How To Astral Project

How to astral project, or astral travel, is simply defined as the ability to leave one’s physical body behind and travel outside of it. When you learn how to astral project, you will realize that you have most likely already done this thousands of times while you’ve slept. It’s just that you probably don’t remember. Once your physical mind is asleep, your subconscious is free to project itself to many a faraway land, and set off on many, many adventures!

While your subconscious is astrally projecting, it can float through walls, interact with other entities, and teleport itself around the Universe! Everything that happens during an astral projection is being orchestrated by your thoughts. So, if you let yourself imagine sitting on your favourite park bench in Central Park, you’ll be there; or visualize yourself witnessing a beautiful sunset in Thailand, you’ll be able to feel the warming rays of the sun.

More About How To Astral Project And The Astral Plane

How To Astral Project

There are seven planes of existence. We reside on the material, or physical plane. Then there is the astral plane of being, which is a  gateway to access the other planes. It is a realm into which we pass after our physical bodies die, and it is from this realm that we move on to a higher sphere.

The inhabitants of the astral plane are, souls waiting to move on, angels, fairies, as well as beings and intelligences that have never incarnated on Earth. During an astral projection, you always travel through the astral plane.

This would explain why people who have successfully astral projected, have returned with stories of having met deceased relatives, flying with fairies, and even meeting Ascended Masters.

We as human beings are multi-dimensional, and their existis a part of ourselves in each of the seven different planes, but for our survival in the physical plane, our conscious mind ignores the existences of the others.

Astral Travel And History

For centuries, the ancient Egyptians and Greeks have been practising astral travel in an effort to experience something beyond the physical realm. In addition to that, almost all ancient cultures such as the Native Americans, Indians, Amazonians, Chinese, and Japanese, have shared similar beliefs the regarding astral body and the everlasting quality of the human soul.

Astral Projection

Astral Projection

What You Can Do When You Astrally Project

When you travel to the astral plane, you can do so many many things like:

  • Visit cities and countries you’ve always wanted to.
  • Go back in time and witness the age of the dinosaurs.
  • Take a trip to a different dimension.
  • Speak with loved ones who have departed the physical plane of existence.
  • Interact with, and gain knowledge, from the different beings that inhabit the astral plane.

A Technique For Astral Projection

Our consciousness is limitless, and designed for exploration, and human beings possess an astral body for exactly that reason. We are able to astral project ourselves to wonderful places beyond our wildest imagination, simply by projecting our awareness to a different place in time.

Here is a technique you can use in order to start your journey into the astral realms:


astral projection

  1. The key to being able to astrally project is to achieve a completely relaxed state of mind, and tune it into the correct astral frequencies. Clear your mind of any thoughts.
  2. When you are completely relaxed, your mind will be at the edge of sleep. Hold your mind right at that point, then go no further. To do this, lie down and focus on any object. Continue to stare at it until you can picture it in your mind’s eye, even when your eyes are shut.
  3. When you enter into this deeper state of relaxation, close your eyes and continue visualizing the object. Look around in the darkness with your eyes still shut. You will see tiny patterns of light dancing around. Ignore them until they seem to fade away into the darkness. When this happens it means you are no longer aware of your physical body. This may very well be the most important step. Vibrations can manifest as a mild tingling, or as electric shock running through the body. When you begin to feel these vibrations, it means that your astral body is trying to leave your physical one.
  4. Concentrate on the vibrations you are experiencing. Use everything in your willpower to try and control their frequencies. Mentally try surging them throughout your body by pushing them into your head, and then down to your toes, to produce a wave effect. When you have gained control over your vibrations, you are finally ready to leave your body.
  5. Focus on leaving your body, and try not to let your mind wander. Now try extending an astral limb until it comes in contact with something familiar such as the leg of a chair or a wall, then mentally push it through that object.
  6. Once you’ve done this, bring your limb back to the physical plane by decreasing your vibrations, and stopping the session. This will prepare you for a full body separation, but before you do that, lie down until you are awake, and fully alert.
  7. Repeat the first five steps, and then you can do either of two things. You can lift out of your body by imagining it getting lighter and lighter, and eventually floating upwards, or you can try something called the ‘roll-out’ technique, or the ‘Rotation method’.  Here, you try to roll over (not physically) like you were turning in bed. To do this, mentally twist your body from the top, and roll right out of your physical body, then imagine floating, and that’s exactly what should happen!

Now that you have learned how to astral project from your physicla body,  you are free to travel to anywhere you might like! When you learn how to astral project, it makes the world more accessible to anyone!


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  1. Caron Rausch says:

    Thank you Tana! This really worked!! I astrally projected to Egypt!!

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    Tana…as always…you are amazing sweetie! 🙂

  3. Kimberly Smith says:

    I love this article. Astral projection has always fascinated me!!

  4. Angie says:

    Wow Tana super amazing Im going to try this. Thank u so much for the information amazing article like alway

  5. Psychic Chris says:

    and all those times i time travelled or travelled to pattaya while still on my living room armchair i thought it was meditating – but no i was actually astrally projecting.

    BTW call me crazy but i did astrally travel to 2114 and ill give you a sneak-peak

    While in 2114 i met 2 teenagers – they wore a green gown with a belt across there shoulder they gave me some predictions – AIDS Will be cured by then, sadly cancer will still be a killer.

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