How Doodling Can Produce Psychic Visions


Art is a fundamental part of anyone’s life. Not everyone is good at painting, or sketching, or even drawing, however, we are all capable of producing “works of art” that can be appreciated beyond an aesthetic level. psychic_doodling1

Aside from boosting your creativity, doodling can help you understand more your inner self.

During our childhood, we often spend a lot of time crayons and coloring books coloring and doodling

Everyone has doodled at some point in his or her life when bored in class, talking on the phone, or having nothing. Regardless, the result is a creative expression of what you are feeling at a certain point in time.

However, what if these doodles are actually able to help you understand aspects of your personality?

Research has shown that doodling can boost creativity in people. Some studies show that students who drew what they learned during lectures, or while tackling assigned readings, retained more information.


Doodling Can Heighten Your Psychic Ability


Aside from that, they actually enjoyed the class more and became more engaged with their study material. It is also interesting to know that doodling can also help boost one of your psychic abilities, and also help you better understand your inner self.

When it comes to psychic abilities, Mediums and Psychics have what is called clairvoyance.

This is the ability to be able to see “visions” that are “prophetic” because they reveal events in the future. Clairvoyant abilities can also be used to understand certain elements of a person’s life.

The best part about clairvoyance is that anyone can tap into this ability and one particular way of tapping into your clairvoyant ability is through doodling.


A Psychic Doodling Exercise


This exercise will not require any special materials on your end. You just have to prepare the way you normally prepare for a coloring “session.”

You can choose whatever colors you want to use, and the medium you want to doodle on, which will help you produce the most “authentic” visions.

Before this exercise itself, try to form a mantra that you will say before doodling. It can be any mantra that requests the guidance of the universe. psychic_doodling2

Doodling can help you tap one of the psychic abilities called clairvoyance.

An example might be: “The Universe will help me produce a work that will most accurately describe my personal health.”

It is important to make the mantra as specific as possible so that the Universe will clearly understand your intention. This also helps you focus on the situation you want to interpret.

The next step is to lay the materials in front of you and focus your energy on each of them.

Then, imagine a ray of light coming from inside of you that is very warm, circling around your body.

Next, imagine a bright light coming from the sky, towards your body, and see it slowly circling your body. You will slowly feel some sort of radiance surrounding you, as this light surrounds you mixes with the light from above.

You now need to mentally see the light circling the materials in front of you since they will be part of your clairvoyant “tools”, aiding you with your vision.

Then, focus on the goal you have in mind, and imagine a ray of light surrounding the paper you will be doodling on, and see the light slowly get brighter, and focus on your breathing.

The next step is to doodle your heart out. It doesn’t matter if the doodles are not of an “artist-level,” small, confusing, or if they are actual shapes.

What matters is they came from you, and you are satisfied with the outcome of your doodling.


Interpreting Your Psychic Vision


The next part of the exercise is to actually interpret the “visions” you have doodled.  At first, it may look like a big mess. However, the important part is to look at your doodles and interpret them.

Here are things you should consider:

Color options determine your current state

  • If your doodles are black and white, then you may find yourself satisfied with your current state in life. However, you may be trying to find some sort of excitement, despite feeling content.
  • If you colored the doodle the way the objects appear in the real world, then you may be a realistic person and very goal-oriented. This also means you have to explore more options in your life and allow yourself to explore different parts of your personality.
  • Choosing different colors means you may be a very creative person. However, this also means you may want to slow down, as your overactive imagination can tend to get you in trouble with authority.

Lines and shapes can determine the way you look at your surroundings

  • Jagged lines mean you have a rigid look on things. This doesn’t mean you are a kill-joy, but it means you look at things objectively and try to be logical, as much as possible.
  • Curved lines and round shapes may mean you have a more open look on things. This doesn’t mean you don’t follow the rules. However, it does mean you tend to be open to explore a lot of things.
  • Lines that do not form shapes may mean you are stuck somewhere in your life. This may also imply you like going with the flow, but there is a need for a long-term goal in your life. psychic_doodling3

The different elements of your doodles such as color options, lines and curves, and appearance of your objects can tell many things about you.


The appearance of objects may determine the way you look at priorities

  • Natural shapes such as trees, flowers, and animals, mean you are more focused on getting in tune with nature. It doesn’t necessarily mean you want to go exploring and adventuring, although it means you like to be exposed in nature. Regardless, the occurrence of natural shapes means your top priority is self-care, and being content with where you are.
  • Objects such as boxes, means you are focused on being stable when it comes to material and financial status. This doesn’t mean you objectify people or you are materialistic, however, you do recognize the value that money has when it comes to survival. This also means valuing things on an objective manner, that is, you are practical and logical when it comes to prioritizing goals.
  • Fictional beings and monsters may mean you are focused on getting out of your comfort zone. You may also have a desire to explore another career, or to try another hobby.

The position of objects may determine how you look at yourself right now

  • When all elements of your doodles fill up your medium, this means you are very knowledgeable in a lot of things. You want to know everything there is to know about certain topics because you safest when you are aware of everything happening around you.
  • When all elements of your doodles are focused on one corner, with a majority of space left on the paper, means you are very open-minded. You are aware that you know many things, but you are open to new ideas.
  • When there are very few elements on the medium, this means you are reluctant to share your true feelings with others.


Your Life Depends On Your Actions


It is important to understand it is up to you to decide how you want to act on these visions. Because these visions can help you understand the current situation you are in right now. And you can use the information from your interpretations to help you change aspects of your life.

Remember, these visions only reveal certain aspects of your personality, and you will find psychic consultation can give you even deeper insights into what your psychic doodle reveal and how they can help change your life for the better.


You can schedule a Psychic Doodling Consultation by clicking here and filling out the form on my Psychic Reading page to schedule a consultation, and then sending a photo of your Psychic Doodling to me, at the following email address:


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