How To Open The Third Eye

To experience spiritual consciousness and to deepen your awareness, you must first learn how to open the third eye. By getting acquainted with how to open the third eye, you will find yourself spiritually enlightened, and on the path to a more fulfilled life.

How to open the third eye

What is the Third Eye?

The third eye is the center of clairvoyant sight. It is the primary organ through which the energy within your body can be awakened and governed. It is also the cosmic sender and receiver of multi-dimensional information. So if I had to give you an example, you could imagine the third eye to be a light switch, which powers on your ability to activate your spiritual vision, and gain access to higher levels of consciousness.

When you were just a baby, your third eye was fully active. You were open to witness every spiritual wonder that the Universe had to offer. But as time passed and you grew up, the world started taking away your sense of wonder, and your third eye began slowly closing.

Imagine how your heart would be if you had no regard for its wellbeing, and just kept eating junk food all the time. At some point it would lead to many ailments. The same can be said for the third eye. A blocked third eye keeps you from achieving your full potential as a contributing living being on the Earth. By learning how to open the third eye, you are awakening yourself to your infinite, innate capabilities.

Understanding Your Third Eye Chakra

A chakra is a spinning wheel of light energy, and you have seven chakras in your body. The third eye chakra can be found between your two eyes, at the top of the nose, and in the centre of your forehead. This Third Eye chakra is the gateway to your spiritual and psychic abilities.

An open third eye chakra allows you to be intuitive and clairvoyant. When your third eye chakra is blocked, it results in irrational thoughts, and physical manifestations such as depression, anxiety, insomnia, and headaches. The color of the third eye chakra is indigo, and it is associated with the gemstone amethyst. Placing an amethyst on the location of the third eye chakra can be instrumental in cleansing and unblocking it.
How To Awaken Your Third Eye Through Meditation

Like I mentioned, it is very common for your third eye to be blocked. To unblock your third eye and stimulate your psychic and intuitive powers, third eye meditation is the key. Third eye meditation can allow you to focus on your awareness, and witness powerful mental The Third Eyeimages that have gone unnoticed by the other senses of your body.

    1. Choose a comfortable place where you will not be disturbed.
    2. Sit cross-legged with your back straight and close your eyes. Allow yourself plenty of time to settle in.
    3. Start taking deep breaths in through your nose, and hold them for an instant, before letting them go gently out through your mouth. You will feel yourself relaxing. Try separating you teeth slightly as you relax your face, and you will find your whole body relaxes a little more.
    4. Let this relaxation spread very slowly throughout your entire body.
    5. Focus your attention to a point right between your eyebrows. This is where your third eye is. Imagine it slowly opening and radiating a golden light, very faint at first, but slowly getting brighter and brighter.
    6. Release all your negative thoughts, fears, or feelings of uncertainty. Do this by exhaling them out of your mouth as you breathe.
    7. Allow the golden light to envelop your body in a gentle embrace. You will find yourself relaxing more.
    8. As the light flows through you, feel your body becoming lighter and lighter.
    9. Allow your third eye to take its time to open naturally, all the while relaxing and opening your mind.
    10.  At this point you may call on spirit guides or angels to help you along your journey. Give them permission to do whatever it takes to open your third eye, and bestow upon you the gift of clairvoyant vision.
    11. Let the light, pure and clear, continue to flow all around you, slowly inching towards and through your third eye chakra.
    12. Make a connection to your higher self, and ask it to fill your body with pure, cleansing light.
    13.  Ask if there might be a message for you, and pause to receive any impressions.
    14. Ask what else you can do to help your third eye to awaken. Then pay attention to any thoughts, mental images, or visions that come into your mind. Let this unfold in its own time.
    15.  When you feel you are ready, very slowly bring your awareness back to the present time and place. Very gently start to become aware of your body and your surroundings.
    16. Then take a couple of deep breaths, relax, and stretch.
    17. Make sure to practice this meditation regularly.
The Third Eye

The Third Eye

Signs To Know That Third Eye Is Open

  • You see a radiant bright, golden light.
  • You see multiple colours – white, blue, purple, silver.
  • You may see intense white dots.
  • You may see indistinct, blurry images.

The Benefits Of Awakening Your Third Eye

When your third eye opens, you may start to witness many amazing things:

  • You will see auras of living beings.
  • You will get psychic visions.
  • You will be able to communicate freely with angels and spirit guides.
  • You will be sensitive to people’s energies.
  • You will open your mind to your psychic capabilities such as astral projection, telekinesis, clairvoyance, and precognition.

In a nutshell, learning how to open the third eye requires a lot more than just knowledge. Understanding how to open the third eye expands your vision when your eyes are closed, and provides joy to your complete being.

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