How Do I Know If I’m Psychic? psychic power

What kind of psychic powers or psychic abilities do you have? Are you aware of having such extraordinary abilities within you?

By definition, being psychic means being sensitive to vibrational influences or forces. This means that psychics are people who are very sensitive to the energies around them. They have the ability to sense energy vibrations coming from other people’s thoughts as well as those that come from supernatural beings. So who can actually possess these abilities? Were psychics pre-destined to have psychic powers even before they were born?

Well, the truth is, we are all born with psychic powers.

Yes, you have psychic gifts. You might not have thought of yourself as psychic mainly because you’re not even aware that you have psychic abilities. There are people like me who have been using their psychic powers since they were young, and there are also many who choose to awaken their skills later in life.

Whether you are aware of your special gifts or not, it won’t change the fact that you have a sixth sense. As a matter of fact, you must have had some psychic experiences that you didn’t know were already manifestations of your psychic gifts!


Check out these common psychic experiences that may prove you are psychic: psychic abilities

Being psychic means being sensitive to vibrational influences or forces. This means that psychics are people who are very sensitive to the energies around them. They sense what is beyond the five ordinary senses.

  1. You have a high level of intuition.

If there are times when you just know who’s calling on the phone even before you pick it up, or you can predict an event before it actually happens, you must have a high level of intuition, which is an important psychic gift to develop.

  1. You’ve experienced déjà vu a couple of times already.

You may be experiencing déjà vu if you feel like you’ve met someone before, even though you haven’t, or you strongly feel that you have been to a particular place even if it’s actually just your first time to be there.

  1. You have experienced telepathic instances.

Do you sometimes feel like you can read someone else’s thoughts, or that you can send messages to another person through your mind? If this is something you often experience, there’s a great chance that you have some kind of telepathic skill, which is another sign that you are psychic.

  1. You’ve had extremely vivid dreams.

People who are gifted with psychic powers are likely to have powerful vivid dreams. These are the dreams that you can remember very clearly after you wake up. Those who have vivid dreams also tend to have recurring dreams that are often indicative of what’s happening or what may happen in real life.

  1. You can hear sounds that other people can’t.

Another common psychic experience is hearing sounds that other people can’t hear. If you constantly hear rings, chimes, or other sounds, it could mean that you have the ability to sense an invisible form of sound energy. Also, if you sometimes feel that someone’s calling your name and you realize that you’re all by yourself, it could be your spirit guide or guardian angel trying to communicate with you.

If you’ve had any of these psychic experiences, it could mean that your psychic skills are just waiting to be awakened.

In case you decide later on to explore your being psychic, what specific types of psychic abilities can you activate?

The 3 Most Common Types of Psychic Abilities – The 3 Clairs psychic abilities and powers

If you decide to activate your sixth sense and enhance your psychic abilities, how can you use these abilities in your everyday life?

Some forms of psychic abilities have names beginning with “clair“, a French word that means “clear“. These psychic powers are named in such a way that will specify how a person can sense or receive information spiritually.


Clairvoyance means “clear vision”. This is the ability to see beyond the physical realm. A clairvoyant has the ability to see visions of events before they happen as well as seeing chakras (the centers of spiritual power in the human body) and auras (a field of energy that radiates from within a person or a thing). People who have this psychic ability can also see spiritual beings like Spirit Guides and other elementals.


Clairsentience means “clear feeling”. This is a person’s ability to know certain information by sensing it through emotional feelings. Clairsentience is also synonymous to divine intuition, sacred guidance, or gut feelings.

Basically, there are three types of clairsentients – the Empath, the Feeler Clairsentient, and the Physical Absorber.

You are an empath when you’re able to understand the emotions of other people. In short, you can put yourself in another person’s shoes.

On the other hand, you are a feeler clairsentient when you can easily pick up on someone’s thoughts, feelings, and even their experiences. With this psychic power, you can know people by feeling what they’re actually feeling.

Lastly, you are a physical absorber when you have the ability to absorb the traits, physical characteristics, and even the ailments of another person.


Clairaudience means “clear hearing”. A person with this psychic gift has the ability to hear voices from the Other Side. If you develop this ability, you will be able to hear those voices so clearly that you would think they’re coming from someone who’s standing next to you. These voices are the voices of Spirit Guides, Guardian Angels, Elves, Fairies, and your Loved Ones from the Other Side.

As I have mentioned earlier, we all are gifted with different psychic abilities. It’s just up to you if you’re going to develop your innate psychic skills or you’ll leave them untouched. But what if you decide to activate your sixth sense and enhance your psychic abilities? How can you use these abilities in your everyday life?

Uses of Psychic Abilities in Your Daily Life

Developing your psychic abilities will be more fun if you can use them in your everyday life. After you have activated your psychic powers, the following are the ways in which you can utilize them:

To make good decisions

When you are able to talk to your Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels, it’s like having easy access to guidance and advice that will help you make better decisions. If you ever find yourself in trouble and you don’t know what to do, you can use your psychic abilities and make decisions based on the psychic information you can receive.

To know someone’s personality…

You can use your psychic skills when meeting new people to know their personality and their attitude towards you. By activating your sixth sense, you’ll be able to pick another person’s aura as well. Knowing all this information will help you adjust your behavior towards any personality type you meet.

To help another person…

When you are able to feel other people’s emotions, you’ll be able to help them without them having to say something. You will be able to know if something’s bothering your loved one, and sensing the emotions of others will allow you to give them words of encouragement or inspiration.

By now, you might be feeling so eager to learn how to develop your psychic abilities. The good news is that there are things you can do that will help you develop your psychic powers.


Tips for Developing Your Psychic Abilities


Just like developing any other talent, you can hone your psychic abilities by being patient, and investing time and effort.

  • You need to intend to develop your psychic gifts. It’s good that you want to hone your psychic abilities, but you should also have a clear intention of doing it. In short, your desire to activate your sixth sense must go deeper than just hoping for it to happen.
  • You need to remain motivated even if your progress is slow. It may not be very easy for you to develop your psychic abilities, and you may even feel frustrated at times. To be successful, you need to stay motivated to continue practicing and training.
  • Psychic development doesn’t happen overnight, so you must be willing to devote time and energy to meditation and practice.
  • Be willing to open your sixth sense. At first, you might feel uncomfortable with the psychic messages that may come to you. You need to be willing to receive such messages if you want to fully activate your psychic skills.
  • Have awareness of your surroundings. Having awareness and being sensitive to your surroundings is vital in developing your psychic powers. Practice meditation on a regular basis so you can learn how to quiet your mind, as this will help sharpen your awareness.
  • You need to learn to overcome your fears to maximize your psychic development. You have to accept the fact that you might make mistakes in the process of discovering your psychic skills. So try and release any fear of failure, because fear is a huge hindrance to your psychic development. developing psychic abilities

Psychic development doesn’t happen overnight, so you must be willing to devote time and energy to meditation and practice.

Keep in mind that developing your psychic abilities is not like turning on a light switch. It is a continuous process that requires practice, patience, and of course, determination.

Also, keep yourself relaxed during the process of learning. Try not to force or pressure yourself to develop your psychic skills in an instant. Allow your abilities to bloom naturally, and with commitment as well as proper guidance, you’ll be able to use your psychic gifts in no time.

To learn more about your psychic abilities, schedule a psychic reading. I will be able to look deep into your soul, and show you what your psychic talents are, and how to develop them more fully. You can click here now to schedule your psychic reading!

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  1. Sam B says:

    With the first one… I know I “could” be:

    As I’ve also said before, I’ve learned to hybridise logical and intuitive thinking. Using my experiences and calculative predictive thinking in conjunction with intuition. I believe this allows any user of this technique to become more rounded in their capabilities, rather than relying on one or the other independently.

    Ive also wondered if claircognizance is instead or has the capabity to reshape and manipulate events rather than just predicting them. For example, you could just know something could happen either to yourself or someone else. If you tell them or another about it, it creates the mindframe in both you and them of a certainty of the event becoming manifested, as said many times by many people, your thoughts will lead to manifestation which also refers to Tana’s last IC letter about fear and its manifestation application. I fear that some psychics may use this (generally underhanded) technique in the event of possibility. This goes with all other psychic predictive abilities as well, but perhaps refers more to cognizance. It could either be a sort of event paradox where you can sense what’s happening but your acknowledgment of it therefore makes it manifested, or what I fear, the use of artificial prediction to make them real through people knowing of the said event therefore manifesting it that way.

    I’m also interested in osionic capability, which are the physical applications:
    -Tele/pyro/electro/aqua kinesis
    -Astral projection,
    -Time travel (this one’s debatable),
    -Physical augmentation of human capability of various physical feats (speed, strength etc),
    -Psychic/psionic application of the healing arts (this does not include herbs, potions or remedies),

    And a lot more.

    There’s a lot of contriversy with empathy. The majority of the psychic community say its not defined as clairsentience, but is separate.

  2. Sam B says:

    I kinda had to rush this one, though I hope it got the point across.

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