How to Get Over a Breakup Using The Power Of Gemstones And Crystals

While it’s true that there are no tablets or capsules that will the heal the emptiness in your heart, that doesn’t mean that you are helpless. With the added help of the positive energy that crystals can offer you, you can learn to use their energies to heal your heart to get over a breakup.

how to get over a breakup

Gemstones To Help Heal A Borken Heart

What are crystals?

Crystals come in different colors and they have mystical qualities, along with different energy vibrations and powers, that can help you with many situations in your life.

The energy vibrations that crystals radiate interact with your own energy vibrations, which can give you peace, prosperity, love, and health. For instance, the Bloodstone can provides you patience and courage, while at the same time it will also stimulate your immune system.

Here are some different gemstones you can use to heal a broken heart, and help you to get over a breakup:

Rose Quartz – This gemstone not only attracts love but also eases heartache. It provides comfort and releases the negative energies brought about by a broken relationship. It has a calming effect and brings harmony.
Sapphire – This stone offers tranquillity and wisdom, and releases frustration and depression.
Smokey Quartz – This gem will help alleviate the stress you feel and will let you stay more focused.
Black Onyx – This gem helps in healing sorrows, and will give you strength and confidence.
Carnelian – Highly positive, this stone provides encouragement and motivation.
Citrine – This gem will help you gain emotional balance, and provide you with positive emotional energy.
Chrysoprase – The optimism this stone gives will provide you with hope, forgiveness, and self-acceptance.
Garnet – This stone provides hope and renewed confidence, and will help you through difficult times.
Labradorite – Offering encouragement, this stone will help dispel negativity and is excellent as you go through a change in your life.
Peridot – This stone provides positive energy to help you overcome negative emotions and let go of a broken relationship.

After looking over the list above, choose a few of the stones that “feel” right to you. Then order the stones, and once you have them, you can use the technique below to help you heal any sadness you might still be carrying in your heart.

Using The Power Of Gemstones To Get Over A Breakup

1. Go to a quiet room and hold your crystal(s).
2. Start to relax by breathing slowly and calmly.
2. Now, imagine standing in the middle of a stream with the water flowing around your thighs – do not to fight the current nor allow yourself to get carried away by it.
3. Now, in the same way, imagine letting the pain of the breakup flow into this stream.
4. Now rub your gemstone(s) gently between your hands, and let their energies flow into you.
5. As you are rubbing your stones between your hands, imagine allowing yourself moving on, and feel yourself letting all the pain inside you flow into this stream.
5. Affirm to yourself that you are now able to start a new life for yourself.
6. When you feel ready , you can slowly open your eyes!

It’s important to realize there is power in your thoughts, and that you have the power to attract whatever it is that you think about, whether it’s positive or negative. Because the more you focus on one thought, the more powerful it becomes. So make sure to work on keeping your thoughts positive, regardless of the pain or anger you feel.

As you go about your new life always keep your crystals with you.

Whenever you sense the negative feelings of your breakup starting to well-up inside you, rub your crystal(s) in your hand, and focus your mind on more positive thoughts.

There is incredible power that’s contained in gemstones and crystals, and by taping into their powers, you will discover the healing benefits they can offer to you and your life.

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  1. Rosemary says:

    Thank tana, I will pass this on to my brother .

  2. Michelle says:

    Thank you! I am currently going through this situation right now and I feel hurt, sad and alone. I do believe I have rose quartz and will do this process to let go of this heartache and let new love into my life. You’re a gift to the world.

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