How To Interpret Signs From Your Spirit Guides

Your spirit guides are always there willing to help you, all you need to do is ask them.

From the day you are born, a spirit guide was assigned to you and will be here to stay for the rest of your life.

Throughout your life, more spirit may come into your life, especially when you are faced with difficulties that fall under their field of expertise. They will then stay temporarily until they have done their job.

All of us have a spirit guide and each of us has the ability to listen to them and some of us are naturally aware of our spirit guides and can communicate with them regularly. Our spirit guides communicate with us in different ways, as they don’t have the same energy frequency as us.

In this article, you will learn how to talk to, receive messages, and interpret messages, from your spirit guides.


What Are Spirit Guides?


Spirit guides are humans like us who has once lived in a human body. They have already learned all the lessons here on earth, so after their death, there is no need for them to reincarnate in human form again. So, they now live in the Spirit World and become a Spirit Guide to those still living here on earth.

They are our invisible helpers and they are always there to guide, protect, and support us. They have been through this world many times and have experienced the same experiences and problems as you and I. Because of this, they are already aware of how to deal with your current situations.

Our spirit guides can see what is going on in our lives. Once it’s time for them to step in, they have many ways they can help us.


How To Talk To Your Spirit Guides?


Since your Spirit Guides are always there to provide protection and guidance, it is important that you talk to them regularly. They can only help if you ask them for it.

To improve your quality of life and provide a powerful source of help, clarity, and guidance to your life path, you need to cultivate a relationship with them. It’s easy to connect to them, you just have to open yourself up to them by going somewhere peaceful and quieting your mind, so you can start communicating with them.

You also need to ask their name. This way, you are demonstrating your trust and belief in their existence. Their name may come through books, songs, conversations, or even spray-painted on the wall.

Another means of communicating with them is by writing them a letter. You can write your guide’s name on a piece of paper to express your intention of connecting with them. You can ask them for insight, clarity and guidance, on whatever problem you may need answers to.

And you can rest assured answers will come to you, but they often come in unexpected ways, such as signs, or what you might label as coincidences.

Connecting with your spirit guides should feel extremely comforting and peaceful. It should not be a scary, fearful, or daunting experience. Even if you are going through a tough time, talking to them will fill your heart with calmness.


Interpreting Their Messages


Your guides use many different ways to communicate with you. To learn to connect, listen, and interpret messages from your spirit guides takes time. So, you need a lot of patience.

Here are some of the most common ways that Spirit Guides communicate with you: numbers

Seeing recurrent number patterns over and over again is a sign that your spirit guides are just around you.

  1. Number Patterns or Sequences

Seeing the same number or patterns of numbers again and again, or looking at the clock and seeing the same time over and over, is a message that they are around you, have received your message, and that it is in motion to becoming a reality.

  1. Lights or Orbs

Seeing little flashes of lights or orbs in your photos are messages from your spirit guides. It means they are nearby, making sure that you will not feel alone. Your guide wants you to trust that things are working in the order that they are supposed to.

  1. Hearing a Song/Music

If you have random songs that seem to play or repeat, it can be a sign from your guides, and often the song being played holds a special message that you need to pay attention to. It could also be a sign that you just need to relax and go with the flow.

  1. Pennies and Dimes

You may find them in anywhere from the dirt while hiking to inside the freezer. These coins are gifts from your spirit guides to cheer you up. This usually happens when you are a bit sad or depressed and it is just their way to tell you “Here is a penny for your thoughts.”

  1. Special Scents

Sometimes aromas are smelled in the oddest times. It could sometimes be a flowery smell to get your attention or scents from your childhood memories. This is their way of poking you to make a decision, to focus on letting go, and trust in something greater than yourself for guidance.

  1. Hearing your Name Called

Did you hear your name called but there is no one else around?  It means your spirit guide is trying to get your attention. It means you need to stop, listen, and pay extra attention to what you were thinking about before your name was called.

  1. Automatic Writing

The feeling of urge to sit down and write something is another sign that your spirit guide wants to contact you. Your spirit guide can nudge your writing to show the right direction at this time. Simply sit comfortably with a paper or pen or in front of the computer, let your guide take over ,and freely write whatever message he is trying to send you. automatic_writing

If you have the urge to write something down, it is your spirit guide nudging you to write and show you the right direction.

  1. High Pitched Ringing

You may hear a high-pitched ringing sensation, especially in moments of deep thought or when you are contemplating questions. This is a sign that your spirit guides are around, and they want you to pay close attention to the current situation. You may need to hear something important, or something is happening around you that you need to pay close attention to.

  1. Vivid or Reoccurring Dreams

If you are having the same dream over and over again, or having an extremely vivid dream, it is best to write it down to reflect back on them later as to what it means. Often the feeling the dream leaves holds the answer. The spirit world loves to use a dream state to send messages because they are free to create scenarios with colors, magic, and fantasy.

Spirit guides connect to you in many ways, so you need to be willing to open and perceptive to their messages. Always ask for their guidance and also always pay attention to the signs being sent along your way.

Always be thankful for the assistance and guidance that your spirit guides provide.

If you would like to know the names of your guides, and start receiving their help and protection, click here to contact me for a reading.


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