in shambles, but who were lucky enough to break away from this hypnotic spell of darkness, and I was able to help them!

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

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P.S. Again, what I felt led to write this email! So my angels must feel that someone reading this needs to hear this message!

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  1. janice arandelovic says:

    I’e experienced that too people who are dark from past or cant let go or losing money or keeping you from the one you is hard enough to recap losing your mind is soul is worse I know .I’m wondering if I’ll have to leave London to be happy?

  2. Norma Delgado says:

    I want to find out if a person I know for 7 years is my soulmate . And if there would be marriage within this year.

  3. Paris says:

    Back many years ago, I too experienced a very similar occurrence with a “psychic”. She told me I would be successful and to move to LA and she would burn candles for me to remove a curse I had that was causing me to not be a success… I spent a few bucks on her but quickly realized she was a scam. I received one reading from Tana Hoy shortly the after and have been a firm believer of his gift ever since.

  4. beth rannebarger says:

    Hi ya’ll, Tana is the real thing…i’ve grew up in a haunted house and have had to deal with some harrowing things! I turned over my life to Jesus in 1982 and still am confronted by them. My boyfriend is as well. The Bible says to test the spirits, and Tana says the same thing-listen to him.

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