How a Tarot Card Reading Can Give You Spiritual Guidance – Part 2


In the previous article I showed you what tarot cards are and their corresponding meanings. Today I will show you how to use tarot card readings to improve your life physically, mentally, and spiritually.


What To Expect When Reading Tarot Cards tarot_card_reading

A tarot card reading can provide answers to your questions and the guidance you need.

When you’re reading tarot you should expect to gain some insights into your current situation. After all, reading tarot cards is a form of divination.

You should also expect the divination to be confronted with things that you’ve been avoiding and of course the opposite can also apply. You might also how your positivity has had a good effect on the people around you.

In short, expect many things to be revealed.


What Not To Expect In Your Tarot Card Readings


Most beginners of tarot might expect to get the perfect answer to their question.  Sadly, that is not the case.

The tarot cards are there to guide you and help you gain some insights, however they will not solve your problems.  That is entirely up to you.

Tarot cards can be interpreted differently. No two tarot card readings are the same. So even if two people got the exact same card, the interpretation of the cards will be completely different.


How To Interpret Tarot Cards


You should interpret your tarot cards based on their underlying meaning and compare it with your current circumstances. Here’s an actual example for seeking guidance regarding your current relationship.

Here’s how to divine it using a single tarot card:

  1. Meditate on your current relationship.
  2. Allow your thoughts to make their way into the tarot cards.
  3. Shuffle the tarot deck and pick a card.
  4. Pretend you’ve picked the Eight of Swords.
  5. Interpret the meaning of the card to gain insight into your question.
  6. The Eight of Swords usually portray a woman tied up, blindfolded, and imprisoned by eight swords.
  7. This symbolizes imprisonment, restriction, and indecision.
  8. So you can interpret that you’re being restricted by your current relationship. You can also interpret that you don’t know how to proceed with your current relationship.
  9. But in the end, it’s all up to you what you do next.


Interpreting Reversed Cards


You can also draw tarot cards that are reversed. When you pick a reversed tarot card, it usually means the opposite of its meaning or symbolism.

Let’s use the same example as above. You want to seek guidance on your current relationship and you’ve picked the Eight of Swords but this time it’s reversed.

How will you interpret this?

Since it’s in reverse order, the card would now symbolize freedom, decidability, and openness.  So, you can interpret that card to mean that you feel free in your current relationship. It can also mean that you are open to future changes in the relationship, as well.


Tarot Card Spreads


A tarot card spread is a method of gaining more details and insights into a specific topic and using a spread enhances the depth of your tarot card readings.

There are different spreads and some focus on relationships, some on your career, and some spreads even help you make important life changing decisions.

I will be showing to you some spreads that I personally use. Below you will see a diagram of cards with a corresponding number. The number 1 means that you put your first drawn card in this location. Number 2 means you put your second draw in the corresponding location. And so on and so forth. three card spread

The three card spread is used to have a peek into the past, present and future.

The Three Card Spread

Let’s start with the simplest of the three. The three card spread can be used in different ways but it is mostly used for seeking guidance regarding the past, present, and future.

This is what the numbers mean:

  • Past
  • Present
  • Future

Here is an example using this spread:

You just recovered from an injury and you’re wondering how you will do in the present and future.

You’ve picked these cards in this order:

  • Nine of Wands in reverse
  • The Devil in reverse
  • Two of Cups

The Interpretation:

  • Your Past. Nine of Wands usually mean strength and fortitude. When reversed it means that you’ve lost strength in your body or in your mind. You can interpret this to mean that your injury caused your body and your mind to weaken.
  • The Present. The Devil usually means succumbing to temptation, deviousness, or selfishness. When reversed, it usually means resisting temptations and powering through your fear. You can interpret this as you are currently resisting the temptation of being depressed because of your injury.
  • The Future. The Two of Cups usually means love, forming relationships, or strengthening current relationships. You can interpret this to mean if you power through and resist depression, then you will be able to form good relationships with people in the future. celtic cross spread

The Celtic cross spread is one of the most commonly used tarot card spreads but the hardest to interpret.

The Celtic Cross

The Celtic Cross is one of the most popular and one of the most well-known tarot card spreads. It is used to get a general idea of a current situation and provides you with a lot of insights about your current situation.

Think of the Celtic Cross as a general “checkup”.

This is what the numbers mean:

  1. Current you
  2. What is hindering or helping you
  3. Subconscious influences
  4. Your past
  5. Something that will influence you during your journey
  6. The near future
  7. How you approach the future
  8. Your environment
  9. What you should know
  10. The end result

Your current situation:

You are an aspiring businessman who plans to start a coffee shop business. But you’re not entirely sure of your plan. So you’ve decided to use tarot cards to help you make sense of your dilemma.

You’ve picked these cards in this order:

  1. The Chariot
  2. Two of Pentacles in reverse
  3. The Hanged Man
  4. Eight of Wands
  5. The Hermit in reverse
  6. Page of Coins
  7. The Star in reverse
  8. The World
  9. Nine of Coins in reverse
  10. The sun



1) Current you

Your card: The Chariot

Meaning of the card: Victory

Interpretation: The current you is aiming for a successful business venture.

2) What is hindering or helping you

Your card: Two of Pentacles in reverse

Meaning of the card: Refusing change

Interpretation: What’s hindering me is my inability or refusal to change.

3) Subconscious influences

Your card: The Hanged Man

Meaning of the card: Opening to oneself to new experiences

Interpretation: You want to try new things and that’s why you want to try out this new coffee business.

4) Your past

Your card: Eight of Wands

Meaning of the card: Sudden action

Interpretation: A sudden turn of events in your past might have led you to think about going into business.

5) Something that will influence you during your journey

Your card: The Hermit in reverse

Meaning of the card: Shyness or hiding from one’s problems

Interpretation: Being shy with people might hinder my business venture in the future.

6) The near future

Your card: Page of Coins

Meaning of the card: New opportunities

Interpretation: My coffee business might lead to new opportunities to increase my wealth.

7) How you approach the future

Your card: The Star in reverse

Meaning of the card: Refusing to back down

Interpretation: I will be stubborn when I’m conducting business with others. It could be a good thing or a bad thing.

8) Your environment

Your card: The World

Meaning of the card: Completeness

Interpretation: I am surrounded by people who are content and satisfied with their business. I could be doing this because I want to be like them.

9) What you should know

Your card: Nine of Coins in reverse

Meaning of the card: Dishonesty

Interpretation: I should avoid being dishonest in my future dealings.

10) The end result

Your card: The Sun

Meaning of the card: Happiness

Interpretation: Whether my business fails or succeed, I know I will still be happy.


Using Tarot Cards To Enhance Your Life


Tarot card readings give you knowledge on a particular circumstance and with this knowledge you can make better choices. Tarot cards are there to enhance your life, help you make good decisions, and give you spiritual guidance.

Think of tarot cards as spiritual supplements you can use every day for guidance, insights, and wisdom. They are like having a “psychic in a box” when you need an answer.

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