How a Tarot Card Reading Can Give You Spiritual Guidance – Part 1 tarot_cards

Tarot cards are deck of cards that have pictures, words, numbers and symbols printed on them.

A tarot card is a card with a picture representing a certain symbol, imagery, and event.  A tarot deck consists of 78 cards, each with their own unique image and symbol. Each tarot card contains its own story and often represents a stage in one’s life. Often times the card is a reflection of your own inner wisdom.

So, What Exactly Is A Tarot Card Reading?

If you know the meaning behind each image in a tarot card, then you can interpret them.  This is the core and most basic concept in reading tarot cards.  And by using those concepts and interpretations we can gain insight into a certain topic or question.


How A Tarot Card Reading Works


The simplest method for reading tarot cards is a single card reading, or commonly known as the single card spread.

Here’s how you do it:

1) Ask yourself a question. It can be about anything: your love life, your career, your house, anything.

2) Shuffle your tarot deck and draw a card.

3) Look at the card and interpret it based on its meaning.

That’s it!

Well, we are using the simplest spread of all but there are tons of different tarot spreads you can use to gain insight into a certain topic. But that is an article for another day.


Tarot Cards And Their Meanings


A tarot deck is composed of 78 cards in total and contains two different types of cards, called the Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana.


The Major Arcana

The major arcana consists of 22 cards. These cards are archetypes that represent symbolic figures from all walks of life. These cards play a major role in one’s life, and they should not be taken lightly during a tarot card reading.

Here are the 22 Major Arcana cards and you can use the information below as a reference guide when I teach you how to give a tarot reading to yourself in Part 2 of this article:

The Fool – The fool is a symbol of new beginnings and trying out new things.  It often depicts a naive young man going on a journey.

The Magician – The Magician represents mastery of action. It represents the skill and power to achieve things in your life. The Magician is initially what the fool aspires to be.

The High Priestess – The High Priestess represents a woman filled with wisdom and understanding. It is often symbolizing insight, wisdom, and mystery.

The Empress – The Empress represents the mother figure. It often symbolizes productivity, success, and fertility.

The Emperor – The Emperor represents the father figure. It often depicts a stern and rigid man who implements order and stability.

The Hierophant – The Hierophant is often depicted as a pope-like figure. It can be interpreted as seeking spiritual guidance in one’s life.

The Lovers – The Lovers card is often associated with love, relationships, and crossroads in one’s life.

The Chariot – The Chariot is often depicted as a strong man riding a chariot. It often represents success and triumph.

Strength – Strength is often depicted as a girl or woman petting or taming a lion. It often represents control or mastery over one’s power.

The Hermit – The Hermit is often depicted as an old man seeking isolation from the world. It often represents reflection and soul-searching.

The Wheel of Fortune – This tarot card represents luck. It often means that good or bad things may happen to you in the future.

Justice – Justice is often depicted as a king holding a sword in one hand and a scale in the other. It often represents fairness, balance, and equality. It can also mean retribution.

The Hanged Man – The Hanged Man card shows a man hanging upside-down. It often represents change, metamorphosis, and doing things that you are not accustomed to.

Death – Death represents the end of something. It can indicate loss, change, or starting new beginnings. It is often associated with failure or destruction.

Temperance – Temperance is often depicted as a man balancing two chalices. It often represents balance, harmony, and moderation.

The Devil – The Devil card represents deviousness, selfishness, temptation, violence, and fear.

The Tower – The Tower is depicted as a burning tower with people jumping off of it. It often represents destruction, major loss, and sudden change.

The Star – The Star is often depicted as a young woman meditating under a star. It often represents tranquility, serenity, and hope.

The Moon – The Moon is the night. It often represents secrets and things that you cannot see. If you pick this during a tarot card reading, then you should tread lightly.

The Sun – The Sun represents productivity and joy. It is often depicted as an omen for success and achievement.

Judgment – Judgment is often depicted as an angel blowing the horn of revelation. It often represents change and upheaval.

The World – The World signifies the end of the Fool’s journey. It often represents completion, satisfaction, and rewards. tarot_card_reading

During a tarot card reading, the reader consults the cards in order to show what you wanted to know.

The Minor Arcana

The Minor Arcana are the predecessors of the modern day playing cards, and they often represent minor nuances in one’s life. There are 4 suites, the same as in modern day playing cards, and each suit represents the 4 elements. There are 56 Minor Arcana cards in total.



Cups represent water and are associated with emotions and intuition.


Ace of Cups – Signifies abundance, creativity, satisfaction, and success.

Two of Cups – Signifies building relationships, commitment, friendship, and love.

Three of Cups – Signifies festivity, abundance, and creativity.

Four of Cups – Signifies dissatisfaction and disappointment.

Five of Cups – Signifies loss, avoidance, and regret.

Six of Cups – Signifies apology, return, and reconciliation.

Seven of Cups – Signifies ambition, dreams, and temptation.

Eight of Cups – Signifies personal development, changes, and abandonment.

Nine of Cups – Signifies fulfillment and satisfaction.

Ten of Cups – Signifies achievement, commitment, and happiness.

Page of Cups – Signifies creative ideas, announcement, and good news.

Knight of Cups – Signifies new opportunities and arrival.

Queen of Cups – Signifies intuition, maturity, and virtue.

King of Cups – Signifies compassion, authority, and sound advice.



Swords represent air and these cards are often associated with passion, victory, and willpower.


Ace of Swords – Signifies achievement, victory, and advantage.

Two of Swords – Signified peace of mind, balance, and resolution.

Three of Swords – Signifies loss, pain, and suffering.

Four of Swords – Signifies delay, healing, and withdrawal.

Five of Swords – Signifies defeat, loss, and losing confidence.

Six of Swords – Signifies going on a journey, escape, and a better future.

Seven of Swords – Signifies avoidance, theft, and the unknown.

Eight of Swords – Signifies indecision, restrictions, and obstacles.

Nine of Swords – Signifies anguish, grief and depression.

Ten of Swords – Signifies ruin, mortality, and the end.

Page of Swords – Signifies vigilance, intelligence, and challenges.

Knight of Swords – Signifies destruction, conflict, and dominance.

Queen of Swords – Signifies maturity, independence, and separation.

King of Swords – Signifies assertion, authority, and good leadership. wands

The suit of wands are often associated with spirituality, inspiration, determination, strength, and ambition.


Wands represent fire and these cards are often associated with spirituality, astrology, and one’s career.


Ace of Wands – Signifies a new business, birth, and creativity.

Two of Wands – Signifies achievement, anxiety, and partnership.

Three of Wands – Signifies trade, and long-term success.

Four of Wands – Signifies harmony, celebration, and happiness.

Five of Wands – Signifies struggle, strife, and conflict.

Six of Wands – Signifies triumph, success, and recognition.

Seven of Wands – Signifies perseverance, courage, and strength.

Eight of Wands – Signifies immediate action, flight, and rushing.

Nine of Wands – Signifies fear, caution, and defensiveness.

Ten of Wands – Signifies pressure, over commitment, and burdens.

Page of Wands – Signifies energy, ambition, and skill.

Knight of Wands – Signifies nonconformity, unpredictability, and determination.

Queen of Wands – Signifies being a hard-worker, being career-oriented, and independence.

King of Wands – Signifies authority, financial gain, and professionalism.



Pentacles represent the earth and are usually associated with wealth, health, and all things material.


Ace of Pentacles – Signifies good fortune, luck, and financial gain.

Two of Pentacles – Signifies balance, transfer, and fluctuating wealth.

Three of Pentacles – Signifies mastery, expertise, and teamwork.

Four of Pentacles – Signifies tenacity, possessiveness, and security.

Five of Pentacles – Signifies worry, poverty, and scarcity.

Six of Pentacles – Signifies prosperity, favor, and goodwill.

Seven of Pentacles Signifies wealth, occupation, and long-term success.

Eight of Pentacles – Signifies learning new skills, apprenticeship, and mentoring.

Nine of Pentacles – Signifies opulence, prosperity, and abundance.

Ten of Pentacles –Signifies family, fortune, and inheritance.

Page of Pentacles – Signifies motivation, scholarship, and studiousness.

Knight of Pentacles – Signifies honor, faithfulness, and being reliable.

Queen of Pentacles – Signifies practicality, helping, and prosperity.

King of Pentacles – Signifies success, security, and confidence


These are all the meanings to all the 72 tarot cards. Knowing the meanings will give you insight during your tarot card readings.

The next article will cover what to expect from tarot card readings and the different spreads that you can use.

In the meantime, if you want to improve your current situation and would like to make changes in your life, you can consult me about it by scheduling your psychic reading here.

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