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I have always been fascinated with enchanted creatures and have always wanted to learn how to find fairies. If you can read the signs well, you too can understand how to find fairies, just like I did! These Mystical Little Creatures Are Everywhere. You Just Need To Know Where To Look!


5 Signs That Fairies Are Around

Fairies are shy little creatures, often hiding and watching us from afar. There are some tell-tale signs that point to the presence of a fairy. You will know a fairy is

Fairy In The Woods

Fairy In The Woods

watching you when:

  • You hear a sudden but unexplained whispering of leaves.
  • You see a blade of grass bend with no probable cause.
  • You witness a dust storm or a small whirlwind.
  • You get goosebumps or chills run down your spine.
  • You experience an unexplained loss of time.


When and Where to Find Fairies

The best time to seek out fairies is what is called ‘Tween Times and Places’. What this means is that fairies like to roam in times and places that are indistinct, neither one, nor the other. Dawn and dusk for example. They are neither day nor night and are in-between.

Much in the same way, you’ll probably find fairies around creed beds or sea shores. They are neither land not water, but are in-between.


How To Meet A Fairy

Fairy With A Bird

Fairy With A Bird

There are many things you can do to become more receptive to meeting a fairy. You could try:

  • Meditating beneath the shade of a beautiful old tree, willow or oak.
  • Do something creative like write, draw, or paint. So what if you’re not brilliant at it? All that matters is that you enjoy what you’re doing.
  • Grow a garden and nurture it. Visit it every day and talk to your plants. Fairies love to play in flowering gardens.
  • Spend time taking a walk through a forest, by a brook. Sit by its banks while the water is perfectly still and tinkle a set of wind chimes very slowly over the surface of the water. If you see bubbles and ripples in the water, you’re in the presence of a fairy!


How to Attract Fairies

Attracting these delightful mystical beings is easier than you think. Here are a couple of things that have worked for me:

  • Try and make a fairy garden in your home. Even if you live in an apartment and don’t have too much of space, a window-sill garden will do just as well. You can grow edible herbs like rosemary or peppermint, fragrant plants like rose or lavender and pretty, colorful flowers of all kinds. A birdbath or a small fountain is definitely an added bonus. Fairies find these things irresistible!
  • Play a musical instrument like the flute or strum an acoustic guitar. Fairies are known to be attracted to soft, musical sounds.
  • Leave out sweet treats from time to time. Santa isn’t the only one who loves milk and cookies! Fairies find the smell of freshly baked goods intoxicating and love a crumb or two of the chocolate cake, or the honey banana muffin that just came out of your oven.
  • Decorate your surroundings with lots of little glittery things. Fairies love things that sparkle. Try hanging a silver or gold wind chime in your garden. Or stud the pots of your plants with costume gemstones.
    Fairy Relaxing

    Fairy Relaxing

  • And lastly it is very important to keep an open mind. A fairy will manifest itself only to those who are pure of spirit and who believe in their existence. Always remember that we can starve as much from lack of wonder as lack of nutrition. Allowing your mind to be free will let you witness the magic and wonder the world has to offer.

A Fairy Poem

I’d like to conclude with a wonderful poem I once read. It goes like this:

Few folk have seen a Fairy,

But I found this one for you.

If you believe with all your might

She’ll make your dreams come true.

So now that you know how to find fairies, start by going on that walk now, and see them you will, in all their glory, dressed in their gossamer gowns, shrouded by cobwebbed silk with wings the color of cotton candy! Knowing how to find fairies opens up your moind to the invisilbe wonders of the world!

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