How negative energy patterns affect your life (Part 1)

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There are many changes that lie ahead for all of us and the thing that most people are going to need to look out for are negative energy patterns.

Negative energy patterns will become the anchors that hold you back in your life from accomplishing the things that you desire!

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Negative Energy Patterns

Everyone has psychic energy patterns that keep them stuck, unfortunately, most people don’t know about these psychic energy patterns, so they continue to unnecessarily stay stuck throughout their lives! 

Any time you have a recurring problem in your life, you can be sure it is due to a negative psychic energy pattern that needs to be changed! 

Having awareness of these energy patterns is the first step to changing them! The second step is to identify these energy patterns by reflecting on your life and looking for recurring themes.

Negative energy patterns in your life never go away unless you do something to change them! There are powerful psychic techniques that can remove these negative energy patterns from your life forever!

Here are a few examples of common themes that represent negative psychic energy patterns in a person’s life:

– Do you keep attracting the wrong type of person in a relationship?

– Do you find it difficult to establish long-term friendships?

– Do your struggle with losing weight?

– Do you always seem to fall short of reaching your goals in life?

– Do people seem to take advantage of you?

It is important to really take some time and reflect on your life, looking for common themes that seem to keep repeating themselves.

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Once you have identified the recurring themes in your life, you can then use the technique in my next email to change them forever!

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