How Past Lives And Soulmates Are Interconnected

Hi there,

Past lives and soul mates are much interconnected. As a matter of fact, the person you end up loving deeply in this life, will be someone you loved very deeply in a past one!

Someone wrote me an email asking me if it was possible to have more than one soulmate? She told me she had two people in her life that she was madly in love with, and wasn't sure which one to choose.

A Story About Love

I suddenly realized it was due to a past life connection!

She realized it too.

Here's what she wrote me:

Dear Tana, 

I am married, and have been for several years. I love my husband dearly, but we have grown distant over the years! 

Then unexpectedly, I met someone at work by total surprise, and I was swept off my feet by him! I am not one to have affairs, so there has not been any intimate moments between me and Larry (not his real name), but I can't get him off my mind! 

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I actually feel like I am in love with him. He tells me if I wasn't married, he would grab me right up! 

We have long talks, and I really like being with him! I am confused and don't know what to think! I am not going to leave my husband, but I often wonder if Larry might be someone I loved deeply in a past life? 

Thanks for listening Tana

C.R. Houston, TX

Why C.R. Felt This Way

I wrote her back, and explained to her that it was definitely someone she had loved deeply in a past life. I told her that the reason she ran into Larry again in this life was because they never had the chance to complete their love in their lifetime together before!

I even explained Larry had saved her from dying, by taking an arrow that was aimed at her! He died from the arrow wound, and she lived!

She then told me that Larry often stood close beside her when they crossed the street together, to protect her from the freak chance of them being hit by an oncoming car!

I told her they were not meant to be together in this life, but to only be good friends! Once she realized their connection, and the reason she had met him again, she was able to relax and enjoy their friendship.

They have now become best friends, with no romantic tension between them!! Her husband has even met Larry, and he also says they have a strong bond not often found between friends of the opposite sex!

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Your Past Lives Can Affect You In This Life

Your past lives can and do affect all aspects of your life! Especially your love life!

By knowing more about your past lives, you will be able to make more sense of certain things in your life that seem out of place, or in areas where you struggle the most!

What you experienced in your past life, and the people you experienced those things with, have very strong influences in your current lifetime! Because you will end up meeting them again in this lifetime! Unfortunately, most people don't realize this, so they stay stuck and confused!

How To Resolve Past Life Issues

If you have areas of your life that don't seem to make sense, a past life reading will help you to connect the dots, and put the missing pieces of the puzzle in place!

I hope this was helpful for you!

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

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  1. William says:

    Tana Hoy,
    Your advice is amazing…

  2. Trying to be patient about my situation as you said. Hope that the reading i got from you is true. Still waiting no results yet

  3. Carla meeks says:

    That is so amazing to have connection like that. Im glad you were there for her tana

  4. Christina says:

    I just turned 40 years old on Sunday, and I’m still waiting to meet my love as well. Maybe this lifetime for me is supposed to be about soul lessons that can be learned without having a romantic love. I’m not certain how that works though.

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