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I am going to teach you about a deep, esoteric truth that 99% of the people in the world have no idea or concept about. But if you read this information, you can use it to heal yourself on a deep emotional level, and feel freer and happier than you’ve ever felt in your entire lifetime!

Have you ever wondered what causes emotional pain? What I mean is, have you ever wondered what exactly, for example”, causes you to “feel” the actual pain inside when you have a broken heart?

The feeling of pain all has to do with psychic energy, and how it is sent or transferred between two people when they have a strong emotional bond or connection between them. Let me explain what I mean…

As you may already know, your aura is an oval-shaped energy field which surrounds your entire body, and your aura is an actual energy projection of your soul. So your soul energetically surrounds your entire physical body, and this is what is called your aura.

There is also something called energy cords. Energy cords are literally cords of energy, which look like spears with little barbs on the end of them.

When two people feel a strong emotional connection between them, these energy cords are automatically created. Once created, they shoot outwards like an energy spear, from the one person’s aura, into the aura of the other person. These cords emotionally connect and bond the two people together. 

How Energy Cords Are Formed

Whenever you feel any of the following emotions towards another person, energy cords are shot out from your aura, into theirs:

– A strong emotional attraction

Such as someone you’ve dated, been involved with or married to, someone you are attracted to, someone you’ve had a crush on, someone you feel a sisterly or brotherly connection with, a family member or relative you like or care deeply about, a close friend and the list goes on.

– A strong physical attraction

Such as a person you find irresistibly attractive, someone you think is really cute or sexy, someone you’ve had a sexual encounter with, someone you’ve strongly physically admired, but never told anyone, and the list goes on here too.

If only one person feels this way, then energy spears are only shot out from the aura of the person who feels that way, into the other person’s aura. And if both people feel the same way towards each other, no matter how fleeting or long-lasting the feeling is, these energy spears are shot out from both people’s auras into the auras of each other.

If you could physically see energy spears (cords) connected between two people in love, they look like hundreds of cords of kite strings connecting both of them together.

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Something Very Important To Know

Something important to know is an energy spear is shot outwards the minute a strong emotion is felt. So even if you only someone meet for a few minutes or hours, and you felt a strong positive feeling towards the person, energy cords have been shot out from your aura, into theirs. And if the other person felt the same thing towards you, they also shot energy spears into your aura too! Energy cords shot into each other’s aura never go away or vanish on their own. They will stay lodged into your aura for lifetime after lifetime.

As a matter of fact, you carry your energy cords with you from lifetime after lifetime. What this means is you still have energy cords connected to you that are not even related to this lifetime, and you also have all the energy cords you’ve accumulated from this lifetime, from all the people you’ve met, loved, had crushes on, or really liked!

I’ve read for clients who’ve literally had thousands of these energy cords lodged in their aura!

Energy Cords Transmit Emotions

Energy cords are hollow, like a straw, and when you have an energy cord connected to you and another person, emotional energy is being transmitted between the two of you, through these hollow, straw-like cords.

Have you ever felt like you could “feel a person” you liked, cared about, or felt close to? Well, you could! Because energy cords send and transmit emotional energy, and when the cord of another person is connected to your aura, you can “feel” the other person!

What Causes Deep Emotional Hurt Inside

So emotional hurt happens because when an emotional relationship ends, and since both of you are still connected by these energy cords, they are still transmitting emotional energy through them. So if a person you liked, loved, or felt close to, still cares about you or loves you, but the two of you aren’t together for whatever reason, you will still be able to “feel” their love via these cords.

So the reason it hurts inside is because you can literally “feel” their love in your soul! But you can’t be with them!

And if the other person no longer cares about you, but you still care about them, you are still sending out your feelings to them via these hollow cords. And because they are not sending the same love energy back to you – your soul can feel it, and it hurts!

So as you can see, when an emotional relationship ends, energy cords are what causes a person to feel the hurt inside.

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The Biggest Problem With Energy Cords

There are three major problems with energy cords.

1. Since energy cords never disappear never go away, and since they are accumulated over several lifetimes, they can cause a person to feel sad, depressed, down, weighed down, unhappy, stuck in a rut, and basically, have what I call a “muted out personality”. This means that because a person is weighed down in negative, gloomy emotions most of the time, their true personality gets “muted out” by their sadness, never able to fully express their true happiness and joy, because they rarely feel this way inside.

Sad, down, gloomy, depressed, or negative types of personalities, are people who are carrying many energy cords they have accumulated over several past lifetimes, They are literally emotionally and spiritually weighed down by all of their cords, and the weight of these cords causes them to feel “muted out” from life.

And the sad thing is, most of these people have no idea energy cords are the cause of why they feel the way they do!

2.. Since energy cords never vanish or go away join their own, even if a relationship ended a long time ago, and both people have moved on, energy cords can cause one or both of them to still feel hurt over the relationship, still miss the other person, and cause them to still wonder to themselves “I wonder if so and so still thinks about me”, or “What if things had been different?”. They will feel this way until the day they die.

If you’ve ever met anyone who never got over a person they loved a long time ago, it’s because their energy cords continue to transmit energy through them, and this is regardless if the two people are still together or not.

Remember, energy cords do not vanish or go away on their own. They stay lodged into your aura.

So you may be asking yourself, can energy cords be removed from my aura?

Good Cords and Bad Cords

Energy cords are created when a person feels a strong positive emotion. So just as an example, if a person has energy cords attached to them from someone they currently love, these are considered good energy cords. So you don’t want to do anything to those cords.

But since this same person also has energy cords attached to them, which are leftovers from past life relationships, these are bad energy cords, and they want to get those cords removed.

The reason why is because there will be many of those past life relationships that weren’t good ones for that person, and having those cords still attached to them will affect them, or their current relationship, in some way – regardless of whether they realize it or not!

A person cannot have past life energy cords attached to them and not be affected by those cords! And since we have all lived before, EVERYONE has past life energy cords attached to them!

Insecurities you feel about love, worries you have about love, the self-image you hold of yourself, your ability to trust others, and even to the degree of your ability to enjoy sex, no matter how much or how little, are all related to the energy cords attached to you!

The Truth About Bad Energy Cords

The good energy cords should not be removed, because they are helping you in a positive way. Only the bad cords need to be removed.

In my experience, an average person has between 800 and 1500 energy cords attached to them, and about 60% of those energy cords are bad cords and need to be removed.

When bad energy cords are removed, people report experiencing several things. For example:

– Single people report meeting more people to date or get to know, without having to put much effort to do so. Meeting people at the grocery store, gas station, coffee shop, on the bus, or walking to their car after work, are common situations single people often report.

– Married people, people in a committed relationship, or people who are dating, report becoming closer (even if they are already close), getting proposed to, their relationships moving to a deeper level, and greater feelings of closeness, warmth, and love between them and the person they love or care about.

– People with sadness, depression, or other muted-out personality types report feeling less depressed, less sadness, and happier and freer inside than they’ve felt for a long time – sometimes even years! They say it feels like something has been lifted off of them.

– People with financial problems report an increase in their finances, lottery luck, money flow, and even out-of-nowhere sums of money dropping into their laps, almost as if like magic!

– Career oriented people report advancements, raises, promotions, and even better working relationships with their coworkers! Work often goes from a place they’d rather not be, to a place they look forward to going to!

– People report having increased good luck in life, and “right place at the right time” opportunities becoming almost a regular occurrence!

– Plus a whole lot more!

So as you can see, energy cords affect every living person on earth – because every living person has them!

Once you have all the bad cords removed, you can expect to experience many of the same things people reported above, and also a whole lot more!

The Importance Of Energy Cord Removal

As you can see, energy cord removal is as important as brushing your teeth. Removing the bad energy cords that weigh you down, opens doorways to many new experiences in life, and enhances the already good experiences!

The technique I use for removing bad energy cords was taught to me by Saint Germain, from the time I was 12 until I was 14 years old. I just realized he instructed on this for over 2 years! My how time flies, because it seems like only yesterday!

I have successfully used this technique on many clients, and all of them have reported nothing less than remarkable results. I wouldn’t expect less than that anyway since it was taught to me by and a highly Ascended Master.

This technique has its roots in ancient Egypt, where it was passed down thru the centuries to certain initiates of a certain mystery school. The name of this technique is called Amen Ammit Ankh.

The Amen Ammit Ankh technique

The Amen Ammit Ankh technique is a technique where only the bad cords are removed, while the good cords remain intact. It’s very easy to know which cords to remove, because, during this technique, all good energy cords light up with a metallic bluish-violet light, while the bad energy cords are a dark gray color.

Once your energy cords have been removed, you are instantly released or disconnected from any cords still connected to you from past lives, and also any bad cords accumulated in this life too. This technique is similar to what I do during a Karmic Minimization and Reparation session, but it is not the same thing at all.

A Karmic Minimization and Reparation session works with karma cords created by past life karma, and the Amen Ammit Ankh technique removes cords created from day-to-day interaction with others. Two completely separate things!!

This technique is highly specialized, and will do best when the planetary alignments are just right! The perfect timing for having the Amen Ammit Ankh technique performed is between September 12th and October 21st, 2019.

How to Have Your Bad Energy Cords Removed

You can reserve a space for the Amen Ammit Ankh technique by clicking here and filling out the form on my Psychic Reading page, and someone will contact you to reserve your space.

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So click here now, and fill out the form on my Psychic Reading page, and someone will contact you right away to reserve your space.

I hope you are one of the lucky 75 people who get the chance of a lifetime to experience the powerful release people have once their bad energy cords have been removed.

Thanks for reading my email today.

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

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P.S. In my last email I wrote about karma, and how it can affect your love life! You want to make sure to read that email, because it explains a lot about why people have problems finding their soulmate, and why certain problems arise in relationships between couples! You can read it by clicking here!

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