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Many people wrote to me and asked me to tell him more about their Akashic Records. As a matter of fact, people seemed fascinated about wanting to know more about what their Akashic Records could tell them about their past lives!

Did you know that the average person has had anywhere between 50 and 300 past lifetimes? I have discovered that most of my clients have had between 75 and 275 past lifetimes!

A Fascinating Reading With Cleopatra

One of the most interesting readings that I remember, is during a reading for a woman who wanted to know who she was in her past life. Come to find out, she was Cleopatra herself!

When I told her that she was Cleopatra in one of her past lives, she had a smile on her face, and her eyes lit up right away! She then proceeded to tell me however since she was a little girl she had been fascinated with Egypt – especially Cleopatra!

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As we explored more of this past life, and she started to see the ways that she had lived when she was Cleopatra, all of a sudden, her current life started making more sense to her.

She was able to make connections as to why she had certain fears that she has in this lifetime, and why she thought and felt about things the way that she did too! It was as if for the first time, her life was coming into focus like a beautiful picture!

A Disciple Of Jesus

I even had one client, who had actually been one of the disciples who followed Jesus! This was also another very fascinating reading! As we explored more of his past life, he started to make many connections that suddenly made sense.

He understood why he had pictures of Jesus all over his house, yet he never felt drawn Christianity as a religion. He told me that for some reason, he felt this strong connection to Jesus, yet he was an atheist! He also told me that this strange contradiction in his life has been one of the biggest puzzles in his life.

Do you ever feel like you’ve been here before, and don’t know why you feel that way? It’s because you have been here before, and a past life reading will give you many insights into your many past lives!

After our past life reading, he understood everything very clear. Once he discovered that he was once a disciple of Jesus, it suddenly made perfect sense!

You too, have lived several lifetimes yourself, and you have probably met a few famous people along the way, in one of your past lifetimes!

You may have been friends with Cleopatra, or you may have known Jesus, or you may have lived during the time of the Roman or Greek empire!

Discovering your past lives, who you were, and what kind of life you lived in the past, can be one of the most exciting and healing things to discover in your lifetime.

Many of your fears, phobias, and the way you think, is not only colored by the experiences you’ve had in this lifetime, but they are also part of the experiences of your soul from many lifetimes past! Isn’t that fascinating?

I have decided to offer past life readings to the people who would really like to discover who they were, where they lived, and who want to learn more about their past lives.

Click here and discover who you were before! A famous prince? A royal queen? Someone famous who is part of history? A past life reading will give you all the answers!

If you have an interest in learning about your past life, who you were, where you have lived before, or any of the other exciting pieces of information that can be gleaned from a past life reading, please contact my office to schedule a special past life reading with me, and we can explore your past lives together!

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