If you’ve been feeling this way – it’s your angels!

There have been several instances so far of people mailing me saying they feel like something just doesn’t seem right! This feeling people are having isn’t based on anything in particular, as much as it’s a “feeling inside”.

Well, if you have been experiencing these same feelings, there is a reason for it that is easily explainable! The reason you are feeling this is because your guides are trying to tell you to pay attention to something!!

Your guides and angels talk to you through your inner feelings, so when you have this feeling inside, this is when it is time to have a reading because your guides are trying to tell you something! They are trying to give you a message, and the message is something important you need to know!

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Why You Are More Open Than Most People

Since you read my emails, this alone shows you are someone who is more spiritually open and aware that the average person, or else you wouldn’t be reading this kind of email! This makes you more psychic or psychically aware than the average person!

So it makes sense that your guides would try and “talk” to you because they know you are open to hearing them!

These feelings will become more intense if you ignore them because when your guides have a message for you, they want to make sure you hear it!

Many spiritually open people have been having this feeling inside lately. This is because the earth is going through major changes, and your guides are trying to prepare you for these changes!

You can only be prepared if you know what to be prepared for! This is why your guides are trying to give you a message!

Have Your Guides And Angels Been Talking To You? 

For people who want to learn more about their guides and angels, and who want to know how to communicate with them, hear the messages they have for them work with them, and be able to ask for and receive their help on a daily basis, I am going to offer Angel Message Readings to people who would like to get closer to their guides and angels!

So if you’d like to learn more about your guides, and get closer to them, then please click here now, fill out this form, and someone will contact you to schedule this session.

I guarantee an Angel Message Reading will change your life forever!

Thank you for reading my email today, and I hope this explains why you’ve been having those feelings!

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

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P.S. I just got another chill down my spine as I was writing this! So that means someone is feeling the presence of their guides and angels as they were reading this!

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  1. Chrisoula St Dennis says:

    Thanks Tana. I and several friends for maybe 3 weeks noticed that the atmosphere was full of a different kind of energy. More unsettled. And we knew that we had to be careful of the actions of people. Like tip toeing thru the herds of sleeping elephants. Gently.
    Now it has settled down.

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