How To Find Your Soulmate With The Help Of Fairies

Fairies know more about the spiritual side of our world than we do, and we can ask them for help infulfilling our romantic destiny. Afterall, fairies have been known to help humans in a variety of ways.

How to find your soulmate

How Faires Can Help You Find Love

They have helped people heal body ailments, find better career prospects, find lost objects, and even get rid of unwanted animals in their home. And yes, summoning fairies can also help you with how to find your soulmate.

Common Descriptions Of Fairies

Fairies are known throughout the world by various names, but the descriptions from those who have seen them have several similarities:

• They are smaller than humans.
• They glitter or attract light beautifully.
• They live in the forests or near plant and animal life.
• They only show themselves when they want to be seen.
• And they will help you if they think you are deserving of their help.

What You Need To Know Before Asking For Help From Fairies

First and foremost, you must believe in fairies. Fairies are shy and are weary of humans. If you don’t believe in them, then they won’t believe you really need their help.You must be a deserving soul.

If you are not deserving, your plea for help from them might backfire, and they will play tricks on you instead. Unlike angels, they are egotistical creatures who will turn their back on you if they so wish.

Since fairies are protectors of the natural world, the best way to become deserving of their help is by being an environmentalist. Find as many ways as you can to better Mother Earth and you will be in a more ideal position to ask for help from these lovely beings.

How To Make A Connection With Fairies

Just talk out loud to them and they will hear you. You can ask them to hang out with you in your room, or invite them to spend time with you in your garden.

If you see anything glittering and flying about that is larger than any bug that you know of, you might just have a fairy in your midst. This means you are ready to try the following spell…

A Fairy Summoning Spell To Find Your Soulmate

After your initial interaction with fairies, it is time to ask them for help by doing the following:

1. In a quiet room, gather a pen, a small piece of paper, and a locket (if you have one). Write boldly on the paper the word: LOVE.
2. Then with your eyes closed and your heart open, visualize the word LOVE in your mind, and think about all the beautiful emotions it entails. Then say the following prayer:
“Fairies, my heart is pure and true. I humbly ask for assistance from you. Somewhere out there is the soulmate of my life. Please bring him/her closer to my side.”
3. Repeat this invocation however many times your heart desires.
4. Then take the piece of paper, and fold it up as small as possible in order to fit it inside your locket (or your wallet).
5. Lastly, take the little note with you wherever you go to strengthen your wish.

If you have belief and an open heart, the fairies might just see you worthy of giving you a little magical push towards true love.

An example of what can happen after the performing this spell is: One day you might be in a park and a new person will introduce themselves to you out of nowhere. You might be delighted by this, because the person is attractive and has a pleasing personality.

Then you might notice a glistening set of wings resting on their shoulder. A fairy might just be whispering in their ear wonderful things about you! And who knows, this new person in your life might just be your soulmate!

Make Sure To Continue To Communicate With Fairies

Continuing a friendship them is a great way to keep positivity in your life and possibly attract more help from fairies.

They also love any kind of thoughtful gifts, such as shiny small ornaments. You can leave for them in your garden for them Fairies also love it when you are grateful. When you have accomplished finding your soulmate, don’t forget to say to the fairies, “Thank You!”

The more you befriend fairies, the more they will be keen to help you. The more they like you, the more they will surround you, and fill your world with joy and love. How to find your soulmate is really not that difficult. To find one, we just have to live our lives to the best of our abilities, and be open to the endless possibilities the universe has to offer.

2 Responses

  1. Eileen says:

    I liked your blog today. I live with fairy’s and am very lucky. They are the nicest little beings, full of mischief, love and teasing. I am “dressing up” the yard outside the tree where they live in my back yard. Some days they come in the house to stay and have been glad of the invitation to do so. Thanks for mentioning the fairy’s. I never in a million years would have thought I would believe in them, until I bought this house, where they have lived for over 300 years.

  2. Joseph says:

    Dear Tana,
    Most people don’t believe in fairies, but I do, yes, I am a bit old for that, but then and again not many people know that they exist. I don’t want to find tge romantic love yet, because I have no mind for that, but I have a story to tell. When I was just a three year old, my parents owned a house in a place called yan yeen resevoir in Australia. I had just watched shrek the other day and decided to go to the back yard to find fairies, I suppose it was because I had an open mind to them that I could see them, because before that, I had always been couped up inside by my mum, who made me do maths. When I was about to give up because all I had found were snails, I sat by our wooden fence and then I saw a bit of blue glittering light. They were like sparkles. And I swore I saw a tiny person with wings flying without flapping her wings. She was leaving a small trail of the stuff behond her

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