How Safe Is Your Love Life From A Supernatural Attack? – Part 2 couple_fighting

Some relationship troubles are caused by unresolved karmic debt and some by a supernatural or psychic attack.

In part 1 of this article, I discussed how some relationships can be at the mercy of a supernatural attack, which can cause numerous kinds of love problems.

Details were also given in the first part of this article about the main differences between relationship troubles caused by unresolved karmic debt and those caused by a supernatural or psychic attack.

In particular, explanations were given on the role of psychic vampires as the troublemakers behind some relationships.

Now, in this second part, you will read about how to prevent a supernatural attack, in order to avoid love problems and keep your relationship safe.


Never Take Anything for Granted taken for granted

A relationship that is taken for granted gives opportunities for psychic vampires to attack.

It is part of human nature to sometimes take things for granted, including love.

Knowing the other person is there for you every day tends to rub off the shine from the relationship. When that happens, you may begin to start taking your relationship, or your partner, for granted.

Unfortunately, whenever you take something for granted, you lose a part of it. The relationship may still be there in the material world, but the energy binding you to it becomes less. Weaker.

In such a situation, a psychic vampire may move in, after sensing the weakened state of your relationship. In such a weakened condition, it becomes easier for him or her to further drain the positive energy away.

If the psychic vampire’s emotional weakness is insecurity, and the goal is to drive a wedge between you and your partner to speed up your separation, any of these three things could happen:

  • You and your partner could suddenly find yourselves disliking the characteristics that attracted you to each other in the first place.

For example, if you used to find the way your partner keeps humming as he or she drives cute or appealing, you will suddenly find it annoying.

If your partner used to find funny how you’d always manage to burn the eggs you fry, he or she will suddenly use that as basis for picking on you or arguing.

  • You or your partner will suddenly start to care less and less about the way he or she appears to you. Personal hygiene and cleanliness will be neglected, to the point of being maddening. Excuses will be given (example: “I’m too busy to fuss about stains on my clothes!”) but they will sound hollow.
  • Important occasions such as birthdays or anniversaries will strangely be forgotten. And when asked about it, the offending party will again come up with so many excuses.

There are many ways to plunge a relationship into trouble brought about by taking the love between you and your partner for granted. Avoid doing so. Never give a psychic vampire an opportunity to drain the positivity from you, your partner, and your relationship.


Never Jump to Conclusions suspiciousness and jealousy

Happy relationships can become miserable because of psychic attacks that create plenty of suspicious thoughts and jealousy.

Misery loves company, as the old saying goes.

A psychic vampire who wishes to make you or your partner miserable is doing so because he or she is already miserable and cannot stand the happiness shared in your romantic relationship.

The jealousy or envy of the psychic vampire is what propels him or her to act in a damaging way.

Because making you or your partner experience misery is the only goal, the psychic vampire will see to it that you and your partner don’t break up.

All that’s needed from you or your partner is to continue in the relationship, but with much unhappiness instead of love.

This can be accomplished through any of the following ways, which are all connected to the act of jumping to conclusions:

  • You or your partner suddenly become suspicious of each other. If you were never bothered before by frequent overtime your partner has been doing, it will now be a source of huge irritation, anger, or resentment, because you think your partner is cheating on you and not actually working during those overtime hours.
  • You or your partner will suddenly begin to be extremely nosy in each other’s personal details. Whatever privacy you kept and respected for each other will vanish, to be replaced by insecure poking around here and there.
  • You or your partner will start to nag each other about little things you never thought worth mentioning before.
  • You or your partner will start complaining to your friends about how miserable you feel.

In the long run, a gap will form between you and your partner. Both of you still can’t break off the relationship, but at the same time, you also feel miserable staying in it.


Never Execute a Complete “About Face” sad couple

When a psychic vampire attacks you or your partner, commitment, trust, selflessness, patience, and mercy can be replaced by negativity. The relationship gets destroyed.

Soldiers who march look good doing so when they are in step with one another, even when they execute turns or face the way they came from.

Two people in a good romantic relationship also “march” in the same synchronized way. Their steps may not all be done simultaneously, but the degree of agreement between them is such that no disorder is seen.

The reverse happens when a psychic vampire with emotional weakness attacks you or your partner. Commitment, trust, selflessness, patience, and mercy, all contributing to the foundation of a solid, loving relationship, will be soon replaced by their negative counterparts.

Commitment will be replaced by apathy or a lack of interest. If you both used to enjoy doing things together, that will fly out the window. Instead, you’ll prefer to do things separately.

Trust will be replaced by suspicion and or dishonesty towards each other. You’ll no longer be sharing special secrets between you. Instead, you or your partner will start lying, cheating, and denying even when caught.

Selflessness will morph into self-centeredness or worse, complete selfishness. If before, you used to place the well-being of your partner before yourself, that will change into the exact opposite.

Patience will be replaced by an irritated need to rush. You or your partner won’t be easily appeased when either one of you is late, even when there is no need for you to pressure yourselves about time.

Mercy will be replaced either by a need to avenge yourself for any wrongs you believe have been done to you by your partner. You or your partner will close your hearts and harden them, making it difficult to give or receive forgiveness.

Psychic shielding could be your best protection against a supernatural attack on your relationship by a psychic vampire.

Psychic shielding could be your best protection against a supernatural attack on your relationship by a psychic vampire.

Do any of the situations described above resonate with you? If yes, you may have been targeted for a supernatural attack by a psychic vampire.

Remember, a sudden change in you, your partner, or your relationship is the clearest sign of a supernatural attack causing your love problems.

I can provide psychic shielding for your relationship, so that you won’t have to experience a sad ending. If you are interested to receive this psychic love shield, you can schedule your psychic reading here.


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4 Responses

  1. Sam B says:

    If you think psychic vampires are bad, meet the Archons. Never trust an Archon. In basic terms they are interdimensional beings, nothing like vampires but have similar agendas.
    Not every interpretation is accurate but they are all closely the same. In short, they are bad news. What is known is that they are possibly able to manifest in different but specific forms. One of these forms are apparently psychic parasites, possibly those leeches Tana described once. However they may or may not be one in the same. They can “apparently” manipulate it’s host in a negative way. This is probably a catalyst to the birth of psychic vampires.

    Or probably not but either way, vampires are more likely than not lost or confused souls, or if they are naturally born as negative beings, they are dangerous but are pests in comparison unless they are a functional, organised force. Their interests are more personal than the Archons.

    As a sidenote:
    I know this has relatively nothing to do with the topic of love life. Those of you who are more familiar with spiritual and inter dimensional lore or the more conspiracy-esque side of spirituality and such, you kinda know the significance of it. For those who like to research about things that I mention or Tana talks about or things you might find online you might find interesting to look more upon, if you haven’t already noticed, a lot of stuff like this tends to be more of a conspiracy-esque nature. Two main examples being In5D (Gregg Prescott and the like) and David Icke’s work.

    Personally, I don’t really pay attention to it. I’m not really a conspiracy person but I still find the lore interesting. I’ll take note of it but won’t take too much notice if it’s, for a lack of a better term, misrepresented.

    For example I mentioned the Archons because they may have some relevance to vampires as earlier stated, but that’s it. I am starting to come under the assumption, Tana avoids bringing up these kinds of topics – Not necessarily just the conspiracy-esque topics – because of their misrepresented or negative nature but only focuses on relevant factors in an unbiased manner, which I can totally agree with.

    I don’t know if Tana would agree with this but there may be one possible exception being the cosmic shockwave. However, this was as a predictory statement being a psychic, that’s his thing. It’s what he does. The reason I compared this is because many conspiricists tend to claim a lot of doomsday scenarios and such but they don’t do it the same way. If it was a situation where they predicted the shockwave, it would be in a more biased and misrepresented way. There is a better term but I think you likely know my meaning.

    I’m probably going to be falling back on myself for saying this but recently I found something I was like “Woah, this is big” at a conspiratorial topic and instantly got drawn to believing that concept as factual truth. Ironically, it was the Archons, from In5D no less. Then I got to thinking, “You know, whether that’s true or not, it may still have relevant implications on other already established topics, like the psychic vampires. There might actually be SOME relevance to this but not necessarily in the way they interpreted it.” Which is kinda why I mentioned them today, but as a topic of interest, not as “Hey, this is a thing” like every online spiritual forum seems to do. Also because I’m not some sort of certified spiritual teacher or theorist etc.

    Back to the main topic:
    Speaking of relevant implications, actually to the blog this time. On part 1 I was poking at how I disliked the concept of karma as a flawed mechanic. After I was beating myself up over it because I had a revelation that made me realise how much of a colossal mistake I made. Especially after repeating it several times. My original interpretation was severely flawed.

    I originally thought that karma was a policing mechanic for duality, which is how Tana represents it, or at least how it’s easy to interpret is as. “You do good hings, you get rewards, do bad deeds, you get punished.” I’m not gonna re-repeat why I thought that concept was flawed.

    With a bit of a nudge, I figured out it was not this case at all. I reference before a possibility it’s actually a teaching mechanism rather than the universe’s policing strategy.

    The problem I had was Tana and many others explain karma in the most rudimentary and straight forward way, which then lead me to the assumption it was a flawed mechanic of duality, which in a sense is both true and false. (If you’re still reading this, thank you for sticking with me.) What I failed to realise was, this is all part of a learning strategy related to the ego.

    When you’re born, you’re sent to learn life lessons to become closer to spirituality etc. That’s obvious. When karma is involved, it’s not saying “you did evil deeds in a past life so you are now going to repay that in this life” but is actually saying (If I can explain this properly) “In order for you to learn your life lessons and become closer to your spiritual self, you need to realise that ‘ the way of the ego – so to speak’ will only lead you down the wrong path.”

    In order to comprehensively explain this, if you do acts from the origin of your ego, that is what will be reflected. It’s basically nudging you saying “This action you had done is from your ego, not your spiritual self.” When you do something good, out of your spiritual self and not the ego, karma is essentially congratulating you, saying “You are starting to progress spiritually.”

    It is not a system, but a reflection, which most people already know but only see the obvious part.

    To understand this properly, your ego is “you” – your sense of self. The “me” part. Your mental manifestation of identity. According to those wh are enlightened, your ego is a falsehood. “There is no YOU.” Sam B doesn’t exist. Tana Hoy, doesn’t exist. Whoever you are, doesn’t exist. Of course you do exist but your identity doesn’t, partly because you end up switching identities each lifetime anyway. The main point is, there is no singularity.

    This is what karma has been trying to tell you this whole time. The closer you are to your spiritual nature, the closer you are to the light, the closer you are to the light, the more positive influence can occur.

  2. janice says:

    I have the psychic vampires and dont always know how to deal with .Im not sure-if they make the other person miserable one likes or drives a wedge definitely right through it ,either way its negative or hell as Sam describes i hope Arkons dont exist, psychic vampires are bad enough ,they are just as devious and dont want me being happy at all .tI puts a damper on my god faith my personality which i struggle enough from ,bad finances if ever or just living day to day with others and having black shadows around you flying through the air which is why I cant understand why organized religion in one sense doesn’t believe in mysticism ,transcendence or energy ,what has this to do with love faith ,hope ,eventually charity and thinking of someone other than yourself but getting to the point to learn to love yourself, why isn’t psychic self defense faith taught very early on in life , like before we enter this earth plane?

  3. Sam B says:

    I will say that information on the Archons* is sometimes a bit… exaggerated but they are still a credible negative occurrence, but you’re unlikely to see them much in the physical plane. As I said they’re psychic parasites so they can effect you psychically but not physically. Despite my knowing of them, I haven’t seen many reports of attacks from them. You see, they mainly prefer to stick around in non physical dimensions.. I think. Not too sure though but really there’s nothing to worry about.

    Secondly, because of apparent amnesia upon physical manifestation. I could never understand that. Just seems counter productive.

  4. Sam B says:

    If you want a description of the Archons, tis site explains it to some degre, but again, might be over exaggerated. Btw I haven’t gotten to read all of it myself so I don’t know what to expect if you decide to read what’s there:

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