How To Be Happy – by Tana Hoy

One of the things I’ve learned as a psychic medium is that, people are constantly searching for the secret on how to be happy.

how to be happy

Being Happy

You may not have realized it, but as you go about your daily routine, you may be, for the most part, in two different places at the same time. Your body can be in one place, but your mind may be somewhere else altogether.

For example, you may be walking in the park, but instead of seeing the clear sky, you’re looking at the attic that you plan on cleaning. Or you may be hearing your kids laughing in front of you, but in your mind, you’re actually listening to your boss. In short, you’re physically present but not truly there, and to achieve happiness and spiritual wellness, you need to synchronize your mind and your body.

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The Set-Backs Of Not Being Present

It’s absolutely fine, of course, to let your mind wander off sometimes, but neglecting to be in the present can have some adverse effects. This includes:

• Missing the experiences that you’re supposed to be having now.

• Not being able to appreciate your loved ones, or enjoy what you have.

• Not being able to sense the messages that the universe is sending you.

• Neglecting to actually live your life.

The Importance Of Learning To Live In The “Now”

Learning to be present at every moment has many benefits:

• You’ll be more aware of your thoughts, feelings, and intentions. Your moment-by-moment awareness keeps you from setting bad karma in motion.

• You can have better relationships because you’ll be able to send and receive positive energies consciously, and be more guarded when it comes to negative energies being sent your way.

• You’ll free yourself of unnecessary burdens, such as bad memories or unnecessary concerns. This lets you make better decisions, because your mind won’t be muddled by regrets or fear.

• You’ll be more sensitive to psychic energy vibrations. With an increased psychic sensitivity, you can receive clearer directions from your spirit guides, and also become more in tune with your intuition.

• You’ll be able to fully appreciate the world, and live your life to the fullest.

What It Means To Live In The Present

Living in the present means letting go of the past.This is not the same as blocking out your memories, or completely turning your back on your history. What it means is detaching yourself from all that has already happened to you. Detachment allows you to look at your past without being affected by it.

Living in the present also means letting go of the future. It doesn’t mean not caring, or living your life in a haphazard way. On the contrary, it is caring about your future, but instead of worrying about what’s going to happen, you build your future today. You live your life now, armed with the knowledge that what you do in the present determines what your future will be.

An Exercise On How To Increase Awareness

To live in the “now,” you must place your mind where your body is. Becoming more aware of everything that you’re doing, thinking, and feeling.

Retraining your mind not to wander off uncontrollably and unnecessarily will take time and patience. But as you regularly practice the following, simple exercises, you will reap their many rewards.

Exercise Number 1:

• Sit in a place with natural sounds, away from noise.
• Close your eyes and listen to the sounds around you – what you hear are in the present, just as you are.
• If you catch your mind drifting away, just gently pull yourself back and resume listening.
• After a few minutes, bring yourself out of meditation.

As you get used to this exercise, you will become more and more anchored to the present moment.

Exercise Number 2:

Pay attention to everything that you’re doing. For instance, when you drink coffee, savor the experience – feel the liquid on your lips, in your mouth, down your throat.

The mind has a way of wandering off, so you may need to constantly pull yourself back to the present, and remind yourself to be aware of what you’re doing.

Living in the “now” is one the great secrets on how to be happy…

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