How To Contact A Spirit Guide – by Tana Hoy

When you learn how to contact a spirit guide. you can work with them on a daily basis! Knowing how to contact a spirit guide will allow you to be abe to receive answers to any questions you might have about your life. Learning how to do this will also help you to be able to receive messages from loved oneson the other side.

Spirit Guide

Materialized Spirit Guide

How A Spirit Guide Can Help You

A spirit guide is a spirutal being who once lived a physical life just like you, but now lives in the spiritual realms.
A spirit guide can guide you through life, and help you make the right decisions. They can respond to any questions you may have, or give you advice when you need it. They will also comfort you when you need it.

Calling on your spirit guides can provide the answers that will lead you on the path to a more fulfilled life. So I am going to teach you a technique you can use to communicate with your Spirit Guides so that you can start experiencing the joys and benefits that come from this special spritual relationship!

How To Prepare To Connect With Your Spirit Guides

Before you get started, here are a few things you need to know:

• Believe in what you are about to do.
• Understand that your spirit guides exist to guide you on your path, and know that you do have the ability to communicate with them.
• Affirm that you will have a positive experience with your guides.
• Request Spirit Guides who will support you in your highest good, and give you information that is for your benefit..
• Protect yourself by placing white light around you to keep you safe.

5 Techniques You Can Use To Contact Your Spirit Guides

There are many different ways you can communicate with a Spirit Guide, so you just need to work with the one that works best for use to contact a Spirit Guide:

1. Meditation
Through contemplation and reflection, you can awaken your spiritual consciousness, which will allow you to connect with a Spirit Guide. A calm, relaxed, and peaceful state of mind, becomes a magnet for paranormal and spiritual activity. A meditative state creates an environment for your Spirit Guides to communicate with you.

2. Astral Projection
With Astral Projection, you can leave your physical body behind, while your astral body travels to different planes of existence, where you can interact with the spiritual beings that inhabit them. The Astral plane is the doorway to these astral planes that allows you to make contact with spiritual beings.

3. Séances
Seances are a great place to make contact with the higher realms. Spirit Guides communicate through mediums during a séance, as the medium becomes a messenger, or vessel, to make contact with these higher realms.

4. Automatic Writing
This is a skill where you allow a spirit to communicate with you by allowing it to use your hand to write down messages. Automatic writing requires you to be focussed and calm, but is easy to master in a short period of time.

5. Ouija Boards
A Ouija board is a flat surface with letters written on it, and your Spirit Guides can spell out messages to you using something called a planchette. You can use a Ouija Board when you are attempting spirit contact, and the effectiveness of contact increases when more people are using it.

6. Lucid Dreaming
Your Sprit Guides may visit you in your dreams, because this is one of the easiest ways for them to make contact with you. Relax your mind completely before going to bed, then affrim that you want to be receptive to the messages of your guides when you sleep. Keep a dream journal by your bed so that when you wake up, you can write down your messages and decipher them later.

Signs When You Are In The Presence Of A Spirit Guide

Some common signs for that will let you know your Spirit Guides are around you

• Flickering of lights around the place you are trying to communicate.
• You get cold chills.
• You get an unexpected whiff of a smell fragrance like perfume or cigar smoke.
• You hear muted, muffled voices, or unexplainable sounds.
• You may see an apparition for a brief moment.

Communicating with spiritual beings from another realm should not be viewed with frivolity. Never attempt this just because you want to have some fun, or you want to scare your friends. Establish contact only if you have a very specific purpose to do so. The best way to contact a Spirit Guide is by cleansing your mind, and awakening your spiritual awareness. By learning how to contact a Spirit Guide, it will open up a whole new world of possibilities for you.

8 Responses

  1. P. Kim says:

    I believe, almost certain that I’ve been coming in contact with various spirits. It comes and goes and I have these moments when I feel like someone has spoken to me spritually. I feel like they are guiding me or preparing me for something. Alot of times, I feel a male figure at home, but he’s not there to hurt me. I believe it’s my grandfather checking on me, even though he died when I was a toddler. How do I know if this is real or it’s just my mind playing tricks on me? Please Help!!!

  2. Mary Lynes says:

    I’m trying to reach my fiancée who died 4 months ago or my spirit guide but having trouble.

  3. M.E. says:

    P. Kim: You probably are being contacted by spiritual beings. If this sudden attention makes you nervous or anxious, ask them to please leave. Visitations by spirits should be an uplifting experience. If indeed it is your grandfather, or someone you know, talk to them. If you don’t feel right about these visits, say a prayer to God and light a candle for all those who have gone before. Shift your attention to positive energy. Surround yourself with the light of love and protection. Know you are loved.

  4. Kelly says:

    I’ve dreamed once about my grandma Brenda and felt like it was real but then woke up crying I miss her dearly . When it rains I think of her as she liked the rain . And once I smelt her purmue. Many thanks Kelly p/s as my nan contacted me the spirit

  5. When I was with my exfiance almost 3 years ago, I felt deja vu more than I ever had in my entire life in those last few months we were together before it ended. It ended horribly and it resulted in me leaving with barely any of my belongings, no money and no place to go as a single mother of a little girl (no, he isn’t the father, thank God lol). Was it my spirit guide flooding me with deja vu moments to warn me about something bad coming ahead? Because the way I took it, was that I was on the right path and to remain comfortable and at ease and to push aside those “random” fears brought on by his behavior. If it was my spirit guide, how was I to know it was a warning and not positive proof I was where I needed to be? Thank you!

  6. Emma says:

    So, I recently read in another website and I came across a ringing in on one ear as I was reading that immediately started happening. Then I was in the shower I saw these outlines of someone. It kinda looked like my grandpa who died before I was born. Then I had this weird urge to cry. I don’t know what happened at all. Now I am seeing flashes of blue in the corner of my eye.

  7. Louise Limpus says:

    Hi, I went to a United Spiritualism service yesterday, a channeler told me that Crazy Horse is my guide and had some family members come through aswell. Crazy Horse said I am a worrier with a loving heart that I should dance around a fire. Last night after meditation and while attempting to fall asleep I pictured myself dancing around a fire then ask for guidance from Crazy Horse I heard this wooing sound like helicopter blades and dark blue light but I froze and got scared. Do you think I was travelling to see my guide? As this has happened a few times and I hear my name get called I freeze and can’t move.


  8. Steffi Glass says:

    My soul mate passed over 10 Feb 2017. He sent me a red tailed cockatoo feather. Sparkly gems. And bout year after he left I saw his car commingvtowards me, his arm on drivers window and gave me a wave exactly how he did .

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