How To Read Tarot Cards To Find Your Soulmate – by Tana Hoy

Tarot is a pack of cards used in Europe during the 15th century to play card games. Tarot cards were later used to pinpoint possible future outcomes about a person’s life, a specific event, or both.

how to read tarot cards

How To Read Tarot Cards

Since the 18th century, until the present time, tarot cards are used to predict one’s future.

Can Tarot Cards Predict Your Future Love Life?

You can have a tarot reading to give with the information you need to make informed decisions.

You can use tarot cards to know how you can help manifest an outcome you desire, as well as the blockages you need to clear that hinders your desires from coming true.

Do you want to know when you’ll meet your love partner? Do you need to know what you should do, or stop doing so, it will be easy for you to meet the love of your life?

Tarot cards can offer useful suggestions that will lead and guide you to meeting the man or woman your heart is wishing for.

What Is A Three-Card Spread?

The Three-card Spread is the best and easiest spread to use if you want a quick answer to a straightforward question about your love life.

The conventional three-card spread allows the first card to describe a past event that may still have an influence on your current situation. The second card details the present time, while the third card indicates a possible future outcome.

The three-card spread can help you see patterns in your decision-making, as well as the events in your life, and give you insights to both of these in detail.

Use the three-card spread if you want answers to your love life questions. Focus on the question you want to know an answer to. Then, choose three cards from the tarot deck.

How To Read Tarot Cards And Do A Three Card Spread

Choose a tarot deck that you feel comfortable with. Then shuffle the as you silently ask a question about your love life. Shuffle the cards until it “feels” like they are fully shuffled.

Next, randomly choose 3 cards, and place them in front of you, from left to right.

The three cards are first read individually, then the meanings of the three cards combined, should be blended together, to get the total picture, or answer to your love life question.

The first card you choose reveals energies or events that happened in the past, which may still have an effect on you today.

This card could show blockages that may be hindering you from moving forward. The first card could also reveal lessons you need to learn from the past, which you can apply today.

The second card you choose shows your present situation, and reveals what energy is within your current energetic space. This card could reveal challenges and possible opportunities you can use for your growth and benefit.

The third card reveals the probable outcome of your situation. It could also show the direction where your love life is headed based on your present life’s momentum.

Tarot Cards Are Helpful Tools

Tarot cards are helpful tools to help you know how you can manifest your heart’s desires. Tarot cards do this by showing you what you need to know, or are failing to do.

Still, the best information always comes from within you. Tarot cards simply help you become aware of this wealth of information hidden inside your heart.

Essentially, tarots simply keep you in contact with your own higher self.

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