Automatic Writing And How To Easily Do It

Automatic Writing is the process where you write down information that does not come from your own consciousness or thoughts. Automatic writing is a supernatural phenomenon that happens when a spirit, or group of spirit, use your hand to “write” their message. automatic writing

Automatic writing is writing something which does not come from the conscious thoughts of the writer.

A spirit is from the Spirit World, and is the home of spiritual beings – guardian angels, spirit guides, and our departed loved ones.

Communicating from Beings from the Spirit World is a an interesting process, and one  way of receiving information from a spirit that wishes to convey information to you is through automatic writing.  What happens during an automatic writing is that your hands are fully controlled by the spirit who wants to communicate with you. You allow this spirit to use your hand to do the writing.

This is the literal process of “automatic writing”, as you “automatically” write down the information that the spirit wants to give to you, or to the other people.

The other way as to how automatic writing comes to being is by clairaudience, or the psychic ability to hear voices from spiritual beings. When a spirit wants to convey information to you, they can do it by simply whispering their own voices to you.

You may not see these invisible beings, but you can hear them clearly. You then write down what you understand from the voices that you hear. This way of automatic writing is just like dictation – you write down what you hear.

Although the only downside of dictation is that sometimes, you may not hear the voices clearly. The clarity of hearing the voice depends on the level of clairaudient ability that one possesses.

Automatic Writing Opens You To A New World automatic writing-2

Automatic writing is a form of channeling which allows Spirit to flow through you and guide you in writing the words that you put on paper.

Automatic writing opens you to the reality of the world and of the universe – for automatic writing enables you to interact with a different world, the Spirit World.

And with clairaudient ability, automatic writing enables you to hear audible sounds that originates from a world different from our own – the Spirit World.

Automatic writing also gives you the wisdom and capability to learn things that other mortal men cannot.

An example of this is when you want to know if someone is your true friend and if they are not betraying you in one way or another. You will know if they are worthy of your trust, with the help of automatic writing, as you gain this information from the Spirit Guide who is working with you during your automatic writing, because when a spirit communicates with you, you have the privilege of knowing what they know, with the help of the spirit’s supernatural capabilities.

How To Do Automatic Writing


If you want to try automatic writing yourself, you can follow these steps to get you going:

  1. Call On To Connect With The Spiritual Being That You Want To Intervene

The first thing you need to do is to acknowledge the spiritual being that you want to assist you in your automatic writing. First, write down “My Spirit Guide…”, “My Higher Self…”, or “My Angels…” on the first line.

This will call out to the spiritual beings to assist you in your writing. Doing some deep breathing, or visualizing a meeting with your Spirit Guides is also an effective way to start your automatic writing, as this connects you closer to them in thought and mind.

  1. Start Writing Freely automatic writing-3

    Automatic writing is one of the easiest types of psychic communication abilities to develop.

Proceed writing down your questions, and then set your mind free. Place your hand right on the portion of paper and then start writing what comes to mind. In the long run, you’ll end up feeling like that your hands are writing on their own without you thinking what to write! This is what you call automatic writing!

  1. Set Your Inhibitions Free

Sometimes when you write, you will feel inhibited. It’s as if you doubt your own writings. When you are doing automatic writing, set your inhibitions free and be carefree! Just naturally write whatever information flows through you, because they are the word that comes from your Spiritual Helpers you have called on.

Don’t focus on if the writings contain the perfect words, nor double check your grammar. Grammar is not important right now, because what is important in automatic writing is the information that these spiritual beings want to convey to you. You can just go back and correct your grammar. 

  1. Interpret Your Writings

Interpreting your writings is the most important part because this is where the actual conveying of information happens. You should have a free mind when you read the information that came through from the automatic writing. Do not be biased about the written information, and always see to it that you consider different angles and meanings, and arrive at the meaning that is most plausible.

Final Thoughts On Automatic Writing


Automatic writing is a psychic technique that we can experience if ever we want to open ourselves to a deeper level of knowledge – tapping into the wisdom of a Being that is of another world, another dimension.

It is through automatic writing that we are able to grasp a clearer picture of the world, as it gives us the wisdom to learn things that we could not otherwise learn if we were to rely on our own mortal intellect and capabilities.

Automatic writing guides us to our life purpose, and we can use it as a means to communicate with other spiritual beings such as Spirit Guides, Guardian Angels, and even our departed loved ones.

Automatic writing is truly a wondrous psychic tool that not only opens us to the truth, but also makes us more whole as a human being showered with spiritual bliss and wonder.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article, and I would love to hear your comments below!

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