How to make someone notice you

Cosmic energy is the energy used for any and all psychic work! It is very real, yet most people don’t realize it even exists! So here is something to try, and you can see psychic energy at work for yourself!

Proof That Cosmic Energy Exists

We all have experienced staring at someone, and then they turn around and look at us! But most people never really give much thought as to why this is. I mean, there is no real explanation for why this happens.

Think about it! How can you stare at a person’s back, and they can “feel” that someone is looking at them??

I am sure you have also “felt” someone looking at you, and then you looked up and saw them staring. But have you ever questioned why this happens? If you are like most people, you’ve probably never given it much thought until I just mentioned it!

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Skeptics And Their Unfounded Logic

Skeptics will say that psychic powers don’t exist. Yet NO ONE in the world can dispute the fact that when you stare at someone long enough, they will turn around and look at you! Skeptics can never give a logical-sounding answer for why this happens!

Well, it seems impossible to “feel” when a person is staring at you, yet it happens every day! So why is it possible? Because when a person is staring at you, or when you are staring at them, you are directing invisible cosmic energy towards that person, and they can feel it!

In other words, your stare is directing that energy towards them. At which point you have created a cosmic energy bond between you and that person, and they can “feel” that energy bond! Very interesting isn’t it!!?? 

Discover The Power Of Cosmic Energy For Yourself

Practice staring at people who have their back to you. Total strangers are best to try this on! You will find that every one of them “feels” your stare and will turn around and look back at you! With practice, you will be able to learn how to use this exact same cosmic energy to move things with your mind!

Cosmic energy is very real, and most people have already experienced it.

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I hope this was helpful and interesting to you!

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

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