How Communicating With Dead Loved Ones Can Heal Your Grief soul

Upon the death of a person, only the body dies but not the soul which is immortal.

When a person dies, everything seems so final…

… but death is not the end.

The truth is, death is anything but final. Death only affects the body, but the soul of a person remains intact and continues to exist.

The soul is immortal and moves on to dwell in the spiritual realm where it awaits its next reincarnation.

But even though death is not the end, those left behind often feel powerless and consumed with grief.

Things that could have been said or done while their loved one was still alive runs through their mind and fills them with regret.

While there is no way to bring loved ones back, there is a way to ease the burden of regret and guilt.


Let me share a secret about communicating with dead loved ones.


The Spirits Of Those Who Passed Away Can Communicate With Us


Even when I was a young child, I could see the spirits of those who had passed away.

In fact, some of my most vivid memories as a child are my interactions with those on the Other Side and communicating with the dead. 

As a child, I never thought people who had passed away were any different than those of us still living. Simply because of having the ability to see them as clearly as I can see another living, breathing person.

As time passed, I learned that there are only a few people who are able to see the spirits of people who passed away, the same way I can.

Another thing I learned about people on the Other Side was they retained their memories and personalities, even after death. And they would tell me about their lives and often tell me about the important things they wanted to say to their loved ones.

I could go on and on about the many experiences I’ve had with the spirit of people who passed away – all the adventures and the mishaps – but I want to share something very special today with you today.

I want to tell you that loved ones on the Other Side terribly miss their loved ones and families here on earth.

They often talk about their wives or their children, and I could feel all the strong emotions in the stories they tell me.   

What struck me the most is how they are deeply affected by the grief their passing has brought to their loved ones. I remember Phil, who was a firefighter who came to visit me from the Other Side, tell me that hearing his wife’s sobs was so painful it felt almost like he was feeling the pain physically, too.

I keep on hearing the same sentiments over and over, not only from the Spirit Side but from the living as well.

“If only I was able to say goodbye”


“If only I had a chance to tell her one last time how much I loved her”

It’s truly heartbreaking that most people aren’t aware that they can still talk to loved ones who passed away.

There is a way to tell your loved ones who passed away you love them, and in turn, the spirit of your loved ones can communicate with you to help heal your grief and the pain of loss.

By using Spirit communication, this is possible and I’ll show you how.


Signs Your Loved One Is Trying To Communicate With You light_flickering

Unusual occurrences such as flickering of lights, while you are alone, can be a sign that a deceased loved one wants to communicate with you.

Can the dead communicate with the living?

Yes, definitely!

And the first part of Spirit Communication is learning when a loved one who passed away is trying to talk to you.

There are plenty of signs, but I’ll tell you about the most ones you should be aware of.

Unusual Physical Sensations 

You may have experienced some of these unusual physical sensations before.

You might feel as if someone is watching you intently even if you’re alone. Goosebumps may appear on your skin or you may feel a tingling or prickling sensation.

Some people describe feeling hot or cold spots in a room, while there are those who actually felt gentle touches and even a feeling of being embraced. 

Strange Occurrences 

There may be unexplainable occurrences, such as the phone ringing or lights flickering when a loved one wishes to communicate with you. After all, human souls are made of pure energy, so it’s only natural that they may affect electrical equipment.

Some also say they’ve seen objects move on their own, especially things that had sentimental value or precious meaning to the departed.

This goes with pets, too. Animals may behave strangely as their sense is sharper and more attuned to the things people don’t see.

Dream Appearances

When you’re asleep, your barriers are down and your subconscious takes over. You become more open to the subtle energies and the invisible elements which surround you.

This makes it easier for a loved one who passed away to make themselves known to you.

They can appear in your dreams and will often talk with you. Some would just want to engage in seemingly normal conversation or take you back into a setting of a memory so that they can share a cherished moment with you again.

There are also those whose intents are more urgent.

Some need to disclose something important, such as the contents of their will or how they want their estate to be handled. Spirits of those whose lives were cut short by crime, often want to tell the story of their demise or help find the aggressor.

I’ve come across countless ways on how to talk to the dead and how Spirits contacted their loved ones in my years of facilitating Spirit Communication.

Oftentimes, the attempts by a Spirit to communicate are more frequent if those who are left behind are having difficulties in coming to terms with the loss. This happens because these Spirits want to help their loved ones go through the grieving process.


How Spirit Communication Can Help In The Grieving Process grief

Communicating with a deceased loved one can help in the grieving process because it can give you peace of mind.


There is no way to prepare for the loss of someone you love.

It doesn’t matter if their passing was unexpected or not, the world as you know it is going to change forever.

Grief is a normal, human response to a loss – but it doesn’t make it less difficult.

Some have feelings of isolation and detachment from their surroundings. You might feel numb or powerless.

Others even have irrational guilt or may think they are personally responsible for the passing of a loved one. Some individuals may experience physical effects of grieving, such as the inability to concentrate, loss of appetite, or difficulty in sleeping.

When this happens, Spirit Communication can be used to help individuals with their grieving process and help bring back their peace of mind.

As a Psychic Medium, I have helped a lot of people connect with loved ones who have already passed away.

I can teach you how to become more aware of subtle forms of communication used by Spirits such as dreams or telepathic communication.

When communicating with dead loved ones, I facilitate interaction by relaying messages back and forth from you to your loved one and vice versa.

Spirit communication truly is one of the most undermined ways to help people express their emotions, find closure, and basically tell their loved ones whatever they want to communicate.

To help heal your grief, I can use my gifts to bridge the gap between you and your loved one who passed away.  You can contact my office at 614-444-6334 or by clicking here and filling out the form on my Psychic Reading Page.


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