How To Know If You’ve Been Cursed – 15 Signs

How To Know If You’ve Been Cursed

How to know if you’ve been cursed, keep reading! There are 15 immediate signs to look for that will tell you if you have a curse on you or not.

A curse is a spell that’s been magically directed towards you with ill intentions.

This is the ULTIMATE guide on the internet that explains everything about curses!

Only 3 percent of my clients know they have been cursed!

When I give a psychic reading, one of the first things I pick up on is if the person has a curse on them.

Many times, people will have many curses on them throughout their life and not even realize it.

Find out now if you have a curse on you blocking your success in love, wealth, and happiness.


If you already know you have a curse on you, I also offer curse removal services.

Including how to remove a curse.

But first, discover how to know if you’ve been cursed.

Whether it’s intentional or unintentional, curses occur when someone channels negative energy your way, and then it manifests in your life in terrible ways.

The effects on you can range from misfortune in your career or love life, to actual physical harm done to you. Some curses even last beyond death, so that it follows you to your next incarnation!

How To Know If You’ve Been Cursed

Needless to say, getting cursed is something that you want to avoid. However, there are times when you can inadvertently receive the wrath of another person’s curse.

When this happens, it’s important to recognize that you’ve been cursed, so that you can seek the help of someone who can help you remove the hex.

Here are 10 tell-tale signs to let you know you’ve been cursed.

signs you've been cursed

Strange Objects And Symbols In Your Home


Here’s an odd hint of how to know if you’ve been cursed. The first most shocking sign you’ve been cursed. Did you or somebody else recently bring something new into your home? If you’re the target of some malevolence, the one enacting the curse usually has to establish some form of contact for the curse to be effective. Often, the witch will leave an artifact, talisman, or sigil, in your living space to mark you and your territory.

When your trees or houseplants begin getting sick, this could be a sign that you’ve been cursed. Plants are easily affected by negative energy because they have no way of warding or cleansing themselves. Furthermore, some witches hide magical objects in the soil to avoid the wary eyes of their targets.

Get rid of any spooky objects and symbols that find their way into your residence.

am I cursed?

A Number Of Your Personal Belongings Have Gone Missing


All your personal belongings carry some of your energy on them, so if someone wants to curse you, they can use these objects as a link to you.

Photographs are a particularly powerful link, especially the ones printed on film, so keep an eye out for albums or pictures that go missing from your house or your wallet.

Objects that are particularly close to you, such as clothes, underwear, or jewelry that you wear every day, are also often used in rituals.


A Puddle Of Liquid Just Outside Your Living Space


One of the tools that are often used in curses is a potion. Although potions are usually consumed by the targets, they are also sometimes poured in or around your living space.

You may want to keep an eye out for strange liquids that have been spilled near your home, especially just outside your doorstep. Broken glass and iron nails may also accompany these fluids.

If you don’t recognize the liquids and you suspect they might be harmful, it might be a good idea to seek the help of a professional psychic to help you dispose of it.


Sudden And Inexplicable Physical Pain

One of the most common ways how to know if you’ve been cursed:


When you’re the target of a curse, the sudden assault of negative energy will often register as pain in your body as the curse hits your energy field. This pain is a good indicator that something supernatural is going on, especially if it’s the kind of pain that you’ve never felt before.

It’s always recommended to get a medical opinion from a doctor or medical professional first, and then once you rule out any medical reason for your pain, you can move on to seeking the help of psychic experts to help you with the curse.

pain from a curse

You Notice Changes In Your Physical Appearance


Spells that are meant to do you harm can take a great toll on your physical appearance, too. After all, hexes and curses make use of dark energy, which can wear down the positive energy that keeps you bright and vibrant.

If you are cursed, you’ll notice that you look fatigued and haunted, with sunken eyes, dark circles, limp hair, and sallow skin. Unexplained changes in your weight, mood, and sleeping patterns are also associated with curses.

bad dreams cursed

You Have Nightmares Of Getting Cursed


Dreams are a common sign of how to know if you’ve been cursed. Although you may not be aware of the curse in your waking moments, your subconscious will sense the dark energy that was sent to you and warn you through your dreams. If you’re especially intuitive or sensitive, there’s a greater chance of you getting warnings via dreams.

Oftentimes, these dreams or nightmares include a person performing a curse on you.

Sometimes, these dreams show up as an important clue, such as when you know the specific person who was in your dream. When this happens, try to apologize for an offense and make things right with the individual who cursed you.

It’s possible that an apology is the only thing he or she wants from you before releasing you from your curse.


Odd Behavior Of Animals Around You

The easiest way to how to know if you’ve been cursed

When you are the target of a curse, dark entities tend to lurk around your energy field, as they’re attracted to the dark energy of the curse.

Animals are very, very intuitive to spirits and energy, so a lot of them will be able to detect these strange and inhuman entities.

Watch out for weird behavior from your pets, which usually consist of dogs barking at empty space, or cats playing or fighting with someone who’s not really there. Defensive or fearful dogs and cats are also warning signs.

Other animals will be attracted to the strange energy of the curse, even if they aren’t close to you at all. Large colonies of ants often appear in places they don’t usually frequent, as well as birds and ravens suddenly beginning to circle your house.

crows scary signs of a curse

Dark Omens Show Up Regularly


Another important thing to keep an eye out for are omens. Some omens, which hint at the presence of magic includes blue butterflies, owls, and crows.

To be clear, the magic can be either good or bad with these omens, so you may need to watch out for other signs of a curse.

Other omens are darker and more ominous, such as seeing a dark egg yolk, which speaks specifically of black magic. The noises of deathwatch beetles are also foreboding since they’re usually heard around dead or dying individuals.

Will-o-whisps, which are ghostly orbs that follow targets, is also an indicator of curses, dark magic, or even death.

signs of a curse

Your Protective Amulets Break


One of the oddest ways how to know you’ve been cursed is when you notice that some of your protective crystals and amulets are cracked or broken, it means that these stones have taken a beating from a strong force of negative energy. At this point, they can no longer protect you from a curse or hex.

Any force that’s powerful enough to fracture a crystal is something to be wary of, so when this happens, get a new amulet to offer you further protection.


Bad Luck That Can’t Be Explained

Finally, the last sign to know if you’ve been cursed. Take a closer look at your life and determine whether the bad fortune you’ve been experiencing lately can be logically explained or not.

Are you responsible for the sudden wave of arguments between you and your partner? Is there a good reason for your boss firing you after five good years of working together? Do you find it strange that bad things are happening to your relationship, career, and health – all at the same time?

It’s important to own up to any mistakes you’ve made, but if you can honestly say that your problems are piling up through no fault of your own, there might be a more sinister force at work.

Being aware of a curse on you is the first step to getting free of it, so it’s always best to make sure that you pay close attention to the things around you.

If you suspect you have a curse on you, click on the “Schedule A Reading” tab here at the top of my website, and let me give you a Psychic Curse Evaluation, which will let you know if you’ve been cursed or not.

signs you're cursed

Additional Signs To Look For To Know If Someone Has Been Cursed

How to know if you’ve been cursed? There are definite signs which indicate if a person is cursed. These signs are very common to see or experience, and if present, they need to be removed immediately a professional!

  • The victim will seem to change their mind often, unsure of how they feel about you, another person, or even their life. Signs to look for: Often changing their mind , inconsistent actions, saying one thing then doing another, saying they care about you one day, and then changing their mind the next. Very inconsistent in their words and actions.
  • Infidelity, dishonesty, broken promises. The victim cheats on you, lies to you often or seems to always break their promises. This is not always their fault, because a curse can cause a person to act differently then they really are. Signs to look for: Says they will never cheat again, yet they continue to cheat on you. They are in an unhappy relationship, care about you deeply, but still can’t find the strength to leave their unhappy relationship they are in, makes promises and then breaks them, you feel helpless.
  • Relatives or other people interfere in your relationship with the victim. The two of you are happy, yet others always seem to interfere. Signs to look for: Gossip from others, angry words form relatives or friends about you or the two of you, guilt being used to manipulate the victim who is cursed, people use religion or spiritual upbringing to shame the victim because they don’t agree with his or her actions.
  • The victim seems out of control. The victim will show signs of being out of control, reckless behavior, or continuing to do self-destructive things, no matter of any past consequences. Signs to look for: out of control drinking, drug use, yet the victim tries to hide it form you or others, depression, doesn’t have lots of friends, seems to isolate or only associate with a few people. and often with other cursed people who are like they are.
  • A feeling a curse is involved. Since curses are created from negative energy, often times you will be able to sense or feel like you or the other person has been cursed. Signs to look for: You sometimes wonder to yourself if a curse might be involved in your situation. Something feels out of place, yet you can’t seem to place your finger on it. Strange vibes you can’t explain
  • Plus many, many more!

Since curses are created by people, and since each person is unique, curses can express themselves in many other ways than the ones I mentioned above. The most important thing to know is if you suspect a curse is involved, it probably is. Because suspicion comes from a deeper, subconscious, internal psychic knowing.

Thank you for reading How To Know If You’ve Been Cursed.

Next, you’ll learn how to remove a curse.

Do you have any questions about curses? Did you discover that you’re cursed? Please leave me a comment below.

Famous Curses

There are other great resources online about curses. You’ve probably heard about the most famous curse of King Tut.

remove a curse with quartz crystal

How To Remove a Curse

One of the best things you can do to protect yourself from any kind of negative energy, is use the power of crystals and gemstones!

Did you know that a crystal can protect you from all kinds of negative energy – including the most powerful curses known to man.

Yes, a Quartz Crystal can deflect the negative energy of the most powerful curses known to man – which are Voodoo curses! So never underestimate their protective powers!


I wanted to share a special technique with you so that you will also be able to protect yourself from any negative energy that might be around you!

Do you need answers? Click here and let me help you find the answers to your future!

If you have the same problems repeat themselves time and time again, then you are definitely affected by negative energy and you need to use this technique.

1. Purchase a Quartz Crystal.
2. Cover it in sea salt for 24 hours to purify it’s energies.
3. Remove it from the sea salt, and then place it between the
palms of both hands, and “mentally program it” by imagining it
will protect you from negative energy.
4. Carry it with you all the time.
5. Place it by your bed at night when you sleep!
6. Repeat cleaning it in sea salt and mentally programming it
every month.

There you have it! You will now be protected.

How to know if you’ve been cursed

Advanced Steps for Curse Removal

During a Curse Removal Session, the first thing I do is place you, or the victim (if I am removing it from a person other than you) in a protection bubble of Infused PurpleCosmic Light from the 99th Dimension. This ensures any entities that are released during the removal process become trapped in the 99th Dimension, where they will be instantly neutralized by the Light Beings who occupy this realm.

Next, I need to identify the source of the curse, and the person it originated from. Once this has been identified, I surround the sender in a Cosmo Mirror Bubble, which prevents them from sending out future curses to other people. This protects others from future curses from them, and also helps protect the sender from accumulating more bad karma!

After the victim has had all curses removed (I often find a cursed person usually has more than one curse placed on them) I bathe them in violet light, using the assistance of Guardian Angels, Saint Germain, and my Ascended Master Guide Macar. Think of this step like an energy bath that cleanses a person’s energy on the deepest levels!

Next, I use remote viewing to scan their home, car, and workplace, to make sure no curse energy is lingering there (I usually find it is). If so, I do a White Light Cleanse in all three of these environments, to make sure the curse energy is completely removed from all places where there could be possible re-exposure!

Re-exposure is the #1 reason curses reattach themselves to the victim again! So this step is vitally important! How to know if you’ve been cursed (again)

After these four steps have been performed, the person who had their curse removed has a non-stick aura similar to cooking food with Teflon. Meaning any future curses directed at them, will slide off of their aura, and be unable to attach itself to them!

So as you can see, if you are having a curse removed from another person, you are doing them a lifelong favor. And if you are having one removed from yourself, you are doing yourself a big favor too!


What Do If You Or Someone You Know Has Been Cursed

How to know if you’ve been cursed? If you believe that you, or someone you care about is being controlled by a psychic curse, you need to have it removed! Psychic curses are not a matter to be taken lightly! They will last a lifetime if they don’t get removed!

Curses are nothing to take lightly, and for some reason, I have been seeing more and more people affected curses lately!

DO NOT attempt to remove these yourself! Also, DO NOT go to some street corner gypsy and pay hundreds of dollars to have one removed! These gypsies will not help you. They will only take all your money!

If you have a curse situation, I can help you to remove it! These are not easy to remove, but curses can be removed safely with the help of my Guardian Angels, along with Saint Germain, and my Ascended Master Guide Macar!

If they are not removed properly, as I said, they will continue to get worse! And you want to AVOID that from happening – trust me! It gets really ugly at that point!

How to know if you’ve been cursed – I have the answer

Getting Help Removing A Psychic Curse

If you suspect you have someone you care about has been cursed,

click here and fill out this formon my Psychic Reading page, or call my office directly at 614-444-6334,

and someone will contact you right away to schedule a curse removal session.

You can also send your name and phone number by responding directly to this email.

Something important to understand. A person who has been cursed will often not even realize they are cursed. So reading how to know if you’ve been cursed is critical. So the victim of the curse does not have to be present for me to remove their curse. So I can remove a curse from anyone you feel has been cursed.

Evil forces will often make the cursed victim feel like nothing is wrong, and this is part of the reason why a person can be cursed for years without even knowing it. But others will clearly see there’s a problem, and your intervention is what will help the cursed victim to have it removed.

Most curses placed on victims are often removed due to the intervention of their loved ones contacting me and asking for my help. And the victim is usually not even aware it is being removed. But once the curse has been removed, the victim often reports feeling different than they have for years!

If you are the victim, you will experience the same feelings of feeling different than you have for years too!

How to know if you’ve been cursed?

If you need a curseremoved,

click here nowso you can stop living with the negative affects of a curse in your life, or the life of someone you care about!

how to remove a curse

The Real Truth About Curses

The truth is, therearesuch things as “psychic curses”. A psychic curse is when someone has an “invisible” psychic energy hold on another person. And believe it or not, psychic curses are more common than most people think.

Psychic Curses are placed on you or another person when you are in the presence of, in contact with, or involved with a controlling person, a negative person, a jealous person, or any other unscrupulous type like this.

People like this can intentionally, or unintentionally, send negative energy towards you or someone else, and this negative energy is programmed with their desires, wishes, thoughts, or intentions, and their negative thoughts create a psychic curse.

How to know if you’ve been cursed?

If you or someone you know has been cursed, click here to schedule a Curse Removal Session

Once they think their negative “curse thought”, it gets sent into the atmosphere, traveling through the air, looking for the person it is intended for! And once it finds it’s intended victim, it becomes lodged in that person’s aura by way of tiny energy barbs that are protruding out from it. These energy barbs allow it to dig deep into the intended victim’s aura, and it won’t let go.

Since these curse thoughts are programmed with the sender’s negative energy, these cruse thoughts also have a consciousness, making them living, thinking, entities! They are infused with the negative consciousness of the person who created them. This is what makes them so powerful, and even destructive.

Psychic curses can be placed on you from enemies, co-workers, neighbors, family members, and even by people who claim to be religious! They usually come from the jealous, controlling, mean-spirited, or envious types of personalities. how to know if you’ve been cursed for sure? Contact me to find out which type of curse you have and to remove it fast.

A person who has created a curse thought, often does so unintentionally, but unintentional or not, a curse is still placed on the person it is intended for.

The other types of people who create psychic curses are people who practice the Black Arts. These people have full intention and awareness of what they are doing, and they are the most dangerous types.

The problem is, people who practice Black Magic don’t go around telling people they are involved in this. They try to blend in with everyone else, because they know there is more power when their victims are unsuspecting! This type of person is less common to find, but they are out there, and very dangerous!

I can always tell when some practices black Magic because they actually have a black glow to their aura, and the spirits I see around them look like demons -not angels!

powerful curse

Why Curses Are So Powerful!

Since a psychic curse is created from the negative thoughts of the sender, they are VERY HARD to break free from for the person who is cursed! Psychic curses are created when one person tries to control another person, and the controlling person has every intention to get their victim to do exactly what they intend them to do!

Since apsychic curse actually attaches itself to it’s victim, it renders the victim into an emotionally helpless state!

A psychic curse, intentional or not, is as close to Black Witchcraft as a person can get!

You’re probably wondering how to know if you’ve been cursed? You need to contact me, a psychic! Psychic curses are complicated and complex to deal with, and you should NEVER attempt to remove one yourself. Because if removed incorrectly, they actually become attached to others close to the victim. At this point, they double in strength, and will cause you or others close to the victim to end up in the same emotionally helpless state!


Clients often ask me about curses, and if they are real?

The answer is “yes” and “no”

If you ever had the unfortunate experience of visiting a gypsy, (a psychic who has a sign in front of their home offering readings) and then during the reading, they told you that there is a curse on you, and it is the reason for all your problems, then in that case, “no” a curse is not real!

This is just a scam they use to scare the heck out of you to give them your money! This is a common scam used by these seedy people, and this is why you should NEVER go to a psychic with a sign in the front yard!

NONE of these psychics are real! WITHOUT exception! I don’t care what they told you that was accurate about your life! They are all psychics who work for the dark side! In other words, they work with the devil!!!!

If you need help, please don’t suffer any longer! I can help you find the answers! It’s now up to you to take the next step and let me help you! Here’s how to know if you’ve been cursed – ask me! I’m a psychic that can see the curse and remove it for you.

Visit here when you’re ready for my help!

There are other types of “curses’ that aren’t really a curse like you might think. But rather, these are “thought curses”. A thought curse, or also called Psychic Attack, is when someone has a negative thought or wish about you, and it is sent at you like a curse. These thought curses act just like a curse, and will cause bad things to happen in your life!

These thought curses can be sent to you by jealous women, ex’s, co-workers, neighbors, family members, enemies, and even people you cut off on the highway! These are VERY destructive to your life when they are sent at you!

The only way you can get rid of their destructive effects is by having your energy cleaned, and having the “thought spears” removed from your auric field! This needs to be done by someone who knows what they are doing, or it could cause “auric bleeding” which would make the curse spread throughout your energy field, increasing its destructiveness!

Are you feeling the effects of the negative energy that is coming in July?

Many people have been writing to me saying it is getting intense already! I can still help you with being protected – this will save you from its effects! Here’s how to know 100% for sure -how to know if you’ve been cursed –
Click here to schedule psychic protection!

During Karmic Evaluation And Reparation sessions with my clients, (this is where I look at a person’s karma, see where past karma is causing problems in that person’s life, and then remove it or repair it so the problem goes away) I am often surprised at the number of thought curses many people have! I always remove them right away whenever I see them during one of these sessions!

Thought curses carry with you from lifetime to lifetime, so not all of them are from this life! They are destructive little buggers, let me tell you!

One of my clients was carrying over 300 thought curses in her energy field. No wonder she had so many love problems, family issues, and money problems!!!

So I hope this answers your question “how to know if you’ve been cursed.” If you are having continuous repeated problems in a specie area of your life, it is due to “thought curses” not a curse like those psychic con artists I mentioned earlier would have you believe!

how to remove a curse

Different Kinds Of Curses

While all curses are dark energy, the effects of some are more readily felt than others. As mentioned above, there are: curses that are released out into the universe, such as cursing a situation or life in general; and curses that are directed towards a specific target.

Further, there are curses that are cast using rituals and incantations, and others that are cast in an offhanded way. Those that are cast with rituals can be quite powerful, since they are planned, deeply intended, and performed with determination and resolve. And usually, the one who does the casting has abilities that enable him or her to enhance the negative energies already present.

Again, the true power of a curse lies on how deep the caster’s intention is to do harm on the target.

A curse can also be cast through objects (for example, tombs that must never be opened, lest bad things happen to the one who opens it). The caster does this by lodging the dark energy into the object, to be released onto the person to whom it is directed. It can also be a curse passed on for generations within one family line.

I hope that answered your question about curses!

If you already know you have a curse on you, please inquire about my curse removal services below:


In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

To schedule a private reading,click here now, or call 614-444-6334


Office: 614-444-6334

P.S. Remember, if you believe someone you know has a curse on them, they do not have to want to have the curse removed for it to be broken. Often times, they do not even know, or believe, they are under one! Regardless, I can still remove it from someone who has been affected.

Thanks for reading this ultimate guide on how to know if you’ve been cursed.



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  1. Ahmed Abdulganiyu says:

    Dear Tana Hoy, i have been trying to seek your help for years concerning this subject. i have been under this curse for as long as i can remember which is over 30years now. The curse has kept me wretched over the years because the more i search for ways to liberate myself the worst it gets.I have lost my family because of this, my wife left and i have never been able to get a job since i left school in 1993 when i graduated from the university. since i couldnt get a job, i decided to be innovative to earn a living. whenever I start it goes well for a few weeks atmost 3weeks then it all starts to go down until it all folds up. No matter how hard i try, nothing works and nothing is working. i believe the source of my problem is from my father but am sure i dont need to tell you all that. my date of birth is january 14 ,1970, i am male, and i am a Nigerian from Kogi state. This curse is what he has done to all my other siblings . We are five from my mother and she died in 1978. people say that my father sacrificed her or used her for a ritual in other words, he is responsible for her death.
    Tana Hoy, i ask for your help to know the truth and to break free from this curse. All i want is to be able to earn a living to provide for my children. My life is almost over but i have never lived because of this curse . Also i have been effectively handicapped because i have no money so no one wants to help me as i cannot pay thus i have remained like this, suffering for 30 plus years. Please tell the Angels of my sorrow, of my cry, of my pain, i pray, fast and have cried too to the Angels but they are silent and i hear nothing from them meanwhile, my agony continues, they should please help us

  2. Misty says:

    I am almost 49 years old and I have struggled all my life. I know I have psychic capabilities. I just don’t know how to use them. A psychic told me not to long ago I was cursed since I was a baby. I would just like to know if I am and if so can you please help get it off of me. I don’t have many years left of my life but I would love to live a somewhat normal life so I don’t have to struggle with everything I do and I mean everything . Please help. 03/19/1971 8:31am

  3. Adam says:

    Yes I feel that I have been cursed by a jolted ex and need help in figuring out if I am or not I have had reoccurring bad luck and problems with housing rather somthing dont work right or the home gets condemned for the past three years when usually it’s never a concern of mine my relationship has been rocky for two of the three years my partner and I have been together I just wanted to reach out and see where to take the next step to further my life and see if it’s a me issue or if this jilted ex put a hex on me with great thanks Adam 🙂

  4. Not just me but my whole family. We are good people. It horrible things have been happening to us for years

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