How To Read Minds – by Tana Hoy

To learn how to read minds, it is important to understand the concept of communicating through thought, also known as telepathy. When you start utilising your natural telepathic gifts and to know how to read minds, you will be able to transmit and receive messages, without the use of physical communication methods such as sound, visual clues, touch, or smell.

How to read minds

Reading minds!

What Is Telepathy?

Telepathy involves the energetic transference of thoughts by your mind. Your mind is constantly sending and receiving information, so when you have a thought, your brain produces a tiny amount of energy. If that thought is related to someone or something outside of yourself, this energy travels towards that object or person, thereby forming a psychic connection with the person or object. You can think of this connection like the radio waves of a cell phone, whcich transmits signals and messages back and forth.

As human beings, we all start off as being telepathic as babies. Imagine, how else would a tiny infant communicate its needs to its caregiver? As we grow up and start to learn to speak, our telepathic abilities are no longer useful, and they become buried deep inside the cavern of our subconscious. In time, along with enough commitment and practise, you can unlock your hidden telepathic potential, and relearn how to read minds again!

At some point or the other in your life, you may have experienced telepathy whether you were aware of it or not. Say you were thinking of a friend who you haven’t met in ages, and the next moment you get a call from them. Or you cook spaghetti and meatballs for dinner not knowing that was exactly what your spouse was craving. All these instances point to you using your telepathic abilities.

How To Develop Your Telepathic Abilities

Here are a couple of steps you can follow to develop your telepathic powers.

1. Believe

Before you start, you must have complete faith in what you’re about to do. Skepticism will get you nowhere. Believe in yourself, your powers, and your spiritual capabilities. You need to believe in the possibility of telepathy, and that it can actually happen. Closing the doors of your mind can beget negative results.

2. Choose a sender and a receiver

You will need two people to participate, yourself and a friend. One of you will be the sender and the other, the receiver. The sender will transmit thoughts, and the receiver will receive thoughts transmitted by the sender.

3. Relax

Both of you must allow yourselves to relax physically. Turn off any distractions like your phone or TV. Get into a comfortable position, and make sure you are wearing comfortable clothes. Also try not to do this unless the both of you are in good health because this helps you concentrate better. Take three deep breaths in through your nose, and hold them for an instant, before letting them go gently out through your mouth.

Calm your minds and clear them of any unwanted thoughts as you are attempting to learn how to read minds, so keep in mind that you are trying to :pick up” the thoughts that your friend is going to transmit to you.

4. Visualize

Before you start, both of you should close your eyes, and visualise each other in your mind’s eye. Imagine each other as if you could reach out and touch the other person. Now imagine a chord connecting your minds. This chord is how you will be telepathically communicating. Imagine this chord to be bursting with positive energy that will allow you to achieve your goal.

5. Transmission and Reception

The sender needs to visualise something in their mind’s eye. It could be an object, a place, or even a person. Start with something simple. The imagery needs to be vivid, with as many details as possible.

Say the sender is thinking about a strawberry. Charge that strawberry with emotion and energy, and then send it forth. Visualize the receiver receiving that energy and interpreting it. This is a crucial stage because many telepathic experiments have failed due to lack of emotion and energy charge.

At this stage, the receiver needs to clear his or her mind and keep it blank in order to be receptive to the thought being transmitted. What thoughts may seem random might not be after all, so don’t ignore any thoughts that might pop into your mind.

Keep a pen and paper handy so that you can jot down your thoughts and compare them, when the exercise is completed. In time, you will receive positive results.

Things to Keep in Mind

• Start small by transmitting things like colors, numbers, objects, etc. Once you get the hang of reading simpler messages, you can move on to more complex thoughts.
• Keep your experiments short in duration – about 15 minutes or so. This will prevent fatigue and boredom, and will increase the chances of success.
• Remove any jewellery or objects around you that are made of natural stones or wood. These have their own vibrations and energies, and they will interfere with the process.

Exploring how to read minds is an incredible and fascinating journey that everyone can embark upon. With conviction, commitment, and practise, learning how to read minds is a skill that you can cultivate, nurture, and apply to many aspects of your life.

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