How Safe Is Your Love Life From A Supernatural Attack? – Part 1 psychic attack

A supernatural attack on your love life is the same as a psychic attack. Some kinds of toxic cords can sometimes be used in psychic attacks.

Relationships can get into trouble when least expected. Some of my clients have told me how they were caught flatfooted when the sweet love they shared with their partners suddenly turned sour. When I told them how a supernatural attack could be behind their love problems, they were confused.

One client even protested, “But Tana! I found out he had another girl! He was cheating on me! It was just another girl! There’s nothing supernatural about that!”

Recognizing how troubled she was because of the pain of finding out about the betrayal, I carefully told her things are not always what they seem to be.

I added that as a part of the psychic counseling I give during a psychic reading, I’d help her find out what was the true cause behind the betrayal.

Was it simply a case of an unfaithful heart? Or was it unresolved karmic debt? Or maybe, someone or something had decided to launch a supernatural attack on my client’s love life?


How Does Unresolved Karmic Debt Arise? abusive relationships

If you keep having relationships with controlling partners repeatedly, your soul could be trying to resolve a karmic debt.

The reality of karmic debt has been discussed frequently in my blog. In my article titled Psychic Causes of Common Relationship Problems and How to Solve Them, an explanation about karmic debt was given, along with its impact on your relationship:

Karmic debt is what you acquire because of wrong thoughts, wrong actions, and wrong decisions that you have made in a past life.

Also known as negative Karma, Karmic debt is what keeps you getting attached to the “wrong kind of person.”  As explained earlier, your soul reincarnates when it has lessons to learn.

Unfulfilled or unlearned lessons in a past life accumulate, resulting in Karmic debt. One of the best indicators that you have Karmic debt to settle is when you keep on entering into a romantic relationship with a partner whose personality type has already hurt you before. In this case, you still haven’t learned your karmic lessons, and this is why it keeps coming back at you.

Karmic debt is one of the possible reasons for having a troubled love life.  It’s easy to determine if your romantic problems are due to karmic debt.

You simply need to see if the kind of partners you choose, or the relationships you enter into, have a repeating pattern.

For example, if you keep having a relationship with a controlling partner repeatedly, then your soul could be trying to learn a lesson. Your soul could be trying to resolve a karmic debt. The repeating pattern is the giveaway clue.

With a supernatural attack to your love life, however, it’s a completely different story.


Characteristics of a Supernatural Attack on Your Love Life origins of a psychic attack

Psychic attacks come from psychic vampires.

A supernatural attack on your love life is the same as a psychic attack.

It’s a psychic attack because the origin of the attack does not come from the natural world. The natural world is the material world every human being lives in. A psychic attack comes from psychic vampires.

Here are more details from my article titled Preventing A Psychic Attack – What You Need To Know

A psychic attack is negative energy sent by a person or group of persons with the conscious or unconscious intent to cause harm to you, or your loved ones. Psychic attacks are caused by psychic vampires.

 What Are Psychic Vampires?

 A psychic vampire is a person who sucks the energy out of other people in order to feel better. Psychic vampires come in all shapes and sizes. They can be men, women, young, or old, a CEO, a garbage man, a construction worker, a waitress, your next-door neighbor, or even a family member.

 Psychic vampires feel emotionally weak so they need to drain energy from others in order to feel strong.


Let’s study the last sentence:

 Psychic vampires feel emotionally weak so they need to drain energy from others in order to feel strong.

This is at the core of a relationship problem caused by a supernatural or psychic attack – emotional weakness.


Three Kinds of Emotional Weakness in a Psychic Vampire


From a psychic counseling perspective, these are the three most common examples of emotional weakness a supernatural or psychic attacker may have: insecurity

Psychic vampires have trouble dealing with their insecurity, and will do their best to get rid of it through psychic attacks.

1) Insecurity


An insecure psychic vampire is a person whose confidence level is at an all-time low.

This happens when something or someone the psychic vampire is interested in, does not reciprocate or respond to the interest.

This lack of response is crushing to the psychic vampire, and the reason why a supernatural attack will take place

So, if you happen to be in a relationship with someone whom a psychic vampire also wants to have a relationship with, trouble will arise.

A psychic attack could be launched against you or your partner by the psychic vampire.

Either one of you (depending on who is being attacked) could suddenly experience a strong negative feeling towards the partner for no obvious reason.

Take note of the word “suddenly” – that is one of the characteristics of a supernatural or psychic attack. It happens suddenly.

The goal of the psychic vampire is, of course, to make either you or your partner resentful of each other.

The expected result is a break-up between you and your partner, in order for the psychic vampire to get rid of their insecurity once you and your partner are no longer together. envy

Psychic vampires can become very jealous on envious of your happiness.

2) Jealousy or Envy


At first glance, it may seem as if jealousy or envy are the same as insecurity.

It’s not the case, though, when a supernatural or psychic attack causing love problems is concerned.

As mentioned earlier, when insecurity is involved, the goal of an attacking psychic vampire is to separate you and your partner from each other, because the psychic vampire wants your partner for their own.

On the other hand, when jealousy or envy is the emotional weakness owned by the psychic vampire, the vampire does not necessarily want you and your partner to separate.

The psychic vampire who is causing the supernatural attack on your love life is simply envious or jealous of the happiness you and your partner share.

The psychic vampire wants that happiness to stop. Their goal is not to separate you and your partner.

The psychic vampire simply wants you or your partner, preferably both of you, to be miserable instead of happy.

It is immaterial to the attacker whether you and your partner break up or not. The goal is to make you feel depressed or full of regrets. fear

Positive expressions of love, such as selflessness and trust, are things that psychic vampires fear.

3) Fear


A psychic vampire who fears something about you, your partner, or your relationship, may launch a supernatural attack against that fear, in the attempt to conquer it.

These are the most typical things a psychic vampire could fear:

  • Commitment
  • Trust
  • Selflessness
  • Patience
  • Mercy

When you or your partner exhibit such things towards each other, a psychic vampire is threatened. He or she becomes scared or full of fear.

The reason behind this is simple – the psychic vampire knows such things require a lot of effort.

The vampire is not capable of giving such things, and is therefore scared of them.

When it becomes obvious to the psychic vampire how you and your partner have a good relationship because of the presence of any or all of the things mentioned above in your relationship, an attack will commence.

All of a sudden, you or your partner may become bored with each other.The spark of romance keeping your love alive suddenly dies out.

Other things or persons become more interesting compared to your partner or your relationship. Before you know it, you are facing a failed romance. You have become the owner of a broken heart.

How can you prevent a supernatural attack towards your love life? How can you avoid love problems keep your relationship safe? Find out in the 2nd part of this article!


In the meantime, if you would like to find out whether or not your relationship is in danger of facing a supernatural attack, you can consult me about it by scheduling your psychic reading here.


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4 Responses

  1. Sam B says:

    Yay, karma!… My favourite flawed friend.

    I’ve already given my reasons why I don’t support its conceptual integrity a ridiculous amount of times. There is little more I could say on it without repeating myself for the tenth time, though I’d still like yo know the core detail explanation of the why’s and hows.

    On the subject of vampires and psychic attacks, most of what I was going to say would have been highly controversial or sensative. Not so much in a negative manner per-say, more so its more along the lines of dangerous knowledge.

    To explain what I mean. It is something that is known (not by many though) but not really explored because of its very nature and is often used as THE last resort. I believe its been used on psychic vampires but only really on extreme cases. What I’m referring to is sometimes called ST or SP. I’m only calling it as an acronym as even mentioning what it is could cause a backlash. There are probably other names or official names but I don’t know them (probably just as well). If you know exactly what I’m talking about, you know how serious of a nuclear option it is and you know why I’m hesitant to talk about about it in detail. I know Tana likely has knowledge of it through the ascended masters and such.

    I don’t really support the idea of its existence, even if it is a rare occurrence. Even the ascended masters shouldn’t have that kind of power. I know why they do and this is why its a last resort. It goes against the rule of rehabilitation.

    I’m just saying, even though they may be vampires, even for a short time, they’re still living people and more so living beings. Tana has basically stated that in the case of those with insecurity are that way because of some kind of rejection. I have said before, sometimes its the situation or experience that can make you what you are. I don’t know much about about psychic vampire origins but if they weren’t originally one they became one by being a victim of fate, regardless if fate actually exists or not, an event happened that caused insecurity or the creation of a vampire. Ultimately they cannot be blamed aside from how they reacted if someone is naturally prone to be insecure. The same goes with their fear. They are afraid of positive aspects, but if they knew why they were and why they feel that way towards it, they might at least learn something. Surely they can’t just be afraid of it, just because they’re a negative being. (reason for the reason).

    You could say they can be blamed for any future actions, but remember, their actions were down to the path they took. The path they took was down to an event not within their control. They can still choose how they did react (to some extent) or choose a better path in the future, though from what I’m apparently told, they’re just naturally evil. Originally, or event, or whatever. But as I said, that’s practically false. They could be born or made that way but either way it was, isn’t their individual fault.

    That doesn’t mean to support or condone their actions. Tana said before to avoid them like the plague, but I’m going to defy that and say,
    I’m going to at least attempt to help them because that’s better than leaving them because they are themselves suffering as blatantly stated by Tana of their insecurity. If I can’t help them, I can at least say I tried.

    I’m not suggesting to do this yourselves, but that’s what I’m going to do.

    I had one previous experience of a potential vampire. Don’t know if they actually were though, they had some of the signs, but for some time I’ve wanted to attempt some light work. It just gave me an opportunity to do something good. Some might say you can only attempt it if you know what you’re doing, otherwise its futile. To some extent I do but of course I’m no spiritual master. Call me stupid but I’d say that’s better than not trying or worse just leaving them in their negative state or worse run rampant.

    To best the enemy, you must first understand them.
    Or something like that.

  2. Sam B says:

    Also don’t forget. psychic vampires don’t like being how they are either.

  3. Candy says:

    They actually do seem to like it!
    I dated a guy that was so kind, at first.
    Wow… as soon as I cared, he flipped his switch the other direction. It was like dating a cactus. Put downs, name calling, seriously abusive verbally.
    I kept wanting to trust him! He would rarely come through. I had never been with anyone like that and wondered why the heck I kept giving him chances when he kept lying about EVERYTHING!
    I realized finally- it wasn’t about him at all.
    It was about ME.
    I needed to love me enough to realize…. what the heck are you doing!?! Why do you keep trusting him when he proves otherwise?
    A psychic vampire is clearly that – a psychic vampire.
    huge ego- no remorse it seems–never at fault-is never a liar although all they do is lie-
    no intimacy – no closeness – no common sense – no conscience it seems-
    unless I’m just speaking of one man in general who definitely was a psychic vampire because all he said was put downs mean things and an anything to knock you off your confidence. Nothing encouraging, nothing loving….
    I think psychic vampires are a lesson to realize
    I homeported is to love yourself first and foremost, always and forever no matter what.
    because who’s going to take care of you, besides you? No one…… And definitely not the psychic vampire. Lol
    This might be off subject but I just felt like typing it or talking it into my iPhone ha ha.
    Goodbye psychic vampires of any, and all kinds!
    They do enough damage in their own household and lifestyles why let them do it to yours?
    and I literally saw a black fuzzy Aura around this man that I was dating.
    So it was like this….
    ( ◼️◼️◼️◼️➕????)
    goodbye forever, let them entertain themselves with their own put downs. it’s like dating a cactus.
    I guess that was part of my learning experience in this lifetime… i’m glad it was only a short period of my life. Because that will never happen again-Ever.
    It’s pretty EASY.
    I know giant articles or books need to be written even though they are and that’s fine but here’s my tidbit of advice 🙂
    Think of it as ” leveling up” in a game of Zelda, Mario bros. or nowadays that would be PlayStation or Xbox right? Lol
    Ok, have an AWESOME DAY!!! ?????
    ? gotta Wear shades I’m so bright….
    No that’s not my ego, lol
    That’s because I leveled up LOL

  4. Candy says:

    If you date someone who is not nice to you, I don’t think it always means it’s a past life issue.
    what is this just personally has to do with you?

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