How A Psychic Reading Can Reveal If Your Friend Is Interested In Your Husband infidelity

Betrayal is the worst thing a person you love can do to you.


One of the most painful things you can experience in this life, especially if those who betrayed you are the closest to your heart – your friend and your husband.

Oftentimes, most women tend to look the other way when noticing a close friend’s attraction to their husband. Feelings of uncertainty, and fear of ruining a friendship, and a marriage, keep them from voicing out their suspicions.

Desperate to explain things in a logical point of view, most people forget the latent ability that lies in each and every one of us– intuition.

If you know that there’s something more, listen to what your gut is telling you. You can always find the truth yourself if you know how and what to look for.


Signs That Your Friend Is Interested In Your Husband


You’ve known your friend for a long time, so surely, she wants what’s best for you…or does she want it for herself? If this is the case, then you might be experiencing the age-old problem of a friend turned love rival.

Perhaps your husband’s caring personality, his looks, or his success, are the reasons behind this forbidden attraction. Friends often have the same tastes, after all.

So, how do you know if your friend has set her sights on your spouse?

  • She talks about your husband constantly. Gone are the endless talks about nail color, makeup, and the hot bartender. She likes to talk about your husband.
  • Your friend always asks if your husband will be joining you when going out. You used to enjoy the just-the-girls time with your friends, but it seems that your friend is more interested in spending time with your hubby too.
  • Her attitude changes when your husband is around. She livens up when he joins the conversation, and makes sure that everything is about her or about him.
  • She likes to show off. Your friend makes sure that she is perfectly made up, or wears provocative clothing even when she’s just visiting you at home.
  • Other people are starting to notice. It was bad when it was just you who had to endure your friend’s come-hither looks to your spouse, but now your other friends are taking note of it, too, and are clearly worried about you.


Danger Signs That Show Your Husband May Have Given In To Your Friend’s Seduction


So, you’ve seen the telltale signs of your friend’s forbidden feelings towards your spouse. But the most important question is – does your husband share the same feelings, too?

Hard as it may be to accept, you have to know for sure.

Here are a few indications that your dearly beloved is making his way to another woman’s territory: infidelity3

A sign that your husband is cheating on you is phone lockdown. He won’t allow you see what he is doing with his phone as if always keeping a secret.


  • Phone lockdown. He takes his phone wherever he goes or gets jumpy whenever you go near him while he’s texting on his cell, or browsing on his computer.
  • Secret messages. You find out that your friend has been secretly sending text or email messages to your husband. As if that wasn’t bad enough, your husband never tells you about talking to your friend behind your back.
  • Touchy-feely moments. Your friend looks for excuses to touch him and your husband lets her. It all started with grazing of fingers at the dinner table or prolonged goodbye hugs. But now you begin to notice that your husband is becoming more of an active participant in these demonstrations of illicit affections.
  • Flirtations go unchecked. You catch your friend trying to schmooze your husband, and not only does he look unfazed, he seems to be enjoying all the attention.
  • Clandestine alone time. Your husband goes out of the house more often and doesn’t tell you about his whereabouts. When you try to check on your friend at the same time, you can’t contact her, either.
  • Emotionally distant. You sense that you and your spouse have become detached. You no longer spend as much time together, and he’s not interested in knowing about what’s going on in your life.
  • Loss of intimacy. Your sex life has dramatically changed and your intimate moments have decreased, or are totally gone.
  • Warning bells. You have a terrible, unshakeable feeling in your gut that is prompting you to take action.


How A Psychic Reading Can Help You Uncover The Truth


Oftentimes during a psychic reading, people who ask if their spouse is cheating on them, often already know the answer. The suspicion is already deeply embedded in their minds – and all they are looking for is confirmation and guidance. They have already suspected the signs of an affair taking place, and need me to confirm what they suspect.

A psychic reading is a very helpful way to get the answers you’ve been looking for. Not only those that pertain to your husband’s infidelity, but to questions you didn’t even know you had.

This Sixth Sense is an innate skill that everyone has, but psychics have spent years honing their psychic abilities and interpreting mystical information. They can also give you valuable insight into the universal reasons behind your issues, and guidance on how to solve your problems.

Here are just a few ways a psychic reading can give you the answers that you seek:

  • A psychic reading can help you look deeper and explore your feelings about the issue
  • It can point out if this is a trust issue with you, your husband, or your friend
  • You can find out if your husband has given in and if he has already cheated with your friend.
  • And if so:

– What triggered his infidelity?

– When did he start cheating on you?

– How serious is his relationship with your friend?

– Is the affair just sexual in nature or is it love?

– Will their affair lead to your divorce?

– What you can do to stop the affair and save your marriage.

  • It can tell you if your friend will leave you alone, or if she will continue trying to sabotage your marriage
  • A psychic reading can guide you into the right direction on what to do next


Clarity When You Need It The Most

A psychic reading can give you insights and guidance on the current state of your relationship with your husband.

A psychic reading is just one of the many tools a talented psychic possesses that can give you helpful answers about your husband and best friend.

A gifted psychic can also look into your Akashic records to bring to light aspects of your life that are unknown to you. For example, what if this betrayal is not only rooted in the present but involves unresolved karma from one of your past lives?

Another example could be your chakra energy may be blocked, causing an imbalance in your emotional well-being.

So there could be a bigger picture at work here, and a trained psychic can help you understand it even more.

More than just an exploration of the truth behind your husband and your friend’s infidelity, a psychic reading can also open the way to healing. It can help you get back on track when you begin to feel inadequate, or start blaming yourself for what happened.

Whatever your decision about your marriage will be, you will gain helpful insights into starting anew, and healing yourself.

After all, the truth can hurt, but it can also set you free – free to grow, heal, and be in love again.

If you would need guidance with your current relationship or if you need healing from a relationship that did not work, schedule a psychic reading with me now. I will be able to provide you the clarity you need in your relationship problem, and I can also advise you on what you need to do to deal with it.


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