How To Know 100% Who Is Your True Soulmate!

Have you ever wished it was possible to know right away if someone you just met, someone you like, or someone you are dating, is your soulmate? Because this can be one of the hardest things to determine when you meet someone.

Or would you like to know if someone from your past, like an ex, or someone you once met, but can’t seem to forget about, was possibly your soulmate?

Wouldn’t you agree that if you were able to know this information before getting too involved, that you could save yourself from wasting time, by getting to know someone that you don’t have any future with?

If you are like most people, what often happens is you end up spending precious time getting to know the wrong person, only later to find out that:

– The two of you are not compatible

– The person is a cheater or liar

– The person has a fear of commitment

– The person is married or involved

– The person drinks too much or uses drugs

– And the list goes on!

And what’s worse is that sometimes you end up marrying the person, only to find out months or years later, that you made a huge mistake!

Regardless of the reason, the end result is the same. You ended up wasting precious days, weeks, months, or years out of your life, that can never be recaptured again! And you still end up alone in the end, feeling lonely, unfulfilled, and wondering if you are ever going to meet “the one”!

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How To Avoid Wasting Time Getting To Know The Wrong Person

What if I told you there is a way to know right away when you meet someone if that person is your soulmate or not, and that there is way to never waste time again getting to know someone who is not your soulmate? And what if I told you that if the person you are with is the wrong one, there is even a way for me to tell you how to meet the “right one”!

It’s called a Soulmate Psychi-Energy Interpra Session  During one of my recent astral travels I was taught how to do this session by Saint Germain and Macar, my Ascended Master Guide! And this is one of the most powerful ways that I know, to find out if someone is your soulmate or not!

This session works on a complex psychi-energy interpretation system, where I tune into the name vibrations of both of you (first name), and trace these vibrations back through time, while at the same time reviewing any past lives the two of you may have shared together, to determine if you share a soulmate bond between the two of you!

A Soulmate Psychi-Energy Interpra Session will not only tell you if someone you currently know is your soulmate or not, but also if someone who is an ex, or someone you met from your past is your soulmate. And if this is the case, a Soulmate Psychi-Energy Interpra Session will tell you the steps you need to take to get that other person back – even if they are with someone else!

And if the person you wondering about is not your soulmate, during this session, I can even tell you who is, AND what you need to do to meet that person!

A Soulmate Psychi-Energy Interpra Session is a very deep and accurate way to know if someone is your soulmate or not, and for finding the right person who is!

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How It Works

During a Soulmate Psychi-Energy Interpra Session  I will need to know the first name of the other person. I then have you think of them as you say their name. Doing this helps to energetically establishes a psychi-energy connection between me, you, and the other person.

Once this energy connection has been established, I go onto a deep trance state, and astrally travel back into time, where I am able to see any and all past lives the two of you have shared together. Believe it or not, this part of the process takes only about 1 to 3 minutes.

After I astrally travel back in time exploring your past lives together, I will be able to tell you:

– Any past life connections the two of you have shared

– All about your past lives together

– If the two of you were ever in a relationship together in a past life

– If you made a pst life love agreement to find each other again in this life (very important to know)

– If you are soulmates, but having problems, I will be able to tell you what you can do to resolve the problems between the to of you

– If an ex from your past was your true soulmate, how to reunite with him or her again

– If the person you want to know about is not your soulmate, I will be able to tell you the name or initials of your soulmate, what they look like, and what you need to start doing to meet that person!

A Psychi-Energy Interpra Session will stop you from wasting time with the wrong people, so that you can spend your time getting to know the right one!

What To Do Next

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In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

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