A Technique For How To Open The Third Eye – by Tana Hoy

The pineal gland is also referred to as the Third Eye because its activation can help you to experience and connect to higher spiritual frequencies.

how to open the third eye

Located in the center of brain, this small endocrine gland helps produce the hormones necessary to manage your waking and sleeping patterns.

The name for the pineal gland comes from the Latin word “pinea,” which means “pine cone”. The pineal gland is the size of a pea, and is shaped similar to a pine cone.

An Exercise To Open Your Third Eye

This simple exercise can help open your Third Eye and activate your pineal gland. It makes use of a mantra that must be pronounced in the proper pitch, and the correct vibration.

1. First, you need to sit properly with your back straight.

2. Next, make sure to breathe through your nose. Hold your breath for as long as you comfortably can.

3. Open your jaw, and create a small space between the top and bottom of your teeth. The tip of your tongue must rest in-between the space of your parted teeth.

4. Place light pressure on your tongue using your upper teeth. Your tongue must be in a position that is similar to when you say “TH” in the word “the”.

5. When your tongue is in the proper position, slowly release your breath and say T-H-O-H-H in a lengthy exhale. The mantra is pronounced similar to the word “Toe.”

6. Say T-H-O-H each time you exhale, and feel your tongue vibrate in-between your teeth. The air should move past your tongue, and your upper and lower teeth.If you feel pressure in your cheeks and jaw, you are doing it properly.

7. The vibration you feel will also be sensed by your third eye.

8. Do the entire process continuously five times in a row.

9. This exercise must be done for three consecutive days. After which, observe any changes you feel in your body and perception.

What To Expect When You Open Your Third Eye

It is highly likely you have opened your Third Eye when you see colors of blue, white, purple, as well as intense white-colored dots.

Also, when you close your eyes just before you go to sleep, you may see various images in your mind. These mental pictures could be vivid or blurred.

Such images could be dimensions you are picking up on. When you’re vibrating in a higher frequency, you may also be picking up on higher vibrations.

How To Close Your Third Eye

The best way to close the Third Eye is by visualizing an invisible eyelid in the middle of your forehead. Then, put your finger on the invisible eyelid and softly pull down the “eyelid” of your Third Eye to close it.

If you wish to open your Third Eye, it is best that you do so with the intent to evolve and make yourself better. If not advisable to open your Third Eye for superficial reasons such as fun.

Opening the Third Eye is a process that must be done with respect, care, and sacredness. Remember, the universe returns back the same amount of sincerity you give it.

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    If I see blue or white colors, what does it mean?

  4. PsyFox says:

    A great way I find to open the third eye, is to cool an Amethyst crystal under a cold tap or even put it in the freezer for an hour. Then hold it on your forehead and meditate on it for a few minutes, then remove the crystal from your forehead, keep meditating and you will feel the 3rd eye open.

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    Is it posible that seeing premonition has a third eye and I feel a little bit sense that I feel like a cool between my eyebrows then I see things before it happens and I feel a sense between my brows thank you

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