How to manifest anything you desire!

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Did you know that by learning how to change your thoughts, you can manifest any desire that you have?

You see, thoughts are like wishes, and they are also made up of energy. So when you have a thought, it is sent out into the Universe, and the Universe then goes about fulfilling your thought-wish.

It’s really that simple!

The key is to know exactly how to formulate your thoughts according to the Universal Law Of Attraction. When you know how to formulate your thought-wishes using the secrets of the Universal Laws, you are able to manifest anything – the love you desire, more wealth, a better job, a new career, a new house, and better health! What you are able to manifest is only limited by your desire to dream big!

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There is an ancient, secret technique called The Egyptian Thought Formulation Technique or TETFT. This ancient formula is so powerful that when you know this ancient formula, you can manifest almost anything you desire within a 9-month period! I have used this successfully several times, and it is the same technique I taught my two clients who won the lottery for big money!

This technique is very simple to use once you have it explained to you correctly!

The power of thought has never been taught correctly to the general public. Even movies like The Secret, and channeled books written by famous authors of today, have withheld the true secrets to manifestation.

They do this either because they do not know how to do them themselves, or because they do not want to share everything they know with others. Either way, withholding this spiritual information does not help others grow to their fullest spiritual potential!

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