How To Heal From A Broken Heart

If you’ve ever had a broken heart, then you know how painful it feels when you get your heart gets broken. It really, really hurts inside!

A broken heart can come from getting broken up with a relationship, having someone cheat on you, lie to you, or being in love with someone who never shows you any love or attention at all. A broken heart can also come from losing someone to sudden death, or having a friendship suddenly end.

You can even experience a broken heart when a close friend moves away. There are many, many things that can cause a broken heart, but one thing is for sure…

A broken heart can be slow to heal…if it ever does.

And the truth is, if someone you loved deeply breaks your heart, then you may never fully recover from it. Yeah, as time goes by, you learn to adjust, put on a happy face, and “move on”. But it’s not uncommon that months, or even years later, you still hurt inside when you think of that someone you loved – but lost!

Or when losing someone to sudden death, the pain lingers on too, because you never got closure. In other words, you never got to say all the things you wished you had, and you never got to say that one last goodbye.

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In some ways, a breakup can be a lot like losing someone to sudden death. Especially if the other person turns into a ghost. Meaning they just cut off all communication altogether. Like a ghost, they disappear and become invisible.

But what can you do when you have a broken heart? And more importantly, what can you do to heal your broken heart, so that you can fully move on with your life, and not carry this emotional baggage with you years later?

Ways To Heal A Broken Heart 

The reason a broken heart hurts so bad is because when someone does something to you that causes you to get your heart broken, that person sends invisible energy cords out into the environment. These energy cords then travel and become lodged into your energy field.

Since everyone has an aura, or energy field surrounding them, these cords, just like arrows, pierce and lodge themselves in your energy field. And they stay there forever…until they are removed.

If you look at a broken heart from the view of Spiritual Psychology, it’s these energy cords that get stuck in your energy field that cause you the emotional pain. And each of these energy cords is also charged with the energy of the other person.

This is why when you hurt over someone, you can still “feel” them, even though they are no longer there! Because you are feeling their energy via those energy cords that are still lodged in your own energy field. Interesting, isn’t it?

So this is why it hurts so badly, and this is also the reason it can still hurt so bad even days, months, or years later. Because the energy (energy cords) from that person is still stuck in you!

And the only way to stop this pain is to have those cords removed! It’s like having a big splinter on the bottom of your foot. You are going to feel it for years if you don’t have it removed. As time goes by, you may learn to live with the pain, but the splinter is still there, and it will still hurt.

You just get used to the pain after a while, so you don’t notice it as much. But believe me, the pain won’t fully go away until the splinter is removed.

Energy cords that are stuck in your energy from a breakup, is equivalent to having 40 splinters poking into your soul! Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!

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How To Remove Energy Splinters 

What I use to remove energy sprinters from the soul of my clients is a process I call Energy Splinter Removal. ESR is a tedious process, where by using the assistance of the three Archangels, Michael, Uriel, and Gabriel, we literally remove each splinter by hand.

Next we perform what is called a Soul Cleanse, where we cleanse the person’s soul with white, gold, and silver energy (the most powerful healing colors) to remove any emotional residue of sadness that may have settled into the deeper parts of that persons soul.

And the last part of the healing involves an Emotional Sweep. This is where we “sweep” the mind, heart, and soul of the person with pure, vibrationally infused, violet light energy. Violet light releases and heals a person on a deep emotional level, instantly releasing any stored sadness from a person’s heart, mind, and soul.

A Personal Story I’d Like To Share

I remember one lady who had been hurting over 25 years. The story was that her ex-husband, after 30 years of marriage, left her for another women. Turns out the other woman was her twin sister. I’m sure without me telling you, you realize she and her twin haven’t spoken for the last 25 years, and sadly, they were extremely close before this happened.

Anyways, she asked me if I could help her get rid of this pain she has been carrying for so long. She said it prevented her from trusting other people, getting close to others, and fully giving her heart to another person.

And “at 78”, she said “I feel sexy and ready to get out there and shake what the good Lord gave me!” Those were literally her own words! She was adorable, needless to say!

So I told her I could help her, and I performed an Energy Splinter Removal on her. After it was over, she told me she felt something inside had been released. She said she felt lighter, and she felt like her sadness was evaporating from inside of her soul. A few weeks later, she told me her sadness over her ex was completely was gone…

A year later, I received this email from her: 

Dear Tana, 

I don’t know if you remember me or not, but a year ago today, you changed my life completely! You removed a sadness from me that I had carried with me for many years! 

After you performed that healing session on me, I was ready, even at 78, to get out there and shake it! My mother used to tell me “if the good Lord blessed you with it, then take it on out there and proudly shake it!” And shake it I did! 

I started going to square dancing on weekends at the senior center, met lots of nice people, and one night this young man came up to me and asked me to dance. I was a bit surprised someone his age would want to dance with an old woman like me. So we danced and danced, and danced. 

That dance led to one year of dating. And just yesterday, this young man asked me to marry him. Tana, don’t think I’m a cradle robber but he’s only a mere 69 years old. I’m 79. I know he’s still a young man, but he thinks I’m beautiful, and I think he’s sexy too! 

And believe it or not, regardless of what my girlfriends say, we do have a lot in common, even with our age differences! I think they’re just jealous that a young man likes me! 

So I accepted, and we will be married in 6 months. 

We are very happy, and I just wanted to thank you! 



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I hope you have a blessed rest of your week.

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

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