How To Make Your Home A Good Luck Magnet luck

You don’t need to renovate your home to make it a good luck magnet. There are only a few things you need to do to attract luck.

What if you could accumulate good luck without doing much at all? What if you could bring in love, money, and success, without having to spend backbreaking hours working for it?

By harnessing the power of good luck, you hardly need to lift a finger to get the best things in life.

Some people carry around lucky charms to attract luck wherever they go and others use the Law of Attraction to receive good luck in return.


…most people are not aware they can turn their very own homes into massive magnets for good luck through a few simple steps.


Things You Can Do That Can Increase Your Home’s Good Luck Vibration


Creating good luck is easier than you think.

The key is to apply the elements of attracting good fortune into everything that you do, and into everything about you – including your home!

Your house has its own energy, which sets the mood of your home and also affects attracting luck. Therefore, it is important to set the right mood and energy inside your home if you want your dreams to become a reality.

Declutter The Entrance 

One of the biggest things you could do to lift your home’s vibration is to create a clear flowing space in the entryway.

You don’t need to renovate anything to do this, you just need to make sure there’s no clutter in the foyer. Keep fixtures to a minimum and make use of practical, yet versatile furnishings.

Remove anything which doesn’t belong in the entryway and keep things off the floor.

Paint Your Door A Lucky Color 

One color doesn’t fit all, so a lucky color will be different for everyone. Some would choose the most suitable color based on their zodiac sign, while some might go for the lucky color of the year.

Lucky colors for the year 2018 are those influenced by the Wood and Water elements – Green for the Wood Element, while Black and Blue for the Water Element.

Arrange Furniture Properly

Arranging your furniture in a circular pattern stimulates a smoother flow of energy in your house, while at the same time, creating a welcoming space of openness and harmony.

Not only will properly arranging your furniture create a good energy flow, it will also make your home more aesthetically pleasing. fresh_flowers_in_vase

Put fresh flowers inside your house because it can increase the flow of positive energy in your house.

Make Use Of Fresh Flowers Or Potted Plants 

Using fresh flowers or potted plants indoors will increase the flow of positive energy inside your home. Fresh flowers and live plants are symbols of balance and a life of ease.

The presence of nature, along with the ambiance provided by flowers inside your home, stimulates good fortune and attracts wealth. You can gather fresh flowers from your garden or simply use a small potted plant that is easy to maintain.

Burn Incense 

Negative energy might be hanging around your house, especially if you’ve been having a stressful or tiring time, or when relationships are strained inside the home.

The smoke from the incense clears negative energy. Aside from clearing the space of negativity, incense also brings in love, luck, and harmony.

There are also many types of incense aromas to choose from, which have mystical and therapeutic attributes.

Basil, Bayberry, Bergamot, Cedar, Cinnamon, Clove, Frankincense, Ginger, Honeysuckle, Jasmine, Mint, Oak Moss, Orange, and Tangerine, are just a few types of incense used to attract luck and wealth into the home.


Things To Place Around Your Home For Good Luck


Wind Chimes 

If you want to usher in good luck and lots of cash, then your home needs wind chimes. The best place to hang your wind chime is at the front part of the house, or at the entrance area.

If you have multiple wind chimes, you can also hang one at the furthest back left corner of your home, which can be determined by viewing your home from the front. Just remember, don’t hang wind chimes where you sleep, eat, work, or study because they might suppress positive energy.


Horses are thought to be lucky animals, so it’s no wonder that horseshoes are also considered lucky – especially those made with iron. If you have an old horseshoe, never remove the nails in it, as each nail gives you more luck!

It is also better if you use a horseshoe you find or one that is gifted to you, instead of buying one. Attach the horseshoe to your front door, using an odd number of nails, and wait for luck to come knocking.

Blue Fabric And Clothing 

The color blue is considered an exceptionally lucky color because blue repels negative energy.

You can place touches of blue in your décor, have blue in your curtains, or in any fabrics used around the house. You can also wear blue-colored clothing. horseshoe

Horseshoes can attract luck. Simply attach it to your front door with an odd number of nails.

Use Kachina Dolls 

The Native Americans believe that Kachina dolls ward off negative spirits. The dolls are painted in 6 different colors, representing the 6 cardinal directions, and are often displayed prominently inside the house to attract good luck.

Ladybug Décor

Ladybug décor, or small ladybug figures, are perfect for bringing good luck into your home. You can also encourage ladybugs to roam around your garden. But whatever you do, don’t brush them off (unless they are the ones that bite) or kill them!

Drawing More Luck Into Your Home 

If you want to know more about making your home a place filled with light, love, and luck, I can help you.

Aside from bringing luck into your home, I can also tell if there is something blocking the flow of luck to you.

People often feel frustrated whenever they feel that the things they are doing to bring luck into their lives is not working, but the truth is, something is blocking their luck!

Certain experiences, or even certain people, bring negative energy into your life. If this negative energy remains with you, or in your home, you will not be able to effectively harness the power of good luck.

During a Psychic Consultation, I can determine if there are aspects in your life that are in need of clearing in order to allow lucky, positive energy to flow more, bringing you wealth, love, and success!

You can simply click here to schedule an appointment with me or fill out the form on my Psychic Reading Page and we’ll get back to you shortly.


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