How to Open Your Third Eye – by Tana Hoy

Every person has a third eye, but it is not visible like your physical eyes are. Your Third Eye is a powerful sensory organ – a sixth chakra – that allows you “see” what your five physical senses are incapable of perceiving. And unlike your physical eyes that open at infancy, and develop naturally as you grow, it takes time to open, tune, use, and develop your Third Eye.

How to open Your third Eye

How To Open There Third Eye

However, once you learn how to open your Third Eye, you will be able to “see” beyond the physical realm. It gives you the ability to see auras, the energy layers that emanate from other people, revealing their “true selves”. Your psychic vision, psychic hearing, and psychic intuitions will also open up, and you will notice a great improvement in your psychic awareness.

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When your Third Eye is open, you will naturally have the increased ability to spot deception, and be able to sense with greater clarity, if another person is being dishonest with you.

When The Third Eye Opens

Initially, when you open your this sixth chakra, you may feel quite uneasy, because you will begin to see new images in your mind’s eye. You might see figures and images, or the energies of those Beings that dwell on other cosmic planes. Some of these images will appear very vivid, while others may be blurred.

You might also notice an increase in your sensitivity to the energies that other people are emanating – this goes for both positive and negative energies. Developing this sensitivity will allow you to “read” people better.

The time it takes you to open your Third Eye is different for different people. It may take only a few days for some, while it may take years for others.

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Consistent meditation is an important part for beginning to open your Third Eye.

How To Open Your Third Eye

1. Make sure that you are relaxed.
2. With your eyese closed, focus on a spot beneath your forehead, just between your eyebrows.
3. Imagine an eye in the center of your forehead.
4. See this eye slowly beginning to open.
5. Now try to look around with your Third Eye.
6. Pay close attention to what you “see”.
7. Keep doing this for 5 minutes every day.
8. With time, patience, and practice, you will be able to see with you Third Eye, as clearly as you can see with your regular eyes!

Continue using this technique daily and it will help you open your Third Eye. Once you learn how to open your Third Eye, you will find yourself becoming more aware, and start noticing and sensing things in the universe that you never noticed or sensed before!

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  1. Tim Kaukinen says:

    Hello Tana my mother singed up for your Psychic Development Course. But she can’t open the file it simply leads back to your website and you get the error

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  2. Marcy says:

    Hi, I’m new to all of this but about nearly a month ago I started to realize how I was able to predict the future.. because I kept feeling if something was about to happen… Now I just want to know what I should from here ? Is opening my third Eye the next step ? Is it already open ? I’m really confused… sorry for all these questions..

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