How To Increase Your Luck With The Magic Of Fairies fairy

Fairies are elemental beings who draws their powers from nature.

You get three wishes.

Very few people in the whole wide world are fortunate to find a fairy that is powerful and generous enough to grant one wish – let alone three.

However, there are plenty of stories passed down from generations, which tell of fairies who gave humans three wishes – anything and everything their hearts desired were theirs for the taking.

Most people asked for enough treasure to keep their families rich for hundreds of years, while others asked for true love. And some even wished for power and prestige.


…how did the fairies grant the wishes of these people?

Are fairies really that powerful?


What Are Fairies?


Also known as the Little People, the Fair Folk, or the fey, fairies have lived among humans for thousands of years.

The word “fairy” is derived from the ancient word “faunoe or fatuoe”, which means a faun’s or a deer’s companions. The faunoe had the power of telling the future and seeing the path of human events.

Fairies are known throughout the world because they’re the most widespread of all elemental beings.

They are called elemental beings because they draw their energy and powers from nature and the core of the Universe.

One of the most famous of the Fairy tribes were called the People of the Goddess Dana – the Tuatha de Danann – and they ruled Ireland before the Milasion invasion.

The fairy tribes of the British Isles were turned away from their ancestral home, which led them to grow smaller and smaller in time because they were cast away from their magical source. Upon being driven underground by humans, they eventually became the small-sized fairies we know today.

Nowadays, fairies are still the guardians of plants, flowers, and all things natural. When they are visible, fairies look like little people with a slender physique and have big, sparkling eyes and pointed ears.

They have colorful, glass-like wings on their backs, which help them flitter from one plant to another.

When you walk among flowers and plants, you can feel the light energy of the fairies if you pay special attention to it.

In fact, if you also listen closely, you might hear the high-pitched, musical voices of the fairies! People often mistake the voices of the fairies for birds and other woodland creatures.


The Power Of The Fairies


Fairies have different kinds of powers, which can be used on humans, but not on other fairies.

Most can become invisible and change their appearance at will. Some fairies use glamour to hide their true appearances or create illusions, which make humans see the environment surrounding them very differently.

The list of the powers of fairies goes on and on, but what I am going to explain in this article is the supernatural ability of a fairy to bestow luck.

Most fairies have hidden powers and are able to give good luck to whoever they please.

There are stories of fairies being present at the birth of a baby to influence the life of the child, to give him or her special gifts, and to infuse good luck into baby’s destiny.


How Fairies Bring Good Luck To People fairy_1

Fairies can bring good luck to people because aside from their magical abilities, they are strong manifestors.

Aside from their magical abilities, fairies are known to be strong manifestors. With their powerful connection to Universal magic and the grounding force of nature, they are able to use manifestation in a commanding way.

They can visualize what they want to happen and exert their will to ensure the outcome. Their natural blessings of light and love will also give you the higher vibration you need to activate the Law of Attraction.

In short, fairies are your direct line to the Law of Attraction.

While there is no sure way to get a fairy to give you good luck, there are a lot of things you can do to attract fairies into your life and get on their good side.

The most important thing you should remember is, the more you know about fairies, the more your chances increase of being given luck.


How Do You Bring The Magic Of Fairies Into Your Life?


The first thing you should do if you want to bring the magic of fairies into your life is to show the fairies you believe in them.

But, how do you let them know you’re a fairy believer?

Letting fairies know you believe in them and respect them is easier than you think. Here are a few ways to welcome new fairy friends into your life.

Leave food out for fairies

Apparently, food is also the best way to a fairy’s heart. If you leave tasty traditional treats for them, you’ll surely gain their favor.

The top three favorites of fairies are milk, cream, and butter. You can place these in a small glass or bowl and say aloud that good fairies with positive intentions are welcome to enjoy the food you set out.

Fairies love all kinds of sweets, too. So you can also set aside tiny, cakes for them or a small cookie.

Make a fairy garden

Fairy gardens are miniature gardens where fairies can play or unwind after a long day of flitting around. Small plants can be planted in a plant box or pot and you can make a miniature garden out of anything you want.

Some could place miniature furnishings where fairies can lounge or relax. Miniature picnic tables and chairs, small lamps, flagstones, fountains, and even ponds, can be placed in your fairy garden. fairy_garden

A way to show fairies that you believe in them is creating a fairy garden where they can unwind and play.

Choosing the right kinds of flowers to increase the chances of fairies frolicking in your small garden. You can plant daisies, tulips, foxglove, blue columbine, pansies, sunflowers, honeysuckle, French lavender, rosemary, thyme, and summer lilac, to attract garden fairies.

Let your creativity flow

Fairies are attuned to creative forces and they have deep feelings they want to share – just like artists! They are attracted to lovers, poets, writers, sculptors, weavers, musicians, and other types of artists.

Beautiful things catch a fairy’s eyes, so unleash your creative side and let the colors flow. Anything from easy crafts, to simply adding decorations to your home, will let the fairies know they’re welcome.


Treat Fairies With Respect


Now that you know how to attract fairies and make them happy, it is also important to know how to avoid angering these little elementals, as your good luck can head south very quickly if you annoy a fairy.

As with all other elementals, be careful when dealing with fairies – especially if you are not used to communicating with them.

They can give the best of luck, but they can also take luck away and cause a lot of damage when they feel slighted or disrespected.

A good example of this is a road improvement project in Southwest Ireland.

A dip on the major road had been repaired but suddenly re-appeared.

Locals report that it was because of the many fairy forts in the area. Fairy forts are circular mounds and earth markings that are said to contain tunnel-like corridors that led to portals which allowed fairies to enter their own dimension.

It so happened that the road project they were constructing was directly over the fairy forts, and the recurring damage to the road was being done by angered fairies.


You Can Connect With Fairies


I was a child when I began communicating with fairies. Interacting with them was as natural to me as it was seeing and talking to other people.

As I got older, I realized that there were very few people who had the gift of fairy communication, so it prompted me to help others, by bridging the gap between the fairy world and the human world.

There are a lot of people who are afraid of fairies, and while there is a good reason to be careful when dealing with fairies, familiarity with their traits and customs can help you interact better with these playful beings.

I can help you see with your magical eye and become more attuned to the fairies around you.

If you feel like you have playful fairies in your house, being able to see them and interact with them, will lessen the occurrence of “missing keys” and other misplaced objects.

You can schedule an appointment by clicking here and filling out the form on my Psychic Reading Page.


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4 Responses

  1. Cat says:

    In my experience, acknowledging the fairies, as well as the plant spirits, animal spirits and nature spirits begins a connection with them. I do this by giving thanks to everything they do… the air that we breathe, the water that we drink, the paintings in the sky… I sing to them, I caress the trees hug them caress the flowers…
    I also ask permission before entering somewhere because I do not want to offend any of the beings that may not want me around.
    I was led to a deposit of rose quartz in the middle of nowhere by the fairies- I was told that the flowers would guide me to a treasure, and lo and behold, there was rose quartz waiting for me! Effortless search… many people dig and hunt for this stuff… they do this sort of stuff with me ALL THE TIME! 4 leaf clovers, jade, chalcedony, actinolite, even gold.

  2. Mel Gibson says:

    I just came up on this and I want to do it but I’m trying to understand what type of cream you said they like little treats how am I supposed to get little bitty cookies like where should I find that ad and what type of cream should I put out for them and how do I know the milk would stay fresh for them

  3. Donna says:

    I’ve been catching what seems like 1000’s of Faeries, Knomes, Trolls, Dwarves…
    On my Camera! They’re All Over the Place….It doesn’t matter what I’m photographing…it’s kinda scary and think I shouldn’t tell anyone.
    Because, so far, the few I’ve mentioned to think I’m nuts.

    I never believed until Now…I see them.
    I’ve looked at photos of the cottingley fairies, and … Same thing I see.
    Can’t really *Talk to anyone around here about it. I’ll keep *Them All to Myself!!! How do I know Why they’re in my life???
    Walked into a path of woods yesterday with my dog. Haven’t looked at all the pics yet, the ones I have though, blow me away.
    We turned right around due to bugs. Franky, my dog, pooped there.
    I guess I need to go back and try to pick it up!!! And leave a cookie?

    I’d like to figure out what they want.
    Thank you for Reading!🌴🌼💐

    • Tana Hoy says:

      Thank you for sharing that with me!They are letting you know they are around you! Next time talk out loud to them and say hello. It might be interesting what happens. 🙂 thanks again for sharing this, Donna!

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